"The countess will see you in her studio when you are... refreshed.".

A butler at the Palace of Du Voisin in Venice, Italy. He opens the door for Jem and the Holograms as they arrive to stay there for the rock fashion competition.

In Stitches

"Oh you must be the ones who had the information about Jem's identity".

Butler who works at the mansion of the wealthy Jem fan Prescott A. Wentworth III.

The Fan

"Ahh you look beautiful miss Pelligrini. If the folks at home could see you now!".

A valet who has Roxy's new car parked outside when she comes out of the House of Glamour. He thinks Roxy looks great in her new style.

Roxy Rumbles


"Oh no, you!".

The butler at Maison Fleur, in New Orleans, where Jem and the Holograms stay when invited by Mademoiselle Yvette to participate in the Mardi Gras festival and ball. He has a pet monkey called François, who is the last surviving ancestor of the legendary pirate Lafitte's monkey.

Apparently he sleeps like the dead.

Mardi Gras

"Madame, I have an invitation. For miss Cesaire madame.".

A butler who works at the mansion of Danielle Du Voisin. He calls Danielle "madame".

Straight From The Heart

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