Comic fashions

As you can see, the first three fashions look very similar. I guess it is meant to be the same fashion, but that it developed in time, and I can't choose which one I prefer so I included all.

I think this was the very first preview we got of how the new Jem was going to look in the comics. This is obviously based on the original main fashion of Jem, but very updated. With stars all over, a glove on the left hand (can't tell if the actual sleeve goes all the way out to the glove), and I the amazingly beautiful boots which is my favorite part of this fashion and it's cool that they are different height. Also, Jem now has blue star earrings, but she probably will with all fashions.

Inside the first issue, the dress looked even more like the original Jem. Slightly larger and the right arm is now long, and look at those amazing shoes!

Alot like the previous one, but in two colors rather than three.

This is quite obviously based on the original Jem dress, but slightly more purple, and also resembles the On Stage doll fashion "Only The Beginning", likely it was meant as a combination of those two particular looks.

Some black details for Jem, that's very unusual for Jem actually.

From a music video in the comic, looks like Jem is a knight, fighting a dragon. Really like this one aswell. And that star covering her face makes me want to expand my makeup pages.

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