Dolls packaging 2012-

Here's a look at the packaging surrounding the Integrity Toys dolls. All of these dolls came in high quality boxes with alot of attention to detail. They look quite different from what we got in the 80's in many ways, but with a retro touch and references to the 80's boxes. Here are the basics of what the packaging conists of, although the looks of these vary between different waves, characters and specials.

So far most of these are from the first years of the IT line, while the later years can already be found on the review pages of each of the dolls.


Carton box

The brown outer carton box which are ignored by some collectors, and depending on where you order these dolls some sellers send the dolls directly in these boxes without wrapping them in something unless you askk them specifically. The short side has information such as: item number, doll name, whether it's an exclusive of some certain kind, adult collectable doll / Collectible Fashion Doll, and sometimes a pincode.

Box front

Has a "diagonal" shape as seen from above (or on both sides as for the double sized boxes) which means the left part of the inside of the box has slightly less space, where the accessories are placed, much like the second year 80's doll boxes.

Pictured here are front covers, the part of the box that goes over the back cover (in which the doll and it's accessories are located). Many of the boxes, especially the regular ones in the first several years, had a black background on this cover, which has a soft matte surface, with differently colored glossy prints of records, aswell chromed print with the Jem logo and doll names.

The first years the boxes came in certain colors of the record print on front of the boxes, for certain bands and their friends, pink for Jem and the Holograms and friends, and purple for the Misfits and friends. Which then from 2014 became turquoise for all new characters introduced, whether or not they were friends with Jem or The Misfits, and then lime green from 2016 (Graphix and Zipper only).

Many of the boxes with a pink record print, also have a chromed shooting star print above, inspired by the star-design from the cartoon building Starlight Music, in which the doll's name is written on these boxes. Double boxes instead had double records and no names. Surrounded by pink notes and confetti.

The purple boxes had no name written on the box but instead on their sleeves. Yellow boxes were the Stingers, which had their names written in yellow inside shiny triangle shapes, and are the only boxes with a black circle (label) inside the record. Turqouise and lime boxes had the names written in a new way but in chromed print.

Special releases such as San Diego Comic Con exclusives, had their own and different design. Rockin' Romance Jem had a very special retro box created to look like the 80's one, and also came inside an extra chromed cover. Sine then a number of unique designs have followed, some of which also worked as a playset in itself, which I have yet to add to this page.

Each cover says "Adult Collectible" and "Ages 14+" or "Ages 15 & Up".

Box front with sleeve

This is what some of the above boxes look like with their sleeves on.

Box sleeve

Here are the sleeves without the boxes. These are shiny paper cutout shapes that surround the boxes to keep the front and back tight togheter. Some have chromed details, and the Misfits boxes even have their names written on them. On their backsides, you can read a little introduction of the line along with the encouragement to look for more dolls soon. There were also sleeves written in both English and French released in Canada for the first wave. For the comic-con release aswell as in the later years of the line, the sleeves were skipped most of the time, especially when there were other box designs that didn't need them.

Box front inside

The inside of the front cover of the box. Several different designs, each with a logo. Most are actually black with a pink logo and notes and confetti, for Holograms and friends and stage essentials. Some have a pink background with a bright pink logo, like the Misfits and special releases. The Stingers ones are of course yellow.

Box liner

The dolls are very well stabilized inside their box, all tied with white ribbons, around their neck (atleast the female dolls in the first several years) waist, arms and legs. They come with their hair in a hair net to keep the hairstyle in place, while the entire head is usually secured with a a clear piece of plastic if the doll has long hair. Sometimes the upper body is covered in a thick soft clear plastic shape, and some tops of the female dolls are stabilized up around the neck with a clear plastic thread. Around the knees is a softer clear plastic piece that is taped togheter. At the bottom, behind the doll's legs and behind a layer of cardboard, is the base of the stand, which has received some very appreciated updates over the years and become alot easier to remove.

Integrity Toys seem to have put alot of thought into making packages that look great to display the doll in without even having to remove it to enjoy it, and that keeps the doll in place a very nice looking way.

To the left of the doll in alot of the boxes of the first severla years, is a cardboard lid that can be opened, where a clear plastic container is located with the accessories.

Box accessories

In this clear plastic container, on which you open the clear plastic cover, you find most accessories, like alternate hands, shoes, instrument, cord, earrings, microphone and stands, and even clothing pieces in fabric, depending on what is included with that particular release. All accessories carefully packaged, attached to cardboard pieces and/or inside little clear plastic bags, often double plastic bags even. Some times if you can't located a certain piece, look either on the backside outside the plastic accessories container or behind the cardboard doll liner where some accessories are taped inside a clear plastic bag.

Box liner back

Just for fun, a few examples of different looks, the backside is of course not made to be pretty. But here you can see how the dolls were packaged on the reversed side of the liner. With plastic pieces where the white ribbons are tied through, and even threads that are to be cut, since certain parts were sewn to the cardboard to be kept in place. And lots of tape. Sometimes there are even more plastic pieces, and sometimes even accessories that don't fit with the other accessories, are put here, like parts for the stands.

Box back inside

Only one color and no decorations, usually black. This is what's underneath the liner with the doll. Here you will find things like the certificate and the intructions when included, in a clear plastic bag. Also sometimes stickers for some accessories.

Box back

This is the outside backside of the outer boxes. They have the same black matte background, with colored stars, music notes and confetti as on other parts of the packaging. While the some exclusive dolls, had text written here. With Integrity Toys and Hasbro logo in white or colored print.

Box top

Since this is part of the front of the box, it has the same color, along with logo and stars and even says "Truly Outrageous", and sometimes completely other designs and the name of the doll as for the specials. Here you can tell the shape of the boxes, and the diagonal side of the box is where the accessories are located inside.

Box bottom

The underside of the front box. Here are all the details such as warning for choking hazard, pin code, company logos, copyrights, adress to Integrity Toys, where it was made, and even the URL to the official Integrity Toys Jem Collectibles site.

Box side

Only one side of the front cover of the box is pictured here, the larger one (the smaller side I haven't included), where there's some room for the same design as the front and top, with logo and stars and confetti.

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