Unplanned dolls

These are probably the most noticable and most wanted characters, that were most likely never even considered to be released as dolls in the 80's line. After all, these secondary characters were created for the cartoon, and Hasbro only released characters as dolls that they invented themselves. Except for the Starlight girls.

By now, Integrity Toys released most of these as dolls, in one form or another.

See the Cartoon Fashion Guide pages to find what outfits I'm talking about here.

  • Craig Phillips
    Aja's bluehaired boyfriend. Craig is connected to both Aja and Stormer, appears in a two-parter and re-appears later in the series. His hair is blue which fits nicely in with the rest of the dolls. He is a musician. He was rumored on the internet as to having been planned as a 1988 doll. Let's make that happen! This character has now been released as a doll by Integrity Toys!

    Suggested contents: His regular outfit, with the purple shirt and white pants (because the only other outfit he is seen in is his jogging clothes). Jacket that says "The Bluebloods" on the back. Drums. Talent search flyer that Aja hands him. A picture of Aja maybe, or maybe Stormer.

  • Anthony Julian
    The first boyfriend, except for Rio, to appear in the show. He was there already from the second episode and has re-appeared several times. Although he isn't in the music business really, he is a movie director and directs Jem and the Holograms' music videos. He is also a friend of Video. This character has now been released as a doll by Integrity Toys!

    Suggested contents: His regular outfit with the blue jacket, any of the two versions. A video camera. A picture of Shana. A rose for Shana. A director's chair.

  • Techrat
    What a about a more fashionable bad guy than Eric? Techrat definitely has a more interesting look, with his clothing and hairstyle. Infact that hair would be interesting to see on a doll. And Techrat isn't a bad looking guy. I think his style would look different as a doll and more "alive". And this could be a popular doll with other doll collectors. He has been released as a doll now!

    Suggested contents: His main outfit, the one we first see him in, without the overcoat, and without the inner coat even, which would be too much and too thick on a doll. A computer. One of his gadgets, perhaps the thing that disrupts Synergy's transmission. A remote that could be for any of his gadgets. Perhaps some drawings of a gadget.

  • Eric Raymond
    Jetta is not colorful, and Danse is not a rockstar. In a doll line like Jem you should be atleast one of those. Eric is neither. Still Eric is perhaps many fans' top choice for another male doll. He is there for as much as 45 episodes, which is more episodes than 9 of the characters that were actually released as dolls in the 80's line, and more than 13 of the characters from the Integrity Toys line! Besides he doesn't have to be released in his gray business suit, perhaps a black tuxedo instead? Infact he wears several more colorful outfits, like the one pictured to the left. Also check the fashion guide.This character has now been released as a doll by Integrity Toys!

    Suggested contents: Regular outfit, or why not his casual movie director outfit or E-9. Different colored neckties, or even a bow tie to change to. Picture of Synergy. Contract. Money bills. Gadget from Techrat. Black sunglasses. Mobile phone, since he calls so much to his thug friends.

  • Sean Harrison
    Kimber's British boyfriend is a moviestar and a singer. His looks aren't that challenging in terms of a male doll, which would be popular with other collectors. He is seen in lots of different fashions. This character has now been released as a doll by Integrity Toys!

    Suggested contents: His regular outfit with the blue jacket and purple pants (pictured to the left), or this one. A microphone. A wedding ring for Kimber. Script for a role. Music notes from a Kimber write to him. Quick switch head to change into Kimber's other boyfriend Jeff.

  • Jeff Wright
    He appears already in the sixth episode, and dates Kimber for a while, until he almost marries her. Being a stuntman, he could practically be released as an action doll in his stunt outfit. He is seen in several different outfits, here are a few of them.

    This character has almost been released as a doll by Integrity Toys, as a doll called Ollie Lawson, which is not an official Jem doll but shares the male Jem bodysculpt and likeness.

    Suggested contents: I prefer his stunt outfit with a helmet, or his blue jacket with a pink shirt. I suppose a motorcyle would be too much to ask. A wedding ring for Kimber? Quick switch head to change into Kimber's other boyfriend Sean.

  • Howard Sands
    A doll with a mustache? I'm not sure how common they are. But he is a very likeable character that plays an important role already in the first several episodes. He doesn't wear too many different outfits in the cartoon, but this movie producer is a classy man who could be dressed in a designer suit.

    Suggested contents: Updated version of his suit, the dark blue one. Movie contract for World Studios. Keys to the mansion. Drawing of the Starlight Mansion.

  • Lindsey "Lin-Z" Pierce
    She is a friend of Danielle and Anthony and a regular on the show, interviewing Jem and even the Misfits, and reporting all the latest music news. Lindsey feels like a very essential doll. She has been released as a doll now!

    Suggested contents:
    Her regular orange and green outfit definitely! A video camera. A microphone. Some kind of recorder. Notebook for interviews. A TV? Some notes to read news from. Jem, Misfits and Stingers albums that she plays on her show, infact even the Limp Lizards and the 5th Avenue Boys. A VHS tape.

  • Danielle Du Voisin
    A fashionable woman who designs amazing fashions for Jem and the Holograms and is friends of Regine. She has been released as a doll now!

  • Lena Lerner
    A rockstar based on Tina Turner, created by the writer Christy Marx. She is one of the singers in the Jem Jam. She has a cool look to her with a big wild hair, and re-appears a few times in the series.

    Suggested contents: Her original orange dress. A microphone since she is a singer. A picture of everyone from the Jem Jam. An album.

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