Gabor Mansion inside

Although it's a huge mansion, only a few rooms can be recognized as reappearing, a livingroom and Harvey's office. Other rooms are:
  • Diningroom
  • Pizzazz' bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • A couple of guestrooms
  • A bunch of livingrooms
  • A couple of TV rooms
Jem has actually visited once, uninvited.

Inside main entrance

Inside main entrance

When you enter through the main entrance at the Gabor mansion, you come from the direction the Misfits are coming in this picture.

Same room as above. You can see a bit of the stairs to the right.

This door leeds to a room in the back, and if you enter it... get to this room.

A hallway somewhere.

On the way from the dining room to the main entrance.

Dining room

Pizzazz' bedroom

Well it's a bedroom, and Pizzazz is in it.


A room probably not overused by Pizzazz other than opening the refrigerator now and then. But the Gabor's do have their own private chef called Henri.

Pizzazz's kitchen

Here and below is a somewhat similar kitchen, which is probably in the Gabor mansion.

Pizzazz's kitchen

Why the Misfits would have the Starlight Girls clean this room doesn't make any sense, since the Gabors must have lots of people working for them.

TV rooms

It seems like whenever the Misfits turn on their TV, Jem and the Holograms are on and are up to something. There are a couple of different TV rooms without much similarities, except maybe for that carpet. There's even a TV once in the main livingroom.

Main livingroom

This is probably the room we get to see most of in the Gabor mansion. It's easy to recognize those three big windows, the curtains, the color of the walls, the carpet and the fireplace.

The windows are closer togheter in this picture. Here you can see the chandelier.


Now there's a TV here too.

This door leads to Harvey's office.

Harvey's office

A man whose main interest is his business, needs to have an office in his home aswell. It doesn't resemble his other office much, other than having a TV behind the desk.

Pizzazz opens the door to Harveyäs office and we can see pink walls, that's nice.

There's a backgammon table, perhaps one of Harvey's favorite games, and it reveals that he doesn't only think about business.


Where's the TV behind his desk?

From above

Here you can see some of his art on the walls, probably something expensive.

Another view of the room from Harvey's perspective when sitting in his chair. The fact that he has brown hair in this picture is just a blooper, that's still him.

Other livingrooms

Looks like a typical day for the Misfits, when they're not making music or chasing Jem and the Holograms. That's a pizza and popcorn on the floor. In this living room, there's a fire place. But probably no TV.

Same room as above picture.

Pool table

Pizzazz seems to like pool, since she has one in her office aswell as here.

Looks like alot of books in the bookshelf, or maybe it's something else, since Harvey barely has any time to read with all his business going on, and Pizzazz probably wouldn't find it amusing enough.


There should be alot of guestrooms in this huge mansion. In these ones the Stingers stayed in the episode "The Stingers Hit Town Part 1". Perhaps Roxy and Jetta have their own guestrooms aswell. Eric doesn't seem to ever stay at the mansion though.

Outside the guestroom in the picture to the right.

Inside a guestroom.

This is outside the guestroom below. The door to the right in the picture leads to it.

This is the biggest guestroom, and it has genuine antiques.

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