Cartoon fashions
Lindsey Pierce

Episode: "Disaster".
Other versions:
Notes: Party dress.

Episode: "Kimber's Rebellion".
Other versions:
Notes: Her main original outfit.

Episode: "Starbright Part One: Falling Star",
"Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars",
"Starbright Part Three: Rising Star",
"In Stitches",
"The Music Awards Part 1",
"The Rock Fashion Book",
"Broadway Magic",
"The Talent Search Part 1",
"The Jazz Player",
"Rock N' Roll Express",
"Aztec Enchantment",
"Video Wars",
"Journey Through Time",
"Out Of The Past",
"The Stingers Hit Town Part One",
"A Change Of Heart",
"A Father Should Be...".

Other versions:
Notes: New fashion she was going to wear alot from this on. Also new hairstyle with this fashion. Also seen with a green headband in the episode "Starbright Part Three: Rising Star".

Episode: "The Jem Jam Part 1".
Other versions:
Notes: Can you tell where this design comes from? It's the same as the first we ever saw Lindsey in, but re-colored with an added headband. Also the bracelets and tights seem removed.

Episode: "The Bands Break Up".
Details: Close-up.
Other versions:
Notes: A look that resembles the other talkshow host Harriet Horn's main outfit, and is probably confused with it therefore, atleast Lindsey's lapels are sometimes seen as red as the rest of her jacket rather than the correct white.

Episode: "Trick Or Techrat ".
Other versions:
Notes: Her Halloween outfit, which she also wears on other occasions aswell.

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