Misc. Collectibles

There was alot more to Jem than the dolls and books. All kinds of products were released by different companies.

The most commonly found items are the wrist watches and board games by Hasbro, the lunch box by Aladdin, the sleeping bags, viewmaster reels and party supplies. As for the rest, most of the stuff are so rare you might only ever see it once, and there are Jem collectors collecting any piece they can find.

Digital Watches, 1986 by Hasbro:
These watches are some of the few Jem items that Hasbro released that had no direct connection to dolls. Unlike other toycompanies who just take a finished watch design and put a toy picture on it to cash in some extra money, Hasbro really put an effort into designing these to fit into the Jem music style, and with a special feature of pushing a button to reveal the time in a unique way for each of the three watches. They even made a commercial for it Contains an instructions sheet, a Glitter 'n Gold poster (with first year back) and Jem and the Holograms Fan Club and MTV Jacket Offer. Runs on a MAXWELL LR726 size button battery. Back. Carton.

  • Wrist Rocks
    The entire watch is designed like a keyboard with the Jem logo, with white and pink keys.

  • Wrist Rocks
    A turquoise wrist band, the main watch piece is pink and in shape of a LP-cover with the Jem logo, a shape of an LP-record piece pops out and reveals the time with a click on the button.

  • Wrist Rocks
    A yellow wrist band, the main watch piece is orange and shaped like a music cassette with a sticker with the Jem logo on it. Opened. [Picture by Penelope @ Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Collection of Anna-Maria Fabbricante]

Lunchboxes, 1986 by Aladdin:
In the one and only prototype, made for management review, the Aladdin artists painted the thermos design onto a sheet of paper that was made to fit around the pink thermos (which is actually another one manufactured that same year called “Fluppy Dogs”) and attached it by taping a clear plastic sheet over it. [Information and picture by rob11-11]
Was available in Venezuela aswell. [Information by Alicia López]

Puzzles, 1986 by Milton Bradley:
These actually used the doll box artwork, or artwork based on it.

Board Games, 1986 by Milton Bradley:
Milton Bradley (MB) is owned by Hasbro, and was purchased already in 1984. Each board game came with a music cassette with the "Jem Theme" and five Jem or The Misfits songs.

Back Packs, 1987 by SGI, Cranston R.I.:

  • Snack Pack Glitter 'n Gold (Red and white)
  • Snack Pack Glitter 'n Gold (Red and blue)
  • Snack Pack Glitter 'n Gold (Pink and Purple)
    The Snack Pak comes with a removeable lunch box that stores inside the front pocket. Additional features include: haul loop for easy storage, adjustable padded shoulder straps, weather protective flap that covers the zipper opening, easy to carry handle, write-on ID patch, reflective safety strip, water repellant durable Nylon, lunch box pocket and zip tight closure. Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, Picture 6, Picture 7, Picture 8 [Pictures and information by Gerald Green]

Sleeping Bags:

Clothes & Accessories:

  • Costume And Mask, by Ben Cooper
    Apparently there was one for Barbie of Barbie and the Rockers too, which used the same mold but with blonde hair and without the star earrings.
  • Slippers
  • Shirt [Picture by Sue's Toys ScorpioSue@aol.com]
  • Shirt, 1989 by Hasbro Canada (Canada)
    Motif. clothes tag. Copyright.
  • Shoes
  • Sneakers [Picture by wanova2005]
  • Glitter 'n Gold Jem Rainboots, 1987 [Picture by DLCfinal@aol.com]
  • Nightgown
    For Cabbage Patch Kids. [Picture and information by Shannon Toomey]
  • Pajamas
  • Pajamas Jem/Jerrica
    Size 10/12. [Picture and information by Freedog719@cs.com]
  • T-shirt "Jem Truly Outrageous!" (Italy) [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • T-shirt "Jem - Rock 'n Shock" (Italy) [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • T-shirt "Jem - C'è una Nuova Musica nell'Aria" (New Music in the Air) (Italy) [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Shoes (Italy) [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
    Children sizes, five subjects.
  • Sunglasses (blue), 1986 by Nasta
  • Sunglasses (purple), 1986 by Nasta
  • Socks


Erasers, 1986 by Spindex Corporation:
Miniature figures that are actually erasers. Although I'm not sure how well they work to erase with since most colors are painted on. The back says "Hey kids! Be sure to look for our Jem products to add to your collection: Pop-A Point Pencils, Pop-A-Point Crayons, Diecut Erasers, Pencil Toppers, Pencil Pouches, Ballpoint Pens, School Kits, Jumbo Erasers". All of these items are very hard to find these days. Made in Hong Kong.

Diecut Erasers, 1986 by Spindex Corporation:
Erasers with a printed image. Made in Hong Kong.

  • Jem [Picture by robin.322008]


School Supplies:

  • Pop-A-Point Crayons, by Spindex Corporation
  • Pop-A-Point Pencils, by Spindex Corporation
    These were the pencils that "never needs sharpening". To change into a new sharp pencil tip, you would remove the one in the top and push it in in the bottom and a new sharp point would appear. [Picture by theMitigating]
  • Pencil case [Picture by Sue's Toys ScorpioSue@aol.com]
  • Stamp (Italy)
    Rounded shape with Jem singing. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • School goods (Italy)
    Box for pens, satchel, rucksack, exercise book, etc. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Purse
  • Pencil Toppers, by Spindex Corporation
  • Pencil Pouches, by Spindex Corporation
  • Ballpoint Pens, by Spindex Corporation
  • School Kits, by Spindex Corporation
  • Jumbo Erasers, by Spindex Corporation

Candy (Italy):

  • Chewing Gum
  • Chocolate Bar

TV photos (Italy):
Each set consisting of 12 TV photos.

  • Set #1
    Jem opening Part 1.
  • Set #2
    Jem opening Part 2.
  • Set #3
    Various subjects from the Jem's TV series.
  • Set #4
    Various subjects from the Jem's TV series.


  • Pillow (Italy) [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
    Featuring Jem singing.
  • Bedcover (Holland)
    This bedcover and pillow cover was only sold in Holland in 1988. It was a catalog exclusive. Ad. [Pictures and info by jemboyholland]


  • Keyring (Italy)
    Shape of a star with Jem. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Keychain (Finland)
    It could play melodies, no Jem melodies though, and it was not made by Hasbro. But what connects the keychain to Jem was that it was packaged on a card that used Jem art which appeared on the Jem doll boxes, and the "Je" from the Jem logo, had been turned into looking like an R, as in Radio. [Information and pictures by Sanni Sirén]

Cassettes, 1986 by Tempo Twins (UK):

Short Jem stories on double cassettes, two stories on each, read by Barbara Rosenblat. Also printed in the Annual book released in the UK in 1986. There was also a second Annual in 1987 and perhaps some stories from that one were also released on cassettes. Inside says: "JEM, the glittery rock star with the secret dual identity. Off stage she is Jerrica Benton, Chief Executive of the Starlight Music Corporation, but with the help of Synergy, a holographic computer and her earrings (which are really micro projectors) she transforms into JEM.".


  • Rainbow Sax, 1987 by Cheng Ching Toys (Taiwan)
    An unofficially released battery operated toy saxophone, for all the Jetta fans I guess. Box, box back. [Pictures and information by Petra Dieterman, Divando2005]
  • Presto Magix (box), 1986 by American Publishing Corporation [Pictures and information by Teresa Henderson www.TheEarthToyMall.com]
    Picture 2
  • Presto magix (bag)
    Back. Inside. [Pictures by Penelope @ Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Collection of Anna-Maria Fabbricante]

  • Magic Slate (Jem/Jerrica), by Golden
  • Magic Slate (The Holograms), by Golden

  • View-Master Gift Set [Picture by Sue's Toys ScorpioSue@aol.com]
    Front picture 2. Back. Top. Bottom. Left side. Right side. [Pictures by Penelope @ Farpoint Toys & Collectibles. Collection of Anna-Maria Fabbricante]

  • View-Master 3 Reels.
    These reels were also released in a yellow package, found in Sweden and other European countries, and probably containing the same images. They summarize a few things that happen in the first five episodes, but with unique art, with some funny differences. Jerrica is seen wit her doll white and blue outfit, the Holograms have their stage outfits from the beginning, The holographic wall is located on the outside of the drive-in theater under the "Star" Drive-in sign, the Rockin' Roadster does not have the Jem logo on the hood from start but has pink tires, the Misfits outfits look a bit different, Jerrica drives the roadster after the contest in the park, Rio's outfit is colored like his doll outfit. Back. Pictures of the reel contents: Picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5, picture 6, picture 7, picture 8, picture 9, picture 10, picture 11, picture 12, picture 13, picture 14, picture 15, picture 16, picture 17, picture 18, picture 19, picture 20, picture 21.
    [Very impressive quality pictures by theMitigating]

  • Wallpaper, by Playmates (UK) [Picture by Gary & Pam Stelling]
  • Back Sack
    Dark pink, with a picture of the three Holograms, that famous first edition airbrush picture with Shana in the middle, holding her guitar and stretching her leg. The picture on the bag was either airbrush, or just a copy of it in lines. [Information by Maaike]
  • Bag (UK) [Picture by Lucrezia]
  • LP (France) [Picture by Enzo Gervasio]
  • EP (France)

  • Cardboard shape of the advertisement of Videotapes (Italy)
    Featuring Jem singing, with a star as background. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Puzzles (Italy)
    Ten different subjects, Italian drawings. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Badges (Italy)
    Various subjects. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Alarm Clock (Italy)
    Small with three subjects: Jem, Holograms, Misfits. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Suitcase (Italy)
    Small, gift from Snack Cheese Jem Starpoints. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Small Lamp (Italy)
    With a Jem gift poster, featuring Jem & Jerrica Truly Outrageous! [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Postcards (Italy)
    Ten subjects. [Information by Enzo Gervasio]
  • Pin
  • Lunchbox, 1986 (UK) (pink)
    Picture 2. Inside.

  • Card game: Juego de Naipes, 1987 by Cromy (Argentina)
    With stickers. Cards. [Information by majuli1990]
  • Earbuds, 2012 by Integrity Toys
Costumes, 2012 by Disguise:

First introduced at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con and advertise to be sold at Spirit Halloween. The costumes come in the sizes: adult large, adult medium, and adult small. Unfortunately the wigs don't come with the costumes, you have to buy them separately. This is the most Jem-looking costumes yet. Alot more detailed than the plastic ones from the 80's, and alot better than unlicensed ones that are sold online. Infact they even beat most of the fanmade ones. Interesting to see how they solved the Synergy one, and surprising they even made one of her. Not sure who is supposed to play the guitar of these characters, probably Pizzazz.

  • Jem wig
    Apparently the wig is not all that fluffy, but thinner than in the picture, and with a lack of bangs, and too small for some peoples heads.
  • Jem costume
    Includes: Dress with velcro closure, belt, earrings, and pretend microphone (also sold separately).
  • Microphone
  • Pizzazz wig
    Unlike the pictures, customers report that the stitches on the wig are visible under the hair, the hair comes off easily if brushed, and is more green than neon yellow.
  • Pizzazz costume
    Includes: Dress, belt, knee sash, and stocking.
  • Synergy wig
    According to customers the wig doesn't have the same volume on top as in the pictures.
  • Synergy costume
    Includes: Dress with velcro closure, shrug, boot covers, and headband.
  • Inflatable guitar
    A different one than the one sold at the SDCC.

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