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Eric's Office

While the Misfits know their music, they're no businesswomen. Pizzazz was born into wealth, and hates real work. Roxy is streetwise, but she has never had a job that required being able to read or write worth mentioning. The fact that Stormer doesn't have a head for business can be seen in the episode "The Bands Break Up" where she and Kimber are having some big problems releasing their own album. Jetta hates real work, but unlike Pizzazz, she grew up in a lower class family, but has rather gotten into trouble than work. The business is up to Eric as the head of Misfits Music. Eric is clever and knows the music business, but he didn't get into it because of his love for music, but as a quick way to get power and wealth, and he seems to have no scruples to get what he wants. In Eric's mind, running Misfits Music is the second best thing, while he wouldn't hesitate to take any chance to regain control of Starlight Music, probably because it's a well established company and probably has a bunch of famous singers signed to it, but also to get back at Jerrica.

Jem and the Holograms have actually been inside the building a few times. Jem walks in to see what it's all about in the episode "The Music Awards Part 1", the Holograms sneak in in the episode "Culture Clash", Kimber goes to meet Eric in his office in the episode "The Bands Break Up", Jem and Raya sneak in into Eric's office in the episode "The Jazz Player", and Jem and the Holograms are invited to a party by Riot in the episode "Riot's Hope".

The shape of Eric's desk is kept pretty much the same throughout the series, with some changes in size and color. He has that floor underneath his desk. He has his sculptures which look like different bodyparts. His curtains are always the same yellow ones. The usually yellow armchairs with pink pillows sometimes change color though.

Eric's office

Riot's office

When Riot took over half of Misfits Music, he apparently took over Eric's office aswell, but so far kept it exactly as it was.

We rarely get to see this angle of the room. The angle of that wall where there is supposed to be just a corner, looks a bit weird from what we usually see there. The armchair is blue. Notice in the background a couple of framed records and a picture that says "Misfits".

Inside entrance

This is the opposite wall of the desk.

The desk is another color and so are the armchairs and the little round table.

The weird yellow thing that comes down from the roof is probably supposed to be a lamp over a round table, and there might even be two of them.

Inside entrance

Opposite side of the desk.

Opposite to the desk. Compared to the picture to the left, this one has a sofa next to the door. The round table is purple.

Although it doesn't look like it, this is also the opposite side of the desk, where there is usually the entrance door. A very surprising sight is this huge TV. Also, a TV in that size was not available in the 80's. But then again Jem was before it's time. The shape of the desk is a bit different aswell.

Sometimes Eric has a plant outside his door...

...and sometimes there is a weird sculpture.

The door to Eric's office says "Eric's office".

If you turn left when you exit Eric's office you're heading towards the elevator.

Also in this version there seems to be an elevator in the same direction.

This door is not the regular entrance, but comes from that right wall, where there is usually no door, just a wall, as seen on the pictures above.

This is outside the door in the above picture, or is it? It looks like it in the scene where Eric opens this door and directly enters his office. But since this and the above door is not the same kind of door, they might just have cut out what's inbetween, so this might instead be right inside the entrance of Eric's house.

Riot's office #2

This also appears to be Riot's office, and it's also located in Misfits Music. But it's obviously not the same room as the above office which was first Eric's.

A fireplace?

Pizzazz' office

Pizzazz' office might not have the same class as Eric's, but it's certainly more colorful.

She has her own pool table. The Misfits seem to love to play pool, which they do on several occasions in different locations.

And look at those chairs, that's some creative design work. A look at those windows may reveal where in the building this office is located.

Inside entrance

Inside entrance

There's a cactus in the corner, a plant that seems to fit Pizzazz' personality well.

Inside entrance

Awards collection

Pizzazz has a bunch of Gold records on her wall, which say things like "New Age Award", "Pop Star Award" and "New Wave Award".

Recording studio

Recording studio #1

Before Harvey Gabor bought Pizzazz her own recordcompany, the Misfits recorded their songs at the Flash! Recording Studio. But now they have their own studio, or maybe several studios, since the studios look different in different episodes, when it comes to the colors, the equipment and where the door is.

Recording studio #1

Recording studio #1

Other side of the room.

Recording studio #2

Recording studio #2

Recording studio #2

Recording studio #2

Recording studio #3

Recording studio #3

Recording studio #4

Look at this door, seems isolated from sound. The walls look similar to recording studio 3.

Recording studio #4

Recording studio #5

Recording studio #6

The Stingers and the Misfits not only share the studio and the whole company, but they even seem to rehearse togheter, well atleast Pizzazz and Riot. Or maybe Riot is giving Pizzazz some backup. Perhaps the drummer, which is Randy James, and the guitar- and keyboard player is backing up the Misfits.

Conference room/runway


This runway might or might not be permanent, although it was never seen before the Stingers arrived.

Conference table

This conference table is in the same room right next to the runway.


Exit out of the room.

Parking Garage

This is the inside of the parking garage in Misfits Music.

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