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For the cartoon, many fashions for the Holograms, the Misfits or the Stingers, were created in sets, sometimes with a similar look that sometimes almost only differed in color, and sometimes not very similar at all but appearing at the same time and you might be able to figure out a similar theme. Later even the similar sets would be mixed up, one of them could wear an outfit from one set, while another character wore something completely unmatching.

Hasbro didn't really work the same way as the cartoon did. While the cartoon people wanted to create sets for everything Jem and the Holograms did, Hasbro just designed fashions regardless of who was going to wear them and the cartoon people would have to match them onto the characters. Which could mean Shana would get one part of a Flipside fashion, while Kimber was wearing an onstage fashion, and Jem would wear a Music is Magic fashion. It also mean they didn't stick to that choice, there was no rule as to everyone wearing the same thing matched to the others every time.

Here are some of the sets, side by side. Sometimes only the Holograms got new outfits, but Jem re-used an older outfit, in which case I'll include Jem's re-used outfit anyway and mention that. Sometimes everyone but Kimber or Shana got a new outfit, which makes it complicated to throw in one for the set to be complete, and usually I go with the outfit they wore instead, but sometimes there are several options from different episodes.

New characters like Raya and Jetta who joined their groups later, also got their own versions to fit in. But several of these corresponding outfits were also worn separately.

I'm going to ignore some of the music video only fashions, especially when all of the groups are wearing the exact same outfit.

Episode: "The Beginning", "Starbright Part One: Falling Star" and "The Talent Search Part 1".
Notes: This is everyone's official fashion, and how they were each first released in the doll line. Although Raya was released the second year, when the Holograms got other fashions which did not appear in the cartoon. So this is the best match probably.

Episode: "The Beginning".
Notes: Their cleaning outfits, which is the first we see them in other than their original stage outfits and funeral outfits.

Episode: "Disaster".
Notes: Here Jem, Aja and Shana wear some glamorous fashions for a party at Danielle's yacht. Kimber's isn't quite as glamorous. But these were Hasbro fashion, the first set matched for this cartoon, and they were not to made to match each other in the doll line.

Episode: "Kimber's Rebellion".
Notes: Kimber is still wearing the same when the others get new outfits.

Episode: "Frame Up".
Notes: Danielle's fashion show designs. Actually the Jem fashion that originally belonged to this set was the doll line Flipside fashion Sopisticated Lady and Shana's was Rock Country but is only seen once very quickly. But these pictured fashions are later seen with the other fashions and match better in my opinion.

Episode: "Frame Up".
Notes: Back to casual clothes, but Aja is also seen wearing this outfit for a music video.

Episode: "Starbright Part One: Falling Star" and "In Stitches".
Notes: Danielle designed new fashions for Jem and the Holograms, but the Shana fashion was already seen before, and not mention to be a Danielle design. So I choose a later outfit for Shana.

Episode: "Starbright Part One: Falling Star".
Notes: Some really memorable and corresponding star outfits. The first set of designed fashions that have a noticable similar look.

Episode: "Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars".
Notes: When they returned to the Starbright movie, they were obviously not the stars anymore. The Misfits got much better fashions for this scene.

Episode: "The World Hunger Shindig" and "Rock N' Roll Express".
Notes: Jem and Raya got their fashions for this set later, and Jem's is only ever seen from behind.

Episode: "The World Hunger Shindig", "Adventure In China" and "A Change Of Heart".
Notes: Jem got hers later, which also has a coat, and Raya got her's for the celebrity beach bash.

Episode: "World Hunger Shindig" and "Rock N' Roll Express".
Notes: Performing for charity in Texas in new outfits, and Raya got hers later for the train tour.

Episode: "Starbright Part One: Falling Star", "In Stitches" and "The Jazz Player".
Notes: A mix and match bunch that is seen togheter in the episode "In Stitches", and the Raya one was just thrown in here.

Episode: "Adventure In China".
Notes: Their casual wear in China, while looking for the stolen Jem star earrings, which is why there is no Jem for this set.

Episode: "Adventure In China".
Notes: Stage outfits created by Synergy for their concert at the Great Wall of China.

Episode: "Last Resorts" and "Danse Time".
Notes: Kimber's legs must be very cold.

Episode: "Last Resorts".
Notes: Of course Jem and the Holograms need som fashionable skiing outfits when skiing.

Episode: "Last Resorts".
Notes: Did they really need two skiing outfits each for the same episode?

Episode: "Last Resorts".
Notes: Or even three? Raya never got a skiing outfit though, since she missed that one episode.

Episode: "Last Resorts" and "Hot Time In Hawaii".
Notes: Workout fashions, for Jem and the Holograms and even Jerrica later.

Episode: "In Stitches".
Notes: This is the set that Shana was meant to compete with in the fashion contest in Venice, before it was stolen by Zipper, and the Misfits dyed them black. Except for the outfit Shana is wearing, which appears later but might have been meant to appear already in this episode by the look of it.

Episode: "In Stitches".
Notes: What they wore when chasing their stolen fashions in Venice. Always thought this outfit of Shana's looks kinda funny, with the hat and the gloves.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book".
Notes: The fashions Shana design by the help of Synergy, for the fashion contest in Venice.

Episode: "The Music Awards Part 1".
Notes: First appear togheter seems to match quite well.

Episode: "The Music Awards Part 1" and "The Music Awards Part 2".
Notes: A very matching and nice looking set, with shimmering gems.

Episode: "The Music Awards Part 2".
Notes: All appeared togheter, except for Jem's fashion. But there are some other outfits from this episode I haven't been able to place. Very uncertain about this set.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book", "Broadway Magic" and "Scandal".
Notes: All first appear togheter and is seen later togheter, except for Jem's which is only seen togheter with the rest later. And Raya's which is added to the set later.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book".
Notes: Mermaids, created only for a music video. The Raya one never appeared in the cartoon.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book".
Notes: They all first appear togheter as a set, although Kimber's doesn't look quite as colorful as the rest with their special patterns.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book" and "Broadway Magic".
Notes: All of these outfits match except Shana's, which I threw in there because she was just wearing an old overused outfit with this set.

Episode: "Broadway Magic".
Notes: Raya's dress appeared later, since she wasn't in the Broadway musical, but perhaps this is the best match. Atleast the first time she wears it the Holograms, it's with these dresses.

Episode: "Hot Time In Hawaii".
Notes: Hawaiian party wear. An obvious match, with Shana's being slightly different.

Episode: "Hot Time In Hawaii".
Notes: This is what Jem and the Holograms wear on stage after winning the Battle of the Music Stars on Hawaii.

Episode: "The Rock Fashion Book" and "Island Of Deception".
Notes: The Jem one doesn't belong to the set, but I decided to match it right in here. Not a very matching set.

Episode: "Island Of Deception".
Notes: This is the original look the outfits had before Jem and the Holograms got stranded on an island and the outfits got ripped. Funny enough Shana's dress was not designed for this set, but appeared earlier. And strangely enough some of them appear in perfect shape in later episodes.

Episode: "Island Of Deception".
Notes: Jem gets to be some kind of princess or something, and the Holograms the pirates for this music video about the sea. But Jem's dress re-appears in another music video in a later episode.

Episode: "Old Meets New".
Notes: Probably fifties inspired, when they perform a cover of an old song by Bobby Bailey and the Tornadoes.

Episode: "Old Meets New".
Notes: Back to the fifties. Unfortunately we don't get a good view of the entire dresses and the instruments pictured on their skirts.

Episode: "Old Meets New".
Notes: Shana also has a scottish outfit in another set, which makes me wonder if the two of them were perhaps invented for an earlier set, with matching outfits for Jem and Aja aswell in an unseen scene or episode somewhere. Or why the scottish look? Then again Kimber's outfit fits right in with the rest here, unlike Shana's though which is quite different than the rest.

Episode: "Old Meets New" and "Intrigue At The Indy 500".
Notes: This is what Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms wear when working, whether it's on restoring buildings or fixing cars. Jerrica got her outfit later then the rest.

Episode: "Intrigue At The Indy 500".
Notes: A close match, but the golden leaves on the shoulders may have difference I haven't been able to confirm yet.

Episode: "Culture Clash" and "The Fan".
Notes: Raya got her outfit later. This might not be Raya's corresponding outfit, but the closest one I could find.

Episode: "Culture Clash" and "Video Wars".
Notes: A very matching set, in different colors. Especially like Aja's colors. Raya got her outfit later than the rest.

Episode: "Glitter And Gold" and "The Fan".
Notes: Raya got her outfit later than the others.

Episode: "Glitter And Gold" and "The Presidential Dilemma".
Notes: Kimber's, Aja's and Shana's fashions, are based on Glitter 'n Gold fashions from the doll line. Raya got her outfit later than the others.

Episode: "Trick Or Techrat".
Notes: Halloween costumes. Jem is a witch (also according to Pizzazz), Kimber is a skeleton, Aja is the bride of Frankenstein, Shana is the devil, and Raya is a mummy.

Episode: "Danse Time".
Notes: Jem's, Shana's and Raya's outfits first appear togheter in "Danse Time", but rather fit into a later set, because they actually match what's underneath the winter jackets which are seen in the episode "The Middle Of Nowhere", except for Shana's boots though. But Shana's sleeves are re-colored then.

Episode: "The Fan".
Notes: None of these outfits, except for Jem's, originally belonged to them, but to the actors that played them, hired by the Misfits.

Episode: "The Fan".
Notes: Jem appears in this set aswell as the previous one, because she doesn't get another new fashion for this episode. I put this Raya fashion with an earlier set from "Culture Clash" aswell just because it matched so well.

Episode: "Journey To Shangri-La".
Notes: Suggested wear when climbing the mountains of Tibet.

Episode: "Journey To Shangri-La".
Notes: This is what's underneath the above outfits.

Episode: "Music Is Magic".
Notes: Very similar magician outfits, but Kimber is the only one who is attempting to be a magician, for the rest it's just stage outfits.

Episode: "Kimber's Rebellion", "Starbright Part One: Falling Star" and "The Jazz Player".
Notes: First Jem got her darker version of this outfit, then it was made brighter, and then in the episode "The Jazz Player" the rest of the band finally got their, somewhat, matching versions. A little lower profile outfits, but as usual with wild colors and who can miss them anyway with their hair?

Episode: "Rock N' Roll Express".
Notes: Jem has her own fashion which was planned for the doll line, while the Holograms have their own version which are all the same as each other.

Episode: "The Middle Of Nowhere".
Notes: This time around they made sure to dress up well. No bare legs for Kimber like when they went to ski in "Last Resorts".

Episode: "Danse Time" and "The Middle Of Nowhere".
Notes: This is what's underneath the above outfits, which you can tell by the matching pants and boots, except for Shana's boots. Jem's, Shana's and Raya's outfits actually appeared already in the episode "Danse Time", where Kimber and Aja had different outfits that matched these. But Shana's sleeves has been re-colored for this set.

Episode: "Aztec Enchantment".
Notes: Going to the mexican jungle with Video. Rio had a matching outfit aswell, which was a re-used one though from "The Rock Fashion Book".

Episode: "Aztec Enchantment".
Notes: What Jem and the Holograms wore in the music video Video was directing in the Mexican jungle by the Aztec ruins. A fantasticly well designed set. ould love to see this for the new doll line.

Episode: "Renaissance Woman".
Notes: This is what Jem and the Holograms wear on stage when performing along with Danse, for the lord of Carfax in England.

Episode: "Renaissance Woman".
Notes: Slightly less formal wear I suppose, for the archery tournament.

Episode: "Alone Again" and "Mardi Gras".
Notes: Night robes. Jerrica's was designed for "Alone Again". The others appeared in "Mardi Gras". Aja's was later re-colored for "Straight From The Heart".

Episode: "Mardi Gras".
Notes: These customs Jem and the Holograms were gonna wear for the Mardi Gras parade, are known to have been planned for the doll line, not surprisingly considering how detailed they are.

Episode: "Rock N' Roll Express" and "Journey Through Time".
Notes: Jem gets no country specific outfit other than this re-used USA one. Kimber is scottish (not her first scottish fashion though), Aja is japanese (while she is supposed to be chinese herself), Shana is Jamaican, and Raya is Mexican (which is where her parents originally came from).

Episode: "Journey Through Time".
Notes: Now these are truly outrageous, in a weird sense of the word. This is what they transform themelves into to disguise themselves when going back in time to Vienna in March 1781. Today they would seem to stick out as much as possible, but I'm no expert on fashion from that time.

Episode: "Journey Through Time".
Notes: These were designed for their time travel adventure in London, where they performed with the Ben Tiller band (Glenn Miller orchestra).

Episode: "Rock N' Roll Express".
Notes: These fashions are only seen very briefly. Perhaps there was a missing scene where they would be shown more. They look like detailed enough to have been planned included in the doll line.

Episode: "Beauty And The Rock Promoter".
Notes: Do you get the feeling that none of the Holograms' outfits match their personality? Well that was the point, since they played evil stepsisters to Beauty. Kimber got to re-use her fashion from when she joined a duo with Stormer though. And the Misfits were also seen wearing these outfits, atleast all of them but Kimber's.

Episode: "Hollywood Jem Part Two And The Winner Is...".
Notes: Wedding dress and bridesmaids. Jerrica and all of the Holograms wear the same design, while Kimber is the bride, and Jem has her own but similar outfit.

Episode: "The Stingers Hit Town Part One".
Notes: This is what they wear when going to the Rock Hard cafe to contribute to their hall of fame. The Holograms' outfits are the same design in different colors, even on their boas. Kimber's color is something inbetween Raya's and Shana's. Infact they're all unusually close in color.

Episode: "Midsummer Night's Madness".
Notes: A very well designed set, and an outfit for Jerrica.

Episode: "Midsummer Night's Madness".
Notes: Jem's dress was introduced prior to the Holograms' outfits, but is worn along with them. Strangely Shana got no resembling outfit this time, probably a blooper. Well she already had more fashions than the other Holograms anyway. Had she gotten a fashion for this set, it could have been blue, green or yellow.

Episode: "That Old Houdini Magic".
Notes: Another set in the magic theme, and these designs look amazing!

Episode: "Straight From The Heart".
Notes: A new style by Regine, that no one in the group thought was their style, but apparently they set a new trend in that episode.

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