Except for having an fantastic show, how did the writers manage to keep the viewers from changing channel during the commercial breaks? By creating these exciting moments, which in Jem's case often was dangerous action sequences.

Here are all cliffhangers for each episode. Some episodes have three cliffhangers since the story of the episode continues in the next episode.

The Beginning

Synergy has come for Jerrica.

Jerrica and the Holograms are hanging with the roadster on the edge of a cliff.

Zipper leave Starlight House in flames.


Jerrica falls onto the ground in front of a out of control bulldozer.

Eric warns the Misfits about a bomb at the Starlight Mansion.

The yacht is about to hit a tanker.

Kimber's Rebellion

A gargoyle is falling off the roof in Paris towards Jem and the Holograms.

Kimber leaves the Holograms.

Jem is trapped when the studio equipment is falling apart in Lin-Z's studio.

Frame Up

Aja is trapped with the luggage on a bus going away from Las Vegas.

Jem is put in handcuffs.

The private detective tries to smash Synergy into pieces.

The Battle Of The Bands

Eric has kidnapped Ashley.

Jem is kidnapped by Zipper.

Rio hits Eric, and he says he'll remember.

Starbright Part One: Falling Star

Eric now controls the movie and plans to make the Misfits the hottest stars in Hollywood.

After Rio hits Nick, and Eric asks Rio to leave, Pizzazz says he can stay if he's very nice to her.

Jerrica finds out Ba Nee is going blind.

Starbright Part 2: Colliding Stars

Eric calls Jem for a scene, but demands Jerrica to stay.

Jem is about to fall after crossing a giant log, high above without safetynets.

Kimber is caught in explosions.

Starbright Part Three: Rising Star

Clash offers to be the Misfits' spy and wreck the Jem movie.

After stealing from the Jem movie, Clash is chased by Jem and the Holograms who almost drive into another car.

The World Hunger Shindig

Eric tells Zipper to get rid of Jem and the Holograms.

The Misfits and Sean are about to drive into the horse carriage that Jerrica and the Holograms are going with.

Adventure In China

A giant sculpture is about to fall down over Jerrica and the Holograms below.

Jerrica takes some star earrings from a museum, and the guards catch her and the Holograms.

Last Resorts

The ski lift brakes, and Jem is about to fall off it, only held on by Shana.

Jem has been mislead in the ski race and end up in front of an avalanche.

In Stitches

The Misfits' and Zipper's motorboat is about to hit the Shana's gondola in Venice.

The Misfits are about to fall off a bridge, only holding on to some piece of clothing.

The Music Awards Part 1

Techrat's gadget makes Synergy shoot laserbeams at Jerrica and the Holograms.

Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee are running away from home, and heading for the Misfits.

Deirdre, Krissie and Ba Nee are climbing a scaffold and Krissie loses her grip.

The Music Awards Part 2

Pizzazz shoots down the sign above Starlight Music, which crashes into Jerrica's office.

Deirdre, Krissie, Ba Nee and Danny are running from a policeman, and Danny accidentally tip over some wooden boxes over him.

The Rock Fashion Book

Jem and the Holograms all fall into the killer whale pool at the Marine park.

Jem and the Holograms are surrounded by bats at the end of a cliff.

Broadway Magic

Jerrica goes to change into Jem unknowing that Roxy is watching.

Rio asks Jerrica if she and Jem is the same person.

In Search Of The Stolen Album

Rio breaks into the Starlight Recording studio and steals the mastertapes of their new album.

Jerrica and the Holograms are being followed and surrounded by a gang of thugs at a dead end.

Hot Time In Hawaii

When Kimber is practicing for the swimming competition in the ocean, a large shark appears.

Kimber is kidnapped by Zipper and carried inside a vulcano that is about to erupt.

The Princess And The Singer

Kimber is mistaken for the princess of Morvania and kidnapped.

Kimber is escaping her kidnappers, but misses a jump from a building roof to another and is falling.

Island Of Deception

Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits fall overboard from the cruise ship.

Stormer is about to be run over by a flock of wild pigs.

Old Meets New

Pizzazz takes over the controls of Eric's demolition ball and aims for a building with Jem and the Holograms and Bobby Bailey.

A power line is falling down on the street right in front of Bobby Bailey and Jem and the Holograms.

Intrigue At The Indy 500

Martino's racecar loses control during it's qualifying race and drives into the scaffolding where Rio is standing.

Pizzazz pushes Jem's race car out of control in the indy 500 race.

The Jem Jam Part 1

A violent gang of thugs claim to be fans of Jem as they wreck the Jem Jam party.

Jem and Johnny Deacon is about to crash in a helicopter.

Jem is about to be attacked by the guarddogs at the Gabor mansion.

The Jem Jam Part 2

Krissie pushes Dominic into the pool, and he doesn't return to the surface.

Ba Nee runs into the bears' cage at the zoo, and is stuck with the bears coming at her.

Culture Clash

The Misfits decide to follow Eric when he meets with someone named Alex Falk and find out what's up.

Jem and the Holograms and Fitz are trapped by the police in his apartment.

Glitter And Gold

Max and Jeff double booked a date with Kimber and get into a violent fight.

Jerrica is trapped by violent thugs who smashes the records she is delivering into pieces.


Cool Trash magazine has Kimber's diary and plan to publish it.

Kimber rollerskates right in front of a bus and is about to be hit by it.

The Presidential Dilemma

Synergy contacts Jerrica as she is about to be shut down by an intruder.

Jerrica hangs onto the back of the van when the Washington marauder is driving away with the president.

The Talent Search Part 1

Roxy is ready to put up a fight with Jetta to keep her from joining the group.

Raya accidentally sees Jem change into Jerrica.

Eric offers Raya a recording contract to find out who Jem really is.

The Talent Search Part 2

Eric tries to convince Craig to help him and the Misfits destroy Jem.

A gang of thugs Jetta hired wreck Raya's father's greenhouse.

Treasure Hunt

Pizzazz and the Misfits' girls shake the log Ba Nee is climbing, and she falls into the river.

Ashley, Ba Nee and Krissie are tricked into a labyrinth by the Misfits and find themselves lost.

Trick Or Techrat

A large sign is falling towards Danse as she is dancing on the stage.

A ghost threatens Jem and the Holograms to not go on stage tonight, or it will be their last performance.

The Bands Break Up

Kimber leaves refusing to talk to Jerrica, saying she finally found out who her real friends are.

Kimber and Stormer catch their recording engineer talking to Eric, revealing he sabotaged their record.

Danse Time

The snowing machine breaks and gets out of control, causing Danse to have an accident.

Jem and the Holograms find out the entire crew left to shoot the Misfits video instead.

The Fan

The Rio actor tells Jem he knows her real identity.

Jem is shocked to meet herself, in form of an actress claiming to be Jerrica.

Journey To Shangri-La

The Misfits' lose grip while climbing the mountains and are about to fall.

The old lady in the village refuse to help Jem find Shangri-La to help save Pizzazz and Roxy.

One Jem Too Many

Jerrica thinks she had trapped the fake Jem, but finds a cleaning lady saying no one passed by.

Jem and the Holograms, Danse and Rio are tricked aboard a fairy boat taking them away from their concert.

Music Is Magic

After a magic trick, the cage Jem was in explodes and she is nowhere to be found.

A tiger is lose and is chasing the Holograms and the Misfits.

Father's Day

Kimber refuses to write the song for Video's father.

Kimber is thrown off a horse and becomes unconscious.

The Jazz Player

Aja and Joey London are chased and trapped by some crooks he owes money to.

Ace O'Toole fall off his fishing boat during a storm with Shana being the only person onboard.

Rock N' Roll Express

The Misfits have climbed on top of the train and it's approaching a tunnel.

The Misfits made the train start speeding while Jetta's foot is stuck with the control.

The Middle Of Nowhere

Ba Nee's kayak is about to be swept into a whirl pool.

Pizzazz and Jetta are caught between two icebergs moving into each other.

Roxy Rumbles

Roxy wins on a lottery ticket and decides to leave the Misfits behind forever.

Jem and the Holograms find Roxy caused the commotion in town and stole the attention from their Illiteracy tour.

Aztec Enchantment

As Jem and the Holograms, Rio and Video are about to cross a bridge in Mexico, it starts falling apart.

Jem is pushed into a well by the fake archeologist, Ramon Chavez.


After Switch lands on the stage, Kimber is trapped with some broken electric wires.

The KJEM radiostation is being taken over by the Misfits pirate airing.

Video Wars

Clash reveals her plans to the Misfits to put Video out of business and ruin Jem an the Holograms' career.

Clash sneaks into Video's apartment stealing the latest video of Jem and the Holograms.

Renaissance Woman

Robin Goodfellow is trapped by the guards in the archery tournament.

Jem, Aja and Raya are captured by the castle guards.

Alone Again

The drugs make Laura think she can fly, and she is about to "fly" off the roof of Starlight Mansion.

Jerrica catches Laura stealing from her purse, and Laura is running away.

Mardi Gras

Something creepy comes by Shana's room at night stealing her locket.

Jem accidentally locks herself into a secret passage where something creepy is lurking in the dark.

Homeland, Heartland

Victor decides he will never let Danse leave, like her mother did.

Danse is caught in an avalanche.

Journey Through Time

Back in time in Vienna 1781, Jem and the Holograms are taken for witches as Synergy's holograms start wearing off.

In London 1944, Jem and the Holograms are trapped in a building that is being bombed.

Beauty And The Rock Promoter

The beast is threatening to throw a chair at Beauty, played by Jem.

Jem is completely exhausted after all the work on the show and passes out.


Lord Trevor's henchmen promise him that the real lord will never return to claim his title.

As Aja is about to run into the Unicorn Club to apologize to Craig, the club explodes.

Out Of The Past

Eric is able to locate the master tapes of Jacqui and plans to get revenge on Jerrica.

Eric asks Jerrica for a million dollars or control of Starlight Music, for the master tapes or he will destroy them.

Hollywood Jem Part One For Your Consideration...

Rio throws a famous French director into a pool, and he threatens to ruin Jem's career.

Stuntman Jeff is about to jump from a very tall building and Kimber is watching terrified.

Sean gives up proposing to Kimber, and throws the ring in the garbage.

Hollywood Jem Part Two And The Winner Is...

Sean has an accident after trying to do his own stunts to impress Kimber.

Rio interrupts the wedding of Kimber and Jeff by presenting Kimber with a proposal of marriage.

The Stingers Hit Town Part One

Le Klub Kool is being trashed as the Stingers drive their new found fans crazy.

Rio threatens to fight Riot when Riot starts meets Jem and starts flirting with her.

Riot tries to convince Jem to leave Rio, and kisses her.

The Stingers Hit Town Part Two

During an argument between Jem and Rio about Riot, the Stingers show up to stay at Starlight Mansion.

Riot offers Jerrica to sign with Starlight Music instead of Misfits Music, if she will give him half it.

Midsummer Night's Madness

Riot tricks Jem that Minx and Rio have fallen in love, as Jem sees them togheter.

Riot comes driving a chariot, grabs Jerrica, and tells her he wants her instead of Jem.

The Day The Music Died

The Holograms and Rapture and Minx are now part of the Misfits and Pizzazz is directing their rehearsal.

Jem and Riot have an accident at sea driving a boat into some rocks.

That Old Houdini Magic

Rapture pretends the spirit of Houdini has taken over her body.

Astral challenges Rapture to a magic duel to prove Houdini has not taken of Rapture's body.

Straight From The Heart

Regine is offered to design fashions for the Stingers, but already promised the Holograms, and has a decision to make.

After the reactions to her fashions by Jem and the Holograms, Regine goes to the Stingers instead.

A Change Of Heart

Minx is about to drown and Rio, who is trying to save her, has lost track of her.

Rio makes Minx come down from the roof of Starlight Music and she tells him she can't go on living without him.

Riot's Hope

In a flashback, Riot's father insists Riot will never play the guitar and smashes it to pieces.

After an argument between Riot and his father, Riot's mother loses her pulse.

A Father Should Be...

Jerrica and the Holograms search the country for Ba Nee's father and insist to find him.

A gambler from Las Vegas is looked up in the search for Ba Nee's father, and back at Starlight Mansion he insists he is her father.

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