Danielle's mansion and palace

This mansion is located right next to the Starlight Mansion. Danielle moved in to this mansion after she met Howard Sands who at first was her next door neighbor, before he gave away his mansion to the Battle of the Bands contest in which Jem and the Holograms won it.

Danielle loves throwing a party or arranging fashion shows, whether it's at her home, on her yacht or somewhere else.

Since, the party takes place both inside the gates and outside, it must mean Danielle owns the area outside aswell. Look to the left in this picture and you will see a pool and part of a building, which is the Starlight Mansion.

This is the only view of the mansion in daylight, and here it's white. The gates looks different here than in the picture above.

Danielle's office

Not only is she designing clothes, jewelry and perfumes, but she is also quite a businesswoman, and her designs are in high demand.

Guestroom where Regine stays

Regine's room at Danielle's mansion is pretty much an exact copy of Shana's room in Starlight Mansion, except for the window to the left which is not there in Shana's room, and a few details like the lamps and painting by the bed.



Located to the right of the bed.

Palace of Du Voisin

Danielle travels all over the world to promote her designs. She even has a mansion located in Venice. And since Danielle has a mansion in USA and one in Italy, she probably has one in France aswell, since that's where she's from.


The window in the roof reveals that this is the top floor, the third floor.

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