Ellen Bernfeld

Togheter with one of the Jem song writers Anne Bryant, she has released the following CD's from their company Gloryvision.

Songs for Dogs (and the people who love them)

  1. The No Song
  2. If I Only Had A Thumb
  3. I Stole The Christmas Pie
  4. Please Don't Forget My Birthday
  5. The Very First Dog
  6. Do The Doggie Salsa
  7. I Been Cryin' All Night Since You're Gone
  8. Follow The Bone Lady
  9. Tomorrow's Another Day
  10. Could You Be An Angel

Songs for Cats (and the people who love them)

  1. I'm Sweetie The Gourmet
  2. Curious x 9
  3. Oh, My Little Sushi
  4. The Scat Cat
  5. Watchin' Purry Mason
  6. I Pray For The World (A Christmas Prayer)
  7. Allergic To You
  8. Catrina, The Ballerina
  9. Where Will I Sleep Tonight
  10. I'm Purrfect

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