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Fanart of Jem characters and even Jem's singing voice Britta Phillips, made by Jem fans. And also art done by the people behind Jem, after the series ended, will be added here, like Keith Tuckers Jem art. Click the thumbnails for larger versions. More fanart is very welcome, let me know and they will be added ASAP.

Britta Phillips
by Tom Tsafaridis

Jem anime style
by AnimeLuva1

by Marco Valli

The Misfits by Marco Valli

The Misfits 2001 by
Eric Miller

by Sally Wright

Anime Jem

Rockin' Romance Jem
by Eugene Ocasio

by Eugene Ocasio

Jem by
Fallon Lujan

Synergy by
Eugene Ocasio

Jem by
Keith Tucker 2011
(Jem storyboard artist)

Jem by
Will Meugniot 2012
(Jem producer and
storyboard director)

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