Gabor Business building

This office building is where the billionaire Harvey Gabor takes care of his main concern in life, making money. He's always on the phone, and the only way Pizzazz can get his attention is if she wants to talk about business, which he is happy to encourage if it sounds like a good deal. He isn't afraid of taking chances, but pulls out quickly if he risks losing alot of money.



Even Pizzazz and the Misfits have to wait outside Harvey's office sometimes.

Harvey's penthouse office

The door to the right in the picture is probably the most common entrance, but here you can see there's also a door on the side wall. Several phones on the desk, but how many can he speak in at once?

It looks very much like there is a fire place to the left in the picture, but could it be a real one in a building like this?

Harvey's desk is different from the black one he has in his mansion, so you can clearly tell what office he is in. He has a TV behind his desk. It's a pretty cool office with the stair behind.

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