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Stingers Penthouse

When the Stingers first appeared in the series, they were new in town. But apparently they have bought a house/apartment togheter.


It's hard to tell if Riot's eye for perfection also goes for his apartment. Since he doesn't have an eye for art in particular, he prefers abstract art which is open to interpretation, and goes by the price and reputation. As you can see he has some paintings and statues. Above the purple fireplace, Riot has a mirror with a brown frame...



...but here the colors are the other way around, a brown fireplace and a mirror with a purple frame.


The kitchen doesn't seem to be so big.


Incase you always wondered what Riot's door looks like.

Music room

There are alot of instruments but it doesn't look like a studio, but it is where the Stingers create their songs.

Music room

Livingroom #2

Livingroom #2

Another part of the same room as above.

Livingroom #2

From above.

Anthony's production office

We only get to see Anthony's office once. Where he lives, we never learn, but it certainly isn't at Starlight Mansion.


Window from outside

Window from inside

By looking out the window you can tell that the office is pretty high up.

Sean's house

Home of the british teen idol singer and actor. Perhaps he has a place in England aswell.




The window in this picture must be the same as shown in the middle on the outside view of the house in the picture above.

Harriet Horn studio

A talkshow with celebrity interviews, gossip, and music.

The desk says Lin-Z TV. Maybe they share this studio or atleast share the building of VTV.

Harriet's guests enter the studio.

Live audience

Cool Trash Magazine's Office

This is where the gossip magazine is made.


This is the hallway outside the Cool Trash office. The door to the left in the picture is not the entrance, but next one further to the left, which is out of picture...


...but right here.

This is where Cool Trash dream up all their "exclusive" news and latest gossip about the celebrities.

The publisher Pit Slurman's office

The publisher Pit Slurman's office

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