Episode: Part One: "Falling Star"

Move the cursor over the images that say "Re-animated: to see the re-animated version.

At Starlight Mansion, after Kimber brings Jem to a bedroom where Danielle shows her new fashions and Aja says "aren't they gorgeus?".

Re-animated: When Kimber says "Outrageous" she is re-animated.

After they go into the big room, when Danielle says "Thanks to my beautiful models".

Re-animated: Danielle is re-animated. She gets a bigger upper lip and blonde eyebrows.

Right after the above, when Rio says "you can say that again".

Re-animated: Rio.

After Mrs. Bailey has asked for Jerrica and Jem leaves to find her.

Re-animated: Rio is re-animated when he says "But Jem".

After Jerrica has come with Mrs. Bailey to look at Ba Nee, and Jerrica says "yes I can see why Mrs. Bailey.".

Re-animated: Atleast Jerrica is re-animated, with blue eyebrows.

After Shana has shown up with Anthony, and Anthony wants to talk to Jem.

Re-animated: Jerrica is re-animated. She gets thinner arms and blue eyebrows.

After Jerrica has talked to Synergy to check her power level, and is exiting the room through the wall while changing back to Jem.

Re-animated: A blooper was corrected here, because originally when Jerrica changed to Jem, Jem had the wrong dress since she had her original dress aswell as blonde hair instead of pink.

When Anthony introduces Jem to Video.

Re-animated: Video and Jem have been re-animated. Video's sideburn was made smaller.

Right after the above clip.

Re-animated: Video was re-animated. Video's nose was made more distinct.

After Lela has called for Jerrica and Jem says "Excuse me Rio", when Rio turns around and sees Jem leave.

Re-animated: Rio is re-animated into looking less disappointed.

When Lela explains to Jerrica what they need in the kitchen.

Re-animated: Jerrica and Rio are re-animated until the camera switches to a view from the outside. Jerrica is animated to look happier.

After Rio and Jerrica have sat down outside, in the first close-up of their faces.

Re-animated: Rio and Jerrica are re-animated, also in the clip right after when Rio describes what he thinks about Jem. Rio's shirt was changed and Jerrica got blue eyebrows.

While Jerrica says "you make me sound like an old pair of shoes" and until they kiss.

Re-animated: Rio and Jerrica have been re-animated. Rio's shirt was made visible.

In the song Who is he kissing, during the line "when he looks into my eyes" and Rio is zoomed in into his eye.

Re-animated: Jerrica and Rio were re-animated. Jerrica's eyes were made smaller.

Still in same song, during the line "me or you" while Jerrica is zoomed out from her eye.

Re-animated: Jerrica is re-animated. Originally she wore a blue hat (blooper), which was changed to white.

Still in same song, during the line "when he looks my way".

Re-animated: Rio and Jerrica are re-animated. Originally Jerrica had pink hair (blooper).

Still in the same song, during the line "who? who is he kissing?" when Jem is standing with Rio, and the camera rolls around and suddenly it's Jerrica kissing Rio. Also the next clip when it's Jem standing with Rio again.

Re-animated: Jerrica/Jem and Rio are re-animated. Originally Jem's arm was blue as if she had sleeves (blooper), while she had no tights (blooper).

When Jerrica has just kissed with Rio, and is about to leave and says "well miss dependable has work to do."

Re-animated: Rio and Jerrica are re-animated. Jerrica's hand was removed from Rio's shoulder. Rio's shirt was made visible.

At the Gabor mansion, when Pizzazz is watching the party at Starlight Mansion through her binoculars from the balcony.

Re-animated: Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer are re-animated. They're made larger so that you can see by their eyes that they're looking down at something.

After we see the first shot of the entire Gabor mansion, while Pizzazz tells the other Misfits they have bigger mansions.

Re-animated: Pizzazz is re-animated in her close-up. Which version do you prefer?

While Roxy suggests they make their own movie.

Re-animated: Pizzazz's leg, Stormer and Roxy have been re-animated, aswell as the background which places the Misfits in another part of the room.

At Harvey's office, while Pizzazz is waving with the little statue in front of her father.

Re-animated: Pizzazz and Harvey have been re-animated.

At the World Studios, when Jem and the Holograms enter the building for the first time along with Howard.

Re-animated: Two characters were removed. Originally there was an old man and a blonde woman in this frame aswell. The reason they were removed was probably that they were just standing there in that pose frozen.

When Eric turns around in his chair. And again after Kimber says "Eric Raymond".

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated.

When Jem says "I thought you were in jail".

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated. Into looking more angry.

When Eric says "you'll do it my way or not at all".

Re-animated: Re-animated Eric. The hair is changed.

When Eric says "Well, according to this clause in your contract. If you fail to perform for any reason, you are out. And this movie, will make the Misfits...".

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated, and so are the Misfits in the clip right after.

When Jem says she won't quit the movie.

Re-animated: Jem is re-animated, then after a clip of Jem turned around to the Holograms, the same angle again which is also re-animated. Perhaps Jem's arms were considered too long and thin.

When Pizzazz says "We'll see about that".

Re-animated: Eric and the Misfits are re-animated. Roxy is put behind Eric's desk instead of next to it and we see her face and the right arm on her fashion is corrected, and Eric gets a higher hairline.

Right after the above.

The background is moved, so the big ball that says "World" is placed more in the middle of the screen.

After Jem and the Holograms have passed through the gate to the World Studios.

Added clip: We see a quick clip of the roadster from above driving through different movie sets. Originally it went directly to the clip of the roadster seen from the front, and then the background after the roadster had past was held in view for a second or so.

When Eric tells Anthony that he is in charge of the picture.

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated. He is given a higher hairline again. Also the background is so much brighter it appears to be re-animated.

When Eric says "we've got a schedule to mantain".

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated. He is given a higher hairline again. Anf again the background is so much brighter it appears to be re-animated.

When the Misfits rush to get before Jem and the Holograms into makeup, seeing them from the front.

Re-animated: Roxy and Stormer are re-animated.

When the Misfits exit makeup and tease the Holograms.

Re-animated: The Misfits are re-animated.

When Pizzazz comes in view when annoucing she has announcement to make.

Re-animated: Pizzazz is re-animated.

After Anthony says "Pizzazz!".

Re-animated: All the characters on screen have been re-animated. This was because Roxy's sleeve was missing (blooper). Also in the next shot Pizzazz is re-animated.

When Pizzazz is seen from behind and asks for a chair.

Re-animated: Pizzazz is re-animated. Her belt was made thicker.

When Jeff catches Kimber as she is about to sit down on a chair that isn't there anymore.

Re-animated: They-re both re-animated, and so he is in the next clip in the close-up of his face.

When Kimber walks away from Jeff.

Re-animated: They're both re-animated. Probably to make some changes to Jeff's face and body expression to show his disappointment.

Right after the above, when Roxy comes by to talk to Jeff.

Added scene:
Roxy: I've got time handsome.
Jeff: Eh Sorry, I gotta go fall off a roof or something.
Roxy: Why you!

When Nick introduces himself to Jem for the first time, and Pizzazz comes to steal Nick's attention.

Re-animated: Pizzazz.

When Jem introduces Nick to Kimber.

Re-animated: Kimber. Her eyes were made smaller but her hair turned out very different aswell.

While Nick is talking to Jem, Pizzazz takes her chance to talk to Rio.

Re-animated: Pizzazz. Look at her lips. Was she meant to give a bigger smile to Rio?

When Clash introduces herself to the Misfits and tells them how much she likes their style.

Re-animated: All of them. Most noticably Clash's hair.

When Clash, Stormer and Pizzazz approach Jem and the others.

Re-animated: Stormer. Maybe because her eyebrows weren't there.

When Pizzazz tells Anthony that Clash is her friend and stays on set.

Re-animated: Stormer, Clash and Pizzazz.

After Anthony says to Eric: "I've had it with your interference Eric, I'm fed up.".

Re-animated: Eric. His hairline is made higher again.

At Starlight Mansion, when Jerrica comes back to her bedroom where the Holograms are waiting, when she says some cheerful words and we see her and Shana in the mirror.

Re-animated: Jerrica and Shana. Jerrica was given more visible eyebrows. Funny that they didn't catch the blooper just a moment earlier, where Kimber had pink hair.

Soon after the above, in the last clip before a new scene begins.

Re-animated: Shana.

At the World Studios, in the music video "Jealousy" by Jem and the Holograms, when Rio grabs Jem's arm and Jem slaps Rio's arm and walks away.

Re-animated: Jem and Rio.

During the close-up of Nick when he turns his head and looks back on Rio with a satisfied smile.

Re-animated: Nick. Maybe his mouth looked funny or was it his ear?

Right after the above. Close-up of Rio's face.

Re-animated: Perhaps Rio's mouth looked too big, or was it that the light was pink but was supposed to be red.

When Jem sings "Revenge, Revenge, Revenge".

Re-animated: Rio. His sideburns weren't correctly colored in the first version. But why they choose to make his face so red I don't know. In a close-up of Rio soon after this clip, they missed correcting a blooper where one of his sideburns are skincolored instead of purple.

Right after the music video ended and Rio has hit Nick.

Re-animated: Jem, Rio and Pizzazz.

Right after the above.

Re-animated: Jem and Rio. Rio has brown eyes for a moment (a blooper was created).

Right after the above, when Eric tells Rio to get off set.

Re-animated: Eric. Also the clip after with Rio and Pizzazz, aswell as the clip after that with Eric throwing the scripts.

When Eric talks to Miguel, while we see both of their faces. Aswell as the clip right after.

Re-animated: Eric.

When the reporters are let inside.

Re-animated: All of them.

Right after. When the reporters approach the Holograms.

Re-animated: Atleast Lindsey's script is white instead of purple.

When Nick kisses Jem in front of the reporters, the Holograms are standing behind and commenting.

Added scene:
Aja: Exciting, isn't he?
Kimber: Jem shouldn't lead him on.

When Kimber leaves in the middle of the press conference and walks by Eric.

Re-animated: Eric and Kimber. Her eyebrows are made blue instead of black.

After the close-up of Kimber after she says "My press conference? They don't even know I exist!".

Re-animated: Eric and Kimber.

After Pizzazz says to Rio "Jem can't get enough of Nick...".

Re-animated: Pizzazz atleast.

When the Misfits roll down their banner with their logo.

Re-animated: The banner and characters. The banner is kept in view longer so that we get a chance to read everything on it I guess.

When Clash is encouraging Video to continue taping.

Re-animated: Clash and Video.

When the reporter asks Eric "isn't this Jem's movie?".

Re-animated: This is a huge edit because not only are all the characters in view re-animated, but so is the background, and to top it off the reporter is changed to a female reporter which in this case means the addition of new voice recordings.

Right after tha above.

Re-animated: Also a female reporter instead of a male, but no new background for this clip.

When the reporter asks Stormer how Jem feels about this.

Re-animated: Stormer. She had a very big smile before.

When Lindsey asks Eric if the rumor that Anthony quit is true.

Re-animated: Lindsey. Lindsey's notebook is changed from purple to white.

Right after.

Re-animated: Eric and Lindsey. Lindsey's notebook is changed from purple to white.

Right after the above, when Eric says he's taken over as director.

Re-animated: Eric.

Right after.

Re-animated: Lindsey, who gets blonde eyebrows. And new background.

At Harvey's business building, when Howard goes to see Harvey Gabor, in the first view of Harvey.

Re-animated: Harvey.

Close-up of Harvey sorting his papers.

Re-animated: Harvey.

When Harvey has risen up and walked around his desk.

Re-animated: Harvey. Probably to make him look angrier.

At the World Studios, after Eric tells Jem that the Misfits are doing a song instead.

Added scene: The Holograms are walking away from their instruments.

Aja says "He can't do that, can he?".

Added scene: Probably added to explain more why Jem and the Holograms were so upset at the Misfits and decided to quit the movie.

In the music video of "Universal Appeal", soon after Pizzazz has appeared as a constellation, when she appears in a close-up with Stormer and Roxy on the sides.

Re-animated: Stormer and Roxy.

When Jem has hit Pizzazz with the star from behind and Pizzazz falls.

Re-animated: And a blooper is corrected since Pizzazz is getting an armring added on her right arm.

When Eric says "You don't have to go Kimber".

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated. Higher hairline again.

When Video runs after Jem and the Holograms.

Re-animated: Video.

When Clash is cheering with the Misfits about having "won".

Added special effect: Clash's dress glitters.

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