Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars"

Move the cursor over the images that say "Re-animated: to see the re-animated version.

In the recap, after we see the first clip of the roadster.

Added clip: We see the reporters outside a studio at the World Studios. Not a new clip, just misplaced, taken from the previous episode.

In the recap, after we see Pizzazz cheer.

Added clip: A close-up of Ba Nee's eye. Not a new clip, but from the previous episode.

At the hospital. First clip after the title screen, when Jerrica gets out of the chair.

Moved screen: We get to see more of their legs and less of their heads. Infact the doctor's head is out of screen, which is a silly change.

When Jerrica and Ba Nee is in the Starlight Express on their way home from the hospital.

Re-animated: The cel of the gray car we see in front of the Starlight Express in the image, is no longer driving at the same speed, but is slowing down and going off screen almost before the clip switches.

At the Starlight Mansion, when Jerrica is walking back and forth thinking.

Cut clip: Originally Jerrica walks a little more, and then turns to the Holograms (or atleast we see Aja and Shana partly) by their instruments.

At the World Studios, in the Misfits' dressing room, after the Misfits have started throwing things at Eric, in the close-up of Eric.

Re-animated: Eric is made to show more expression in his face.

In the beginning of the music video of the song "Congratulations" by the Misfits. When we see Pizzazz with a big shadow behind her.

Re-animated/added clip: First of all this clip was re-animated, and shortened. And as for the added clip, a clip of Jem is thrown in inbetween there sitting on her chair, which was originally not shown until after Pizzazz shakes her hair, which she now instead does right after this added clip.

After Pizzazz has been lifted up to the roof.

Re-animated: The clip of Roxy and Stormer steering the thing she is on. Two reasons why this was changed, Stormer was missing the black and white part of her top, and her beauty spot.

After Pizzazz has taken Jem's place and put on her crown, when the Misfits are posing with the crown and flowers and photographers are taking pictures.

Re-animated: The Misfits. Most noticably Stormer's outfit has yet again been corrected to contain the black and white part of her top, aswell as the little spot on the bottom of her top and the flower in her hair.

After Pizzazz has been slightly zoomed in, in the close-up of Stormer and Roxy taking up cameras.

Re-animated: Stormer and Roxy. Again biggest change is that Stormer gets her beauty spot, and longer earrings. Both get much thicker necks.

Right before the reporters come running against Jem and the Holograms.

Re-animated: Jem and the Holograms. Jem was given a bigger chest, Shana got stars on her outfit, the faces became more distinct, and Jem's big hand was corrected.

After Pizzazz has stood by the podium and enjoyed all the attention from the photographers.

Moved clip/cut clip: The close-up of Pizzazz is cut off earlier, showing Jem and the Holograms, and then the rest was re-inserted after that. Then the clip that was originally repeated of Jem and Pizzazz, when Pizzazz is standing in the door with light behind her, is cut.

When Roxy is standing with a clapper board.

Re-animated: Roxy. She was missing her sleeve, and also her fingers were moved on the hand that is holding the clapper board. But strangely they missed out on correcting the capper board itself which still said only "RBRIGHT" in stead of "STARBRIGHT".

After Nick fails to notice that Kimber has returned and Jeff walks away from the scene, he passes Rio and Jem who are standing in the background.

Re-animated: Rio got a whole new outfit. This was a major change. He ha mistakenly gotten the outfit he wore at the party in the previous episode.

After Eric has asked for Jem, and Miguel says she was there a second ago.

Re-animated: Eric is re-animated, and so he is in the following close-up.

After Jerrica has created a hologram of Jem and ran away.

Re-animated: A blooper is fixed, Nick originally had brown hair instead of the blonde he is supposed to. He was probably mixed up with Eric.

When Jem is filming the scene with Nick where she is about to kiss him, but they are interrupted by Pizzazz walking in to the casino.

Re-animated: Pizzazz is re-animated. Originally, she wasn't moving alot, but in the retake she turns around slightly further.

When Eric calls for Jerrica and then tells her to get Pizzazz a soda.

Re-animated: Eric. And right after when Jerrica lifts her shoulders.

After we see the first shot of Kimber being fixed by the hairdresser and make-up artist.

Moved clip: The first half of a clip that originally appeared as the last one of this scene, showing Jem turn around, was put in right here.

In the music video of "Show Me The Way" by Jem and the Holograms, after Jem has fallen onto a table in an old western set.

Re-animated: When Jem gets up, she is re-animated. The only difference I can see is her more obvious blue eyes looking in a different direction. Also in her next appaearance in the same scene, after the men have fought around her, she is re-animated.

When Jem and the Holograms are late to the studio, and Eric says "time is money".

Re-animated: Eric, and so he is soon after when he says "then be here when I need you".

When Eric lets Shana, Jem and Kimber out of their cage.

Re-animated: Shana is given her correct skincolor instead of the same as Jem and Kimber.

Soon after the above scene, when Jem is changing back to Jerrica.

Re-animated and re-arranged: Originally Jerrica was suddenly facing the other direction when the hologram of Jem disappeared. In the retake she was switched to the correct direction and then Jerrica turned around to the other direction in which she was supposed to walk off screen. I kinda preferred the original version, just because it was cooler. See the scene to and you'll know what I mean.

After the fighting scene, after Rio tells Jerrica to wait up.

Re-animated: As Rio approaches Jerrica, they're both re-animated. So is Rio, after the close-up of Jerrica when she is explaining to Rio why Jem returned to the set, in which the only correction seems to be that Rio got pupils after he turns around into a close-up.

When Eric says Jem can have a stuntman if she's too scared.

Re-animated: Eric.

When Jem is walking on the log, in the close-up when she looks down.

Re-animated: Jem. Perhaps she was supposed to look down a little more, but instead they changed her face out of recognition and she didn't look as scared anymore.

After the commercial break.

Added clip: A clip of Video, filming the accident, is added, repeated from slightly earlier.

After Jem loses her grip.

Moved clip: The clip of Jem falling comes in here already, which originally came after we saw a clip of Rio going off on the liana.

After Rio has swung over with Jem, and Jeff is calling out to them.

Re-animated: Jeff is re-animated, his hands are slightly improved in shape. For some reason this clip is the one where I noticed the most that there were differences and realized retakes had been made.

After Jem begs Video not to show the recorded accident to the union, right after Jem and Rio argue, when we see a close-up of Rio.

Re-animated: Rio got a lower hairline and different and bigger nose.

When we see Jeff as he promises not to send in the tape.

Re-animated: Jeff, and so he is in the following close-up.

At Starlight Mansion, when Aja, Shana and Jerrica are sitting at a table.

Re-animated: Aja. Her hairstyle was changed to look more like it usually does, although it still look like this in other scenes where she wore that outfit.

At Ba Nee's room, when Jerrica enters and we see her through Ba Nee's eyes.

Focus on/focus off: To show more of how Ba Nee has problems with her eyesight, the view of Jerrica is blurred out and sharpened back and forth, instead of just being slightly blurred all the time.

In the music video of "Love Is Doin' It" by Jem and the Holograms, after we see Jem, Jerrica and Rio standing on a triangle, in the close-up of Jerrica and Rio.

Re-animated: Jerrica. Originally she is standing further to left and walks towards Rio, this is changed to make her already appear in that spot.

At the movie set, when Eric is explaining to Kimber how to act in her scene with Nick.

Re-animated: Nick was re-animated to move a little bit rather than sit all frozen on his bike. Kimber was re-animated to get the WRONG color on her eye makeup, blue! A blooper was created here.

When Jeff sees Roxy standing by his bike and when he runs up to her and grabs her arm.

Re-animated: Roxy was changed into posing with the bike to show more clearly how she was trying to flirt with Jeff, rather than being taken by surprise when Jeff yells.

The last thing we see of the episode, the flames of the explosions, when the "To be continued...." comes up.

Re-animated: The explosion isn't quite as active.

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