Episode: Part Three: "Rising Star"

Move the cursor over the images that say "Re-animated: to see the re-animated version.

In the recap, at the hospital, after the first clip of Jerrica and the doctor.

Added clip: When the doctor puts his hand on Jerrica's shoulder.

At the movie set, after the clip with the title.

Cut clip: The first part of the clip showing Kimber get up and then start running, was cut, into only showing Kimber when she is already running.

After Jem says to Eric that she holds him responsible for Kimber's accident.

Re-animated: Everyone. Something of an improvement when it comes to Rio, and his nose. Miguel looks more concerned in the retake.

When we see Eric in a close-up as he is blaming the technician.

Re-animated: Eric. Hairline as usual.

After Jem, Aja and Shana have quit the film for good, in the close-up of when Rio gets his hands on Eric.

Re-animated: Eric and Rio. Seems like a blooper was created here because Rio's right hand is partly colored like Eric's shirt.

After Eric has been thrown on the ground and is sitting with the scripts Miguel threw at him.

Re-animated: Eric, aswell as the background. The scripts still fall the same way.

When Eric and Pizzazz are in a close-up discussing the movie budget, and Pizzazz threatens to replace him.

Re-animated: Eric and Pizzazz, and both again in the clip right after.

At Starlight Mansion, after Jerrica has left Ba Nee's room, and is walking with Aja.

Re-animated: Jerrica and Aja. Both are made to look a bit happier. Jerrica's hair is changed, and Aja's hat.

In the music video of the song "Puttin' It All Togheter" by Jem and the Holograms, after Kimber takes the paper from the typewriter and throws it away.

Re-animated: Atleast Anthony and Rio are re-animated. Most notably Anthony who got a different color on his jacket and bowtie.

In the same music video, when we see Danielle and Shana holding som design artwork.

Re-animated: Both are re-animated. Danielle on the seems to have gotten an eye placed slightly outside of her head.

When we see the men in a close-up from the side.

Re-animated: Rio. His face is shadowed and he gets a different chin. Also, on the version released by Rhino, when they start moving, the clip with Rio is messed up [Info from Cartoon Review site: Jem].

After the above and after a clip of Jem and the Holograms performing.

Replaced clip: A clip of Rio giving directions to the other men, was replaced with a clip of a drumstick beating on a drum. In the removed clip, perhaps they found it inappropriate that Rio gave orders to three black guys (and a white though). The added clip was not from the same music video, but from the following episode "The World Hunger Shindig" and the song "We Can Make A Difference".

The very last frame of the same song.

Re-animated: Everyone was re-animated, and the reason seems to have been to make them look happier and hold a special pose rather than just freeze in the middle of playing.

Right after the music video, when Video is standing outside filming Starlight Mansion.

Sped up clip: The camera roll to the right was sped up.

After the commercial break.

Added clip: A clip was added of the outside of the World Studios.

In Lindsey's studios, after the first clip of her sitting down.

Re-animated: Lindsey and background. Originally her right eye was noticably bigger than her left, and there was no sofa (or whatever that is) in the background.

At the studios where they shoot the Starbright movie, when we first see Anthony being interviewed by Lindsey.

Re-animated: Anthony. Perhaps because he wasn't looking at Lindsey as he was speaking, but they also changed the way he holds his left hand, maybe to make him look more determined.

When Lindsey interviews Jem, and Jem is in a close-up.

Re-animated: Jem. Her face is given another shape, she is given eyebrows, and the earrings got their little dots/buttons.

In the beginning of the music video of the song "Welcome To The Jungle" by the Misfits.

Cut clip: The intro to the song is cut. On the Rhino version it was there, but replaced with a black screen. [Info from Cartoon Review site: Jem].

In the close-up of Pizzazz's eye, where we see Nick turn his head.

Re-animated: Nick is made more transparent so that we can see it's a reflection.

After Nick has left the set, and Pizzazz starts walking down the stairs.

Re-animated and cut clip: Pizzazz is re-animated, so that it almost appears she is dancing down the steps. And then, before she reaches Eric, the clip is cut to show the next one which is a view of the street, but we still hear her finish her line during this clip.

After the Misfits have trashed the set, and we see Eric and the set designer on screen.

Re-animated: Eric. Also in the clip right after, Eric, Pizzazz and Roxy are re-animated.

At the Starbright movie set, right after the above.

Re-animated: Video and Jeff. Video seemed to stare too much in the original shot.

When Georgia arrives at the Starbright movie set, the second time we see her standing with Shana, Jem and Aja.

Re-animated: Shana, Jem, Aja and Georgia are re-animated. Shana was made to look angrier. Strange though because if they thought there was something wrong with the original shot, why did they keep the very similar shot where it appeared a few seconds earlier?

After everyone says their stuff is missing, in the close-up of Jem.

Re-animated: Jem. Her right earring is made visible. Apparently the earrings play a big part and are important to be very visible.

In the city, after Jem and the Holograms have jumped into the roadster chasing Clash, and as we see the first close-up of them looking scared.

Cut clip: A clip was cut showing the roadster alone from above, before the clip from higher above also showing the truck.

Soon after the above, after the close-up of the tire.

Moved clip: Originally the clip with the roadster almost going into the truck, was shown first, and then the close-up of the scared Jem and the Holograms. This was reversed.

When we see a three-parted view as Clash is crashing into the holographic tree.

Cut clip: The beginning of the clip when we still see the car from the side at the botton frame was cut, and then at the end of the clip it's frozen.

At the Starbright movie set, during the scene where Rio gives Jem a rose, when Rio says "looks like you got enough men sending them to you".

Re-animated: Rio and background. This scene is also interesting because it's re-used in the episode "Hollywood Jem Part 2" where the re-animated version was used.

When Nick arrives, the first we see of him.

Re-animated: Re-animated: Nick.

After Jem says they can find a bitpart for Nick, and we see a close-up of Nick.

Re-animated: Nick. And also the next time we see Nick in the same kind of close-up.

When Jem tells Nick everyone else works for free and turns around to them.

Re-animated: Jem got the length of her dress, her shoulder and elbow fixed. But the dress should had been fixed more in my opinion.

When Nick says he don't do bitparts.

Re-animated: Nick, and Jem as you can see when she turns around. Jem's nose and thin arms, and Nick's hairstyle was probably what led to this retake.

When Nick leaves the room, and the crew is cheering.

Re-animated: Atleast Video and the guy with a white shirt.

When Rio and Jem kiss.

Re-animated: Rio and Jem. Strangely this scene is re-used as the very last thing we see at the end of the episode, where it wasn't re-animated. As a fun note, this scene was re-animated again when re-used in the episode "Hollywood Jem Part Two: And The Winner Is..." where they started out using the old clip of the beginning of the scene and then re-animated the kiss. And also, the actual cel from the first re-animated version has shown up in a Jem cel gallery, with another background though.

At the World Studios, when the woman from the producers' guild addresses Eric, and we see a close-up of Eric turning around.

Re-animated: Eric and the background. Eric's face is shadowed.

When the people from the producers guild, the stuntmens union, the directors guild, and the photographers local.

Re-animated: Background was originally white.

At the Starbright movie set, the last frame before the "People Who Care" music video.

Frozen clip: Originally the scene ends with Anthony being frozen shortly. In the retake that part was replaced with a longer black screen, which did appear in the original, but not this long.

The first clip after the "People Who Care" music video.

Re-animated: Anthony.

At the World Studios, when Harvey Gabor comes to talk to Eric, but talks to Pizzazz.

Re-animated: Pizzazz. She was made to look more surprised or concerned, and her hair was changed to show also on the right side of her head.

After Harvey tells Pizzazz that the film has gone over budget and she replies "so what?", in the close-up of Harvey.

Re-animated: Harvey. The original close-up was a little too close, and he looked a little too big in his face, especially since we couldn't see his neck. Also the shape of his eyes was changed for some reason.

After Harvey tells Pizzazz that Howard will manage the studio.

Re-animated: The Misfits. Pizzazz' right arm is made shorter.

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