Truly Outrageous

Episode: Disaster

Move the cursor over the images that say "Changes: re-animated", to see the re-animated version.

Changes: The first scene has new background music.
After Jerrica says "Oh, there goes everything".

Changes: Cut clip: Instead of another quick clip of Starlight House, it switches directly to Kimber.

The close-up of Ashley holding the honor jar.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Ashley's hair was too short in the original version.

After Jerrica says (one of my favorite lines): "Don't you understand? Your life is more worth than all the money in the world.".

Changes: Cut clip: Originally we saw the firemen shooting the house with water from the left, before the camera moved to the right and showed a fireman standing to the right in the picture.

After we see the remains of Starlight House.

Changes: Cut clip: Originally the clip went right to a view of Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana and the Starlight Girls sitting on the lawn, wrapped in blankets. And four neighbors are taking care of them, providing things to eat and drink. A reason they removed this clip could be that one of the neighbors appears to be standing with her feet in the remains of Starlight House.

After the Misfits have arrived in the Misfits van and Stormer says "Look at her house".

Changes: Cut clip: When Pizzazz says "Couldn't have happened to a nicer person". She still says it, but we don't see her face, instead the frame in view is still the remains of Starlight House. This frame was probably removed because she looks a bit out of character for some reason.

After Roxy says "tail them".

Changes: Added scene: In the city. After the Misfits follow Jerrica and the Holograms, who are driving away from the Starlight House in the Starlight Express. By looking into the rearview mirror, Aja discovers that the Misfits are following.

Aja: Uh oh, more trouble!
Shana: We can't let them follow us!
Jerrica: Can you loose them?
Aja: In this old van? I'll try.
Stormer: They've seen us.
Pizzazz: Good, I could use some action.
Pizzazz changes gears and drives faster, and the carchase continues.
Aja: They've got too much power under their hood!
Jerrica contacts Synergy.
Jerrica: Well we have something they don't have. Synergy here's what we need...
The clip switches to Synergy, then back to the car chase.
Synergy: I am ready, Jerrica!
The Starlight Express drives into an alley.
Jerrica: Now, Synergy!
Synergy projects a hologram of a box over the car. The Misfits drives by.
Pizzazz: Where did they go?
Roxy: We've lost them.
Rio drives by.
Stormer: Hey, it's Rio.
Pizzazz: What luck. If we can't follow Jerrica, we'll follow him!
The Misfits drive away, to follow Rio's car.
Aja: They're gone!
Jerrica: Show's over, Synergy!
The box turns back into the Starlight Express, which then drives away.

Right after that. When the Starlight Express is approaching the Starlight Drive-in.

Changes: Re-animated scene: The big sign is re-animated to say "Starlight Drive-In" instead of "STAR Drive-in".

Changes: Re-animated scene: The scene right after the above. Same thing.

At the Starlight Drive-in. After Aja says "I'll go warm up the roadster". Originally we see the view continue to Shana who is standing to the left, and then on to Jerrica who is standing in front of Synergy saying "Showtime Synergy", then a close-up of Synergy and then a close-up of Jerrica's feet going up to the head until she changes to Jem.

Changes: Cut clip: The view goes straight to Jerrica's feet and up to her head, and then to Synergy and back again to Jerrica who turns into Jem. This scene was cut and remade because the clip where Jerrica stands in front of Synergy contained a blooper, since it looks like Jerrica is floating in the air above the floor.

After Aja has driven up the roadster by Synergy, with Kimber and Shana in the back, and Jem sits in it and says "Let's rock!".

Changes: Added clip: Another zoomed out view of the roadster, as it rolls back slightly and then goes forward.

Music video: "Like A Dream" by Jem and the Holograms

Outside Howard Sands' house. After Jem and the Holograms have finished the song "Like A Dream".

Changes: Cut clip: There used to be four unknown people cheering.

After Pizzazz says "Don't let that Jem out of sight".

Changes: Moved clip: Jem runs behind a bush to hide. Originally this clip came after Aja said to Pizzazz "Looked in the mirror yourself lately", and Stormer originally followed her.

While Jem is hiding behind the bush and says "Now Synergy". Originally there was first a close-up of Stormer looking for Jem, and a hologram of Jem appeared running toward the bushes by the house, and during the same frame, Stormer runs after her.

Changes: Re-made clip: In the remade version, we see Jem sitting behind a bush, Stormer standing a bit away looking in another direction, and the hologram of Jem appear right between them before it runs away, the frame switches and the hologram of Jem runs really fast toward the bushes by the house and a big light appears behind the bushes as the hologram disappears. Stormer reaches the bush and looks around and says "Huh?". Also the background in this scene, of Howard Sands' house, was re-animated.

When Jerrica explains to Howard what they are doing outside his house in the morning. Originally Mrs. Bailey was no where to be seen in this episode until they arrive at the Starlight Mansion.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Mrs. Bailey is standing with the Starlight Girls, instead of Howard Sands.

Next clip or so after the above. When Pizzazz says "Oh, poor little baby".

Changes: Re-animated clip. Stormer was added for this clip, where we originally only saw Pizzazz and Roxy on screen.

When Jerrica says "Mr. Sands, we have no where to go". Originally it was Roxy (the meanest of them all) who started crying and Pizzazz who hit her with her elbow.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Stormer is moved to tears, and Roxy hits her with her elbow. This was a really funny change, but well motivated since Roxy isn't usually the sensitive type.

After the Misfits are through causing trouble at Howard's house, and Pizzazz says "Uh oh, Misfits beat it".

Changes: Remade clip: The transition to the next clip was originally a screen that rolled from the left to right, but it was remade to switch directly to the Misfits van driving away.

When Howard tells the Holograms that if the Misfits win the contest, the mansion is theirs.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Howard originally looked too short compared to Kimber, because he was standing a bit away from her, so the scene, or atleast Howard was re-animated and raised a bit further up. But doesn't Kimber's eyes seem like they're still looking down a bit?

At Starlight Music. After Eric shows the Misfits out of his office.

Changes: Changes: Added scene:

Pizzazz: Who does he think he is?
Roxy: Yeah.
Stormer: Right.
Pizzazz kicks away a trashcan.
Pizzazz: He can't tell me what to do.
Roxy throws a plant to the floor.
Roxy: Yeah.
Stormer: Right.
Pizzazz: Come on Misfits, we're going to that mansion.
The Misfits head out.

At Starlight Mansion, after Eric has talked to Zipper on the phone about his next job. When Howard Sands and the Starlight Express drives through the gates to Starlight Mansion the first time.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Also the Rockin' Roadster drives through the gates, and the clip even continues by switching the view to the right, as we see the cars park in front of Starlight Mansion.

Outside the gates of Starlight Mansion, when Rio is talking to Jerrica through the doorphone.

Changes: Re-animated scene: A blooper was corrected, as Rio was standing too far away from the doorphone in which he was talking to Jerrica. Then the view switches to Jerrica, and back to Rio where again the clip is re-animated for the same reason.

After Zipper has snuck in, and Jerrica is changing to Jem.

Changes: Re-animated background: The background behind the Starlight Girls as Ashley is trying to avoid having to pay her debt to the honor jar. They did a good job making it look pretty much the same though, with a few changes of color.

Before the song "Click/Clash" starts.

Changes: Added scene: Jem and the Holograms are standing on a stage fixing their hair and getting powdered.

Music video: "Click/Clash" by Jem and the Holograms/the Misfits

After Eric has run up to the mansion and screams to warn the Misfits.

Changes: Cut clip: The first close-up of the sofa, before we see the even further close-up with the numbers ticking down.

After the explosion, when the clip switches to the guard standing by the gates.

Changes: Re-animated scene: The guard by the gates is standing inside the gates instead of the outside. What a funny change! Perhaps they figured the guard had a better chance of opening the gate from the inside for the reporters.

Right after above clip.

Changes: Added clip: The view continues from the gates and switches up to the Starlight Mansion, we see a police car, both groups and some other people.

When the reporter talks to Eric.

Changes: Cut clip. Eric was originally first zoomed in up close, before zooming out so you could see the Misfits aswell.

After Jem says "I suppose you want us to leave right away?" to Howard Sands.

Changes: Re-animated scene: When Howard says "What? Of course not!" he was originally standing in front of a window.

When Rio comes around looking for Jerrica.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Originally Jem and Aja was standing in front of the hole in the wall, when Rio comes into the picture. But in the new re-animated version there is no hole, just a window.

When Danielle walks past the Misfits, Eric, Rio and Aja.

Changes: Re-animated scene: The characters aswell as the background of Starlight Mansion is re-animated, as you can tell by the different looking windows. And when Danielle just passes Rio and Aja, the she in the middle of the view instead of to the left.

After Danielle asks if anybody was hurt.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Howard or atleast the background behind him is re-animated, since there is a hole in the window.

When Danielle walks towards the Misfits, who meet up with her.

Changes: Re-animated scene: Atleast the background is re-animated, and changed drastically the shape of the windows and even glass is added on the front door.

After Danielle turns down Eric's suggestion to invite the Misfits to her party.

Changes: Added scene: The Holograms are watching the Misfits talk to Danielle, and when after Danielle has left.

Kimber: It's time they left.
Jem: Watch this. Oh Misfits!
Pizzazz: What do you want?
Jem suggests that the Misfits help clean up the mess that was left by the bomb.
Jem: Since you're hanging around, you can help us clean up.
Pizzazz: Cleaning's for suckers.
Roxy: It's your mess.
Stormer: You clean it up.
Pizzazz: And do a good job...
The Misfits: ...cause we're gonna win the contest, and the mansion.
The Misfits leave.
Shana: Good thinking.
Aja: You found their weakness.
Shana: Yeah, they're allergic to work.

Seeing the Du Voisin yacht from a distance.

Changes: The picture is held longer, and the background music of the song "We Can Make A Difference" by Jem and the Holograms (which actually doesn't appear until the episode "The World Hunger Shindig") is playing in the background.

Right after above clip.

Changes: Re-animated clip: The boat approaching the Du Voisin's yacht with Jem and the Holograms in it is re-animated, and much smaller, probably to make the yacht look bigger.

Right after above clip.

Changes: Added clip: A clip of Danielle, Lin-Z and other guests from inside the party, is seen instead of going directly to Rio helping Jem and the Holograms up on the yacht.

At the yacht. When Danielle introduces Jem and the Holograms to Lin-Z.

Changes: Re-animated scene: The biggest difference would be the background which is just another angle, and also Lin-Z is a bit shorter, where she originally looked a bit taller than Jem, and Jem's necklace is placed differently.

After Jem suggest that Shana tells her ideas to Anthony about a music video, and the Misfits are starting their boat to get to the party.

Changes: Added scene: Shana and Anthony sit down and talk about it.

Anthony: How much can you spend on your video?
Shana: Oh well we...
Anthony: No backing from a record company either?
Shana: I'm afraid not.
Anthony reaches his hand for Shana's head and moves her head toward him.
Anthony: Don't worry beautiful, we'll work it out.

Music video: "Makin' Mischief" by The Misfits

After Pizzazz has touched some of the controls of the yacht, after Danielle falls.

Changes: Cut clip: Here was originally a short clip of a ship.

After the old man with the binoculars says the yacht is heading straight toward them.

Changes: Added clip: Here is a clip of the ship heading toward them, but it's not the same clip that was removed earlier.

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