Truly Outrageous

Episode: Frame Up

Move the cursor over the images that say "Changes: re-animated", to see the re-animated version.

At VTV, studio B, after things have started to fall around Jem and Rio screams "Hit the deck".

Changes: Added clip: A close-up of Jem is shown before we see the big lighting equipment that was falling from the ceiling.

Right after the above clip.

Changes: Re-animated clip: In the original clip, Jem jumps back and avoids the falling piece. But in the remade version Jem falls forward to the floor.

After Lindsey asks the Holograms to help her finish the interview, and Kimber asks "without Jem?".

Changes: Re-animated background: When Aja is on screen by herself, the background behind her was re-animated.

Right after the above.

Changes: Added clip: The clip that was added in the previous episode, showing VTV's entrance, is used again while the episode title screen is shown.

In Lindsey's dressing room, after Rio has left and Jem is saying "Rio is very proud, how can I tell him the truth without making him feel I made a fool of him".

Changes: Re-animated clip: In the close-up of Jem, Jem, aswell as the background, has been re-animated. Instead of showing an empty wall behind her, there's some things on the wall. This change wasn't much of an improvement to the original version, since the things on the wall don't correspond with the paintings seen in the clip right before.

At Starlight Mansion, after Mrs. Bailey has entered Jerrica's office and talks about Ashley, during the close-up of Jerrica when she asks where Ashley is.

Changes: Re-animated background: The background originally was the shelf of books, but it was changed to show the back of the armchair Jerrica was sitting in.

At Ashley's room, after the first view of the room switches to seeing Ashley from the front.

Changes: Re-animated background: The original background showed the room from an angle that didn't correspond with the clip right before. This was a necessary change, but they also changed the shape of the window for some reason. In the clip after Jerrica knock on the door, they are still using another old shot with the wrong angle.

After Jerrica knocks on Ashley's door and Ashley says "just a second".

Changes: Added clip: We see Ashley lifting her pillow to put the Misfits shirt under it.

After Kimber has come for Jerrica, and Jerrica says "I guess we'll have to finish our talk later".

Changes: Added clip: A close-up of Ashley talking to herself.

Ashley: You can talk to the wall Jerrica...
Ashley takes out the shirt from under the pillow.
Ashley: ...cause little Ashley isn't gonna be here.
Ashley walks out and slams the door.

At the Misfits' place. When Roxy has grabbed some kind of hardback poster, and is about to hit Mr. Hayes with it.

Changes: Cut scene: Stormer holds Mrs. Hayes by in his shirt by the throat and Pizzazz tells Roxy not too.

Pizzazz: No.
Roxy: What?
Pizzazz: I said no.
Pizzazz then tells Mr. Hayes...
Pizzazz: We'll be there.

The scene was probably removed because the Misfits seemed a little too violent.

After Pizzazz has told Roxy ot shut up, in the close-up of Pizzazz.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Pizzazz aswell as the background must have been re-animated, because originally it was a close-up of Pizzazz and the door knob was in height with her neck. In the remade clip we see more of her body and the door knob is in height with her waist. The reason this retake was done is because in the original shot the background was upside down.

In the same scene as above, when Pizzazz talks about getting help from Ashley.

Changes: Re-animated clip: The background is the door instead of an empty wall, and Pizzazz is zoomed in.

Outside the building of the Misfits place. Right after the above scene.

Changes: Added scene: We see the top of a very tall building moving down to the bottom of it where the entrance is. Ashley is hiding next to the entrance door while Mr. Hayes exits the building. Ashley laughs and sneaks in holding her Misfits shirt, and she makes it right before the door closes. She knocks on the door to the Misfits, and we see the inside of Misfits' place.

Pizzazz: Buzz off!
Ashley: It's me Ashley.
Pizzazz opens the door.
Pizzazz: We were just talking about you.
Ashley walks into the room.
Ashley: About me?
Roxy: How would you like to go to Las Vegas with us?
Ashley: You mean it, for real?
Roxy and Stormer laughs in the background.
Pizzazz: Would I ask if I didn't mean it?
Ashley: Oh, you're he best friends I ever had.
Roxy and Stormer laughs some more in the background.

Right after the above scene.

Changes: Added scene: Jem and the Holograms are getting on an airplane. We see it flying in the sky over Las vegas. In Las Vegas, Jem and the Holograms run out of the plane waving and carrying suitcases. With shining signs on the building in Las Vegas behind them, they jump into a green car, which resembles the roadster, and takes off really fast. They take a walk on the street in town, and enter a casino where we see Shana and Jem sitting at a table discussion.

Shana: Have you decided what you're gonna do?
Jem: No. I'd like to tell him but...
Shana: don't know what he'll do if he knows the truth.
Shana leaves the table.

This scene was probably not written by Christy.

Music video: "Deception" by Jem and the Holograms

At the Casino in Las Vegas. Right after Pizzazz has told Mr. Hayes that the Misfits are ready to take over.

Changes: Re-animated background: Shana is running towards Jem and Kimber. The door that originally had a star on it, is changed to a plain brown door. There's another door added in the hallway, and some boxes on screen. The floor is very red.

After the above scene, when Mr. Hayes approaches Jem, Kimber and Shana, and Jem has said that Aja would never run out on them.

Changes: Added clip: A clip is added showing the Misfits from behind, as well as Jem (wearing the wrong outfit), Kimber and Shana talking to Mr. Hayes. After that, the view goes directly to a re-animated Mr. Hayes, which it originally did directly.

On the street, after the Misfits take Mr. Hayes upon his words and say "We go on".

Changes: Moved clip: The bus that drives by, was originally shown before we saw Aja inside it screaming to get out, then it went to a view of the street where the bus has passed. In the retake, we see it after we see Aja.

Right after Jem tells Kimber, Shana and Rio to look everywhere for Aja, and we see Aja running by on a street with a tree behind her.

Changes: Cut clip: We used to see Aja in another shot, running from the right to the left on the street.

In place of the above cut clip.

Changes: Added clip: Aja runs to get back in time for the concert. She meets two men.

Man on street #1: Hey what's your hurry?
Aja: I have to get to the Gold Dust casino right away, but I'm lost.
Man on street #1: Easy, go up four blocks and turn right.
Man on street #2: No Max, that way, six blocks and turn left.
Man on street #1: Four blocks right.
Man on street #2: Six blocks left.
Aja: Oh.
Man on street #1: Four right.
Man on street #2: Six left.
Aja goes on and is almost run over by a motorcyclist.
Man on motorcycle: Hey pretty lady, I'll take you to the Gold Dust, hop on.
Aja gets on the motorcycle. The motorcyclist drives, and around the corner and stops for a line of cars.
Aja: Oh no.
Man on motorcycle: Sorry, we're stuck.
Aja: I can't wait.
Aja gets off the motorcycle.
Aja: What way?
Man on motorcycle: Next street, turn right.
Aja runs.
Man on motorcycle: Good luck.

Changes: Removed intro to song "Too Close". But the song title remained "Too Close For Comfort" even though the line "for comfort" doesn't appear in the song lyrics, and the song is titled only "Too Close" on the doll cassette.

Music video: "Too Close For Comfort" by Jem and the Holograms

Right after the song "Too Close".

Changes: Cut clip: The Misfits are standing in their dressing room, and Pizzazz says "If Jem thinks she can...", the phone rings and Pizzazz picks it up.

In place of the above clip.

Changes: Added scene: The Misfits are standing in their dressing room.

Pizzazz: That good for nothing Ashley must have screwed up.
Ashley opens the door a little bit an peeks inside.
Stormer: But she did just what you told her to.
Roxy: Forget about the brat.
The phone rings.

After the hand cuffs have been put on Jem's wrists and the show goes to a commercial break.

Changes: Replaced and moved clip: In the clip of the city before returning to the scene where Jem is being held in hand cuffs, the clip has been replaced with another frame of the same background but with three cars and two people. This was included in the original though, but it appeared earlier in the episode.

After the Misfits leave to find Stormer, and Ashley and Stormer is hiding inside the room. When Ashley says "Our secret?" and Stormer replies "You bet!".

Changes: Zoomed in: One of the few scenes where we instead of seeing more of the frame, they decided to zoom in on Stormer and Ashley, so we see less.

At Starlight Music, right after the above.

Changes: Cut clip: Originally we saw Starlight Music from the outside, before the scene inside Eric's office.

Right after the above clip.

Changes: Re-animated background: The background is re-animated to not show any of the ceiling or wall inside Eric's office, only the window behind them.

Music video: "Truly Outrageous" by Jem and the Holograms

After the Misfits have turned on the sprinkler system on Danielle's fashion show, right after we see the close-up of Danielle touching her hair.

Changes: Cut clip: The clip of the audience running around was originally a second or so longer, before switching to Jem and the Holograms running.

At the Starlight Drive-in, right after Malone has entered, fallen, risen, and while he is shown in a close-up.

Changes: Extended clip: We see a few more frames of Malone as the camera zooms a little further up.

After Malone has finished smashing Synergy, and runs away.

Changes: Re-animated clip: The sparks from Synergy, are red instead of yellow.

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