Truly Outrageous

Episode: The Battle Of The Bands

Move the cursor over the images that say "Changes: re-animated", to see the re-animated version.

In the city, after Malone has driven past Jerrica and the Holograms who are disguised as old ladies at the moment, and they have made a U-turn to follow him.

Changes: Cut scene: Originally Malone parked his car outside a "One Hour Photo" shop which he enters, and goes up to the desk where a woman is standing behind, and holds up a roll of film.

Malone: I need this developed in one hour.
Then we see a clip of Jerrica and the Holograms disquised as old ladies sitting in their car outside. Then Malone comes out of the shop and gets into his car, drives away, and Jerrica and the Holograms follow him.

Right after the above scene.

Changes: Remade clip: We see the outside of a two-story building with big windows, which is zoomed in. Originally this clip did not resemble the inside of the "Bureau of Records", but just any building in town.

Right after the above clip.

Changes: Added scene: Malone is going up to a lady inside the "Bureau of Records" behind a desk.

Malone: Yeah I wanna see the ownership records for the Starlight Drive-In.

Right after the above scene.

Changes: Extended clip: Malone drives his car to Starlight Music and into the parking entrance. Originally this scene went much faster. The extension is that Jerrica and the Holograms follow him disguised as old ladies and park outside Starlight Music.

At Starlight Music, after Jerrica and the Holograms have changed back from their disguise as old ladies outside of the Starlight Music and driven off.

Changes: Re-animated clip: The picture that Eric holds up of Synergy, was originally smaller on screen, and you could see that there were four other images aswell, although they were turned upside down.

After Eric says to Malone "Oh that's impossible, well I've seen them togheter".

Changes: Added clip:

Malone: Well there's something spooky about this gizmo, it talked to me I'm telling you.
Malone bends over and points at the picture Eric is holding.
Eric: I'm sure it did. Whatever this gizmo is...

Christy wanted these added lines to replace the line right before where Malone says "Yeah, well, it's got something to do with the machine in that picture!", but it was kept.

After Eric says "Whatever it is I want it".

Changes: Re-animated clip: the close-up of the picture Eric holds in his hand is rotated to the right a little bit, but it looks pretty much the same otherwise.

At the Starlight Drive-in, after Eric and his thugs have crashed the gate and we see their truck driving towards the drive-in.

Changes: Moved clip: Jerrica is peeking out from behind a little building a bit away, originally we saw another shot of the truck before this clip, instead of after.

After Eric and his thugs have entered.

Changes: Cut clip: Originally, right after we see the clip of the three from behind, there was a clip of Zipper alone speaking the line "Kinda empty you know". Zipper's line was instead moved be heard already when we see the three from behind.

At Starlight Mansion, when Jerrica and the Holograms have put togheter Synergy, and turned her on.

Changes: Moved clip: When we see Synergy struggling to get started, we actually get to see Synergy's face instead of just a green screen with stars already before the close-up of Jerrica instead of after.

Right after the above.

Changes: Cut clip: Close-up of Jerrica touching her earrings.

Music video: "She's Got The Power" by Jem and the Holograms

Right after the song "She's Got The Power".

Changes: Added clip: A view of the building Starlight Music.

Right after Kimber says she doesn't know what to wear.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Kimber aswell as the background is re-animated. The only reason as it appears, would be that part of Kimber's jacket was painted in the same color as Jerrica's dress. But in the retake that part of her jacket is still miscolored but in another color.

Right after the above clip.

Changes: Added scene: Kimber holds a bunch of clothes and goes to the bed.

Kimber: We've got to look better than the Misfits.
Kimber puts down the clothes on the bed. Aja is standing on the other side.
Aja: This is a battle of the bands, not a fashion show.
Shana is fixing her hair in the mirror.
Shana: Right, our music is what counts tonight.
Jerrica: Pick something soon or we'll go without you.

Right after the commercial break, after Eric has called to Jerrica.

Changes: Replaced clip: The clip of the outside of Starlight Mansion, is not the same clip.

When Jerrica is about to change into Jem, and is standing in front of a door.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Originally the doorknob was on the wrong side compared to the clip right before, and it was located too high as it was in height with her shoulders. In the retake, the door knob isn't visible, but according to the door frame it's placed even more wrong.

When Jerrica changes into Jem.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Jem is re-animated, and a new blooper is created at the same time since Jem is missing some of her eye makeup. Also Jem looks a little too happy in the retake, considering Ashley was just kidnapped. And I don't like the way she pushes her earring as if it had a button.

Outside the Music Bowl, after the reporter has announced that "in a few moments the gates with open, and thousands of fans will pack the stadium for this sold out battle of the band between the Misfits and Jem and the Holograms".

Changes: Cut clip: Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits lookalikes, who are waiting to get in, and screaming the name of their favorite groups for the reporter.

The Misfits lookalikes: The Misfits!
Jem and the Holograms lookalikes: Jem and the Holograms!
This scene was probably removed because the lookalikes looked too much like the real characters which wouldn't have made any sense, and Roxy's lookalike had glasses.

While the reporter says "Whoever wins, one thing is certain, modern music will never be the same".

Changes: Re-animated clip: The crowd waiting to get inside the Music Bowl has been re-animated, they're still there but with new colors, but also new characters have been added aswell who look more excited and are looking towards the camera. Also a poster on the wall of Jem and the Holograms has been added.

Inside the Music Bowl, right after the above clip.

Changes: Re-animated clip: The view of the garbage truck is moved upwards instead of showing the bottom part of it and the floor.

In the same scene as above, when the camera moves to the left and passes a door.

Changes: Re-animated background: Basically it's just the door that has changed since it now says "Scenery Dept." instead of nothing, and also it's zoomed in more and earlier instead of going more to the left.

Inside the Scenery Dept. room, when the Misfits are about to put Ashley in the trunk and she says no.

Changes: Added scene: Ashley escapes and runs around the Scenery Dept.

Pizzazz: Stop her. Cut her off.
Ashley tries to open a door, and Roxy closes it. Roxy fail to catch Ashley, Pizzazz falls when she tries. Ashley runs and hides, and Roxy runs after her. Ashley looks out, and Roxy grabs her from behind.
Roxy: I got her. Give me a hand.
Pizzazz: Quit squirming you brat.
Roxy and Pizzazz carry Ashley away to the trunk.

At the controls for the show, after the Misfits have left the scenery dept. room, with Ashley locked in the trunk.

Changes: Added scene: The Misfits come by behind where Rio is standing.

Rio: Jem, where have you... oh it's you.
Pizzazz: What's the matter loverboy, has Jem chickened out?
Rio: She'll be here.
Pizzazz: Wanna bet?
The Misfits leave.

Christy's version of this scene was longer and contained an interesting line that didn't make it into the show.

During the same scene as above, and continuing after it.

Changes: Added music: A long intro for the song "Takin' It All" by the Misfits.

After the above scene, when the Misfits have gone on stage.

Changes: Moved song: The song "Takin' It All" by the Misfits, originally didn't appear until after Jem and the Holograms had entered the Starlight Drive-in and been captured, right after Eric has declared that the Misfits will win by default and he will gain total control of Starlight Music.

Music video: "Takin' It All" by the Misfits

At the Starlight Drive-in, after Jem and the Holograms have entered, been captured and Kimber screams "run Jem, run" and Eric says "get her".

Changes: Re-animated clip: When Jem drives off from Zipper and he chases her, when they start over the parking lot, Jem originally drives through some poles, so she and Zipper were re-animated to fix this so that she drives inbetween them instead.

After Zipper has captured Jem and is holding her while driving his motorcycle.

Changes: Re-animated background: When Jem throws off her earring and it lands outside the entrance to the Starlight Drive-In, the backround is different and the doors are open.

After the above scene.

Changes: Added clip: A shot of the outside of the drive-in with closed doors.

At the Music Bowl, right after the above.

Changes: Cut clip: The song "Winning Is Everything" was originally partly played.

After Howard has presented the rockmeter and we've seen the top of it.

Changes: Cut clip: Originally we saw Howard from behind after this, talking to the audience.

After Eric has said "So, let's hear it for the Misfits".

Changes: Cut clip: The bottom of the rockmeter guitar.

Before Ashley is saved from the trunk.

Changes: Cut clip: Eric talks to Rio.

Eric: It's no wonder your girlfriend didn't show up, she'd never beat the Misfits.
Rio: Why you.

When Rio has opened the trunk with Ashley, and she comes out and tells him where Jem and the Holograms are.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Rio and Ashley have been re-animated. And they are drawn further apart.

After Rio has found out from Ashley where Jem and the Holograms are, and he goes off to find them.

Changes: Mirrored clip: The Music Bowl stage has been mirrored. The clip was originally mirrored the wrong way, which is obvious by the Jem logo on stage. Right after that, the clip originally was zoomed in, and then switched to the audience going to the right. That was changed to just moving along the audience to the left.

At the Starlight Drive-in, after Zipper and the other thugs play cards and Jem and the Holograms are sitting togheter talking.

Changes: Moved clip: A close-up of Jem touching her earring and talking to Synergy.

Jem: Synergy, do you understand what to do?
A view of Starlight Mansion.
Synergy: Yes Jerrica, I understand.
A close-up of Synergy.
Synergy: I am ready to project the holograms.
Originally appeared after Zipper had told Dumbo to watch outside and not open the door no matter what.

After Synergy project holograms and Jem and the Holograms scream "lions!".

Changes: Re-animated clip: The lions are re-animated aswell as the background. They look the same except for their noses which has been made yellow instead of brown, and the background has been made alot lighter.

After Zipper has told Dumbo to open the doors, and we see Dumbo.

Changes: Re-animated clip: Dumbo looks the same, except that there is a red light flashing on his face and body from the fake police cars that are arriving, instead of shadows from the other direction.

After Rio has come for Jem and the Holograms and they all get into a police car and drive off.

Changes: Added background music: The song "Gettin' Down To Business" by Jem and the Holograms.

At the Music Bowl, after Howard has announced that the Holograms have failed to appear and the frame switches to Eric.

Changes: Added clip: The frame goes back to show a short clip of Howard as he is speaking instead of going directly to the Misfits.

Just as Howard announces the Misfits as the winners.

Changes: Moved clip: Originally we saw the Misfits, then the Misfits surrounded by smoke, then a zoomed out view of Jem and the Holograms, then Eric surrounded by smoke, and then the rising stage with Jem and the Holograms.

In the changed version we see the Misfits, then Jem and the rising stage with Jem and the Holograms, then the Misfits surrounded by smoke, then Eric surrounded by smoke, then a zoomed out view of Jem and the Holograms.

Music video: "Music Is Magic" by Jem and the Holograms

After the song "Music Is Magic" by Jem and the Holograms has ended, and we have seen a clip of the audience.

Changes: Cut scenes: Originally we saw re-used clips from the beginning of the first episode, of the town from above with spotlights lighting up the sky, several shots of the audience standing outside cheering for Jem and the Holograms, then back to the audience inside the Music Bowl.

After the rockmeter has gone full with stars.

Changes: Added clip: We see the Jem logo in the sky surrounded by lights, possibly resembling fireworks.

After Kimber says "Truly Outrageous".

Changes: Replaced clip: Instead of seeing Jem standing alone with her arms reached out and a microphone in her right hand, and some fireworks which form a Jem logo, we see another view of that new shot of the Jem logo surrounded by fireworks, then the audience then the new shot of the logo again.

Right after the above.

Changes: Cut clip: Originally we saw the Jem logo taking shape out of the fireworks. Here is again another shot of that Jem logo surrounded by fireworks and then a quick shot of the audience and then that logo again.

Right after the above.

Changes: Added scene: A new clip of the audience, then Jem and the Holograms and Howard on stage.

Howard: To the winners, Jem and the Holograms, I award you the mansion...
Howard reaches over a paper to Jem. Lela and the Starlight Girls are cheering in the audience.
Lela: It's really ours.
Howard: ...and the movie contract.
Howard reaches Jem another paper and Jem holds them both up in the air, and the Holograms start cheering. The Misfits are standing backstage.
Roxy: I can't believe it.
Stormer: They beat us.
Pizzazz hits Roxy and then Stormer.
Pizzazz: Quit sniveling, we're still the Misfits.
The Misfits are zoomed in.
Pizzazz: No matter what it takes, we're gonna get even.
The the Starlight Girls Terri, Anne, Lela, Becky, Deidre run on stage to greet Jem and the Holograms.

At Starlight Music, right after the above.

Changes: Added scene: Jerrica and Rio are going up with the elevator.

Jerrica: Oh this is even more exciting for me, than Jem and the Holograms winning the contest.
Jerrica and Rio walk out of the elevator.
Jerrica: It's like coming home.
Rio: Allow me. So much for Eric Raymond.
Rio removes the sign that says Eric Raymond, on the door to the office, and throws it into a trashcan. Jerrica opens the door, and inside is Eric.
Jerrica and Rio: Eric?
Eric: That's right, Jerrica darling.
Eric puts down the picture of Synergy into a bag.
Jerrica: But, why aren't you in jail?
Eric: It's amazing what lawyers can do, if you pay them enough.
Jerrica: And what are you taking from my office?
Eric: Personal possessions.
Eric slaps Jerrica in her face.
Rio: Raymond!
In return Rio hits Eric, so that he flies to the floor outside of the room, and lands on his back.
Rio: That's something personal to remember me by.
Eric: I'll remember.
Later Jerrica and Rio are standing inside to office, holding each other while watching out at the fireworks.
Jerrica: I'll make something great of Starlight Music, something my father would be proud of.
Rio: He'd be proud already.
Jerrica and Rio kiss. The picture moves up to the top of the building, where Jem is pictured on a sign, and suddenly starts dancing out of the sign, to where the Holograms are playing their instruments. In the background the song "Music Is Magic" by Jem and the Holograms is playing.

One of the lines here spoken by Jerrica and Eric, can be recognized from the episode that followed, "Starbright Part One: Falling Star", which is where the line originally first appeared.

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