South Highschool

First is the highschool that the Starlight girls and Laura went to, it might be the same as Jerrica and Rio used to go to. Also the holograms must have gone to the same school, except maybe for Raya. Even in highschool Aja was very athletic, and set a number of local records in track and field. In the episode "KJEM" a college kid called Switch says he went to school with Kimber, which must also have been this same school.

Outside the school


Second floor

There atleast two floors in this school.



Ashley's locker is at the top.


Jerrica and Rio went to school togheter. Jerrica seemed to be a bit shy and they didn't seem to have much contact with each other at school.


Jerrica peeks outfrom around the corner. This was before Rio and Jerrica was a couple.

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