Starlight Drive-in

This drive-in theater only appears in the beginning of the series and in the episode "Out Of The Past". This drive-in theater was built in the 1950's. Emmett actually brought Jerrica here when she was little, and it's probably the same place that Jerrica and Rio had their first kiss in the episode "Out Of The Past". Emmett purchased this drive-in theater when searching for a more private and quiet place to work on the more delicate tasks of creating the system after he made an amazing breakthrough in computer generated holograms. At first, before placing Synergy in the actual drive-in theater he worked on it in the little Burger house as seen further down this page.

This is where Jerrica, Kimber, Aja and Shana find Synergy after the earrings are sent to Jerrica in the mail, and Synergy appears in Jerrica's bedroom, like she was programmed to do by Emmett Benton. Jerrica was brought to the drive-in already when she was little though.

Why this theater was called "Starlight Drive-in" is probably a name Emmett gave it (originally it was called "STAR Drive-in", see the page Retakes: Truly Outrageous: The Beginning), since it corresponds nicely with "Starlight Music", "Starlight House" and "Starlight Foundation". Outside the drive-in, is a giant poster of a woman in a bikini riding a rocket.

Outside entrance

Inside entrance

The front side of the theather. You can see a door in the middle in the picture only.

Jerrica and Rio actually had what was probably their first date at a drive-in theather, and perhaps even this same one while it was still in use.

The little shed to the right in this picture is all that can be seen in the early episodes which could resemble the Burger place shown in the episode "Out Of The Past" where Synergy was first stored when Emmett was completing it.


Emmett actually had help moving all his gifts for Jerrica and the others, like the car, clothes and instruments to the Starlight Drive-in, which means other people actually saw it and knew it was all there.

Holographic wall

It was Jerrica and the others' choice to move Synergy to Starlight Mansion when detective Malone found her here, and infact took a picture which he gave to Eric.



Emmett left alot of gifts for his girls. Like these clothes, aswell as instruments and a car. So, many of the fashions worn by the Holograms were either designed by Emmett or atleast bought as presents.





This is what the Starlight Drive-in really looks like when Synergy's isn't there to make fancy holograms.


In this little building which apparently used to sell burgers, Emmett finished the work on creating Synergy, before he moved Synergy to inside the Drive-in theater. But looking at the above picture, this Burger's place didn't even exist, instead there is another small building in that area.

Burgers by day



He kept a picture of atleast Jerrica and Kimber while being away from home and building Synergy.

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