Starlight House

This is where Jacqui and Emmett used to live, and Jerrica and Kimber grew up, aswell as Aja and Shana after they arrived as foster girls. Also all of the current Starlight Girls lived here before Starlight Mansion. It's an old Victorian house with three floors. When Jacqui and Emmett died, Jerrica and the others had a hard time taking care of everything aswell as all the Starlight Girls. Compare with Hasbro's artwork. In the UK comics, Jem and the Holograms still live here, and the gate at Starlight House says "Starlight House" on top.

Starlight House version #1

This house looks quite different than in the later episode "Out of the Past".

Starlight House version #1

A few differences here from the above picture, on the left of the house there is no balcony on the second floor which the house has in the above picture.

Starlight House version #1

Window next to backdoor.


This and most of the below pictures (except for the one of the pictures to the right showing neighbor houses) on this page are from the second design of Starlight House from the episode "Out Of The Past".

Starlight House 2nd design

This is the same house as above, also with two floors, but in a completely different shape and color. I guess they could have moved to the house in the pictures above and kept the name "Starlight House", but according to Emmett's diary in the episode "Out Of The Past" they lived here until his death.

Outside Emmett's workshop

Kitchen window

Neighbor house

The neighbor house behind the bushes might very well be Rio's family's home, since he lived right next door to Starlight House, or perhaps he lived in the other next door house in the picture further down on this page.

Neighbor house (Starlight House version #1)

Another neighbor house that could be Rio's family's home.

Starlight Tree House

Behind the bushes is Starlight House. In the tree is Starlight Tree House. To the far right in this picture is a white house in the background, this might aswell as been where Rio and his family lived.

Starlight Tree House

This tree house isn't very high up in the tree, an adult person can reach it standing on the ground. It's well enough built for an adult like Jacqui to climb it, and since Jerrica and Kimber are still so young, it was probably Emmett who built this. We never see Rio climb it, but he does seem to have memories from it since he goes here and holds up the sign in the episode "The Stingers Hit Town Part 2". Till the end of the series, this tree house is still there, and the burned down Starlight House hasn't been taken care of. Jerrica and Kimber probably still own the land on which it stands.

Take a look inside Starlight House aswell...

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