Starlight House inside

There are certainly not enough rooms for each of the Starlight Girls in this house. The rooms that are for certain are:
  • Livingroom
  • Kitchen
  • Jerrica's room on the third floor
  • Kimber's room on the third floor
  • Aja's room on the third floor
  • Shana's room on the third floor
  • Emmett's workshop
  • Emmett's office
  • Basement

There are atleast two different stairs inside this house, one which is right inside a back door.


Located on the first floor.

Stairs that lead down to a livingroom

Down stairs, right of stairs

Wall facing the stairs.

Same wall as the picture to the left.

This might not be the same livingroom as the above, but on the other hand there might not be enough space in the house for two different ones.

Same wall as the picture to the left.

Behind Rio you can see the second stairs that goes up to the second floor.

Outside the kitchen.


Jerrica is not a good plummer.

This does not look like the same kitchen, but there couldn't be two in this little house.

Jerrica's bedroom

Jerrica is the only of the girls whose room we get to see, this is where Synergy first appeared in shape of a hologram.

Emmett's workshop

This is where Emmett started working on Synergy, before he moved his work to the Starlight Drive-in. Since this exact room is seen located in Starlight Music in a later episode "A Change Of Heart", it's likely this is not a room in Starlight House after all, even though we see Jerrica and Rio and some Starlight girls come running in and there's no mention of them being anywhere else than in Starlight House.

While Emmett was working on his secret project, of which Jerrica and the other knew nothing, Jerrica and Rio were taking care of the Starlight Girls.


Emmett's office

This is where Emmett sat down and wrote in his diary.

He has a picture of his wife Jacqui on his desk.


The garage

The Basement

This is where to find the fuse box.

Stairs inside back entrance

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