Starlight Mansion inside

In Starlight Mansion there are three floors, the third being the attic which also has some regular rooms. Jem and the Holograms (perhaps including Raya), the Starlight Girls and Mrs. Bailey each have their own room in Starlight Mansion. There are also a bunch of other rooms. Infact the inside of Starlight Mansion appears to be larger than the outside.

So how many rooms are there in Starlight Mansion. Lets count the certain rooms:

  • 4 for Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms (maybe 6 different rooms, if Raya lives there and if Jem has her own "pretend room").
  • 13 Starlight Girls (including Laura) rooms.
  • Synergy's room.
  • Mrs. Bailey's room.
  • Kitchen (maybe 3 different ones).
  • Dining room (maybe 2).
  • Recording studio.
  • Music room.
  • Performance room.
  • Starlight Girls rehearsal room.
  • Large TV room.
  • Small TV room.
  • Workout room.
  • Gym.
  • Starlight girls recreation room (maybe 3).
  • Living room (maybe 2).
  • Jerrica's office (maybe 3).
  • Relax room.
  • 6 Guestrooms.
That's 39 rooms (or 49 including the rooms that may be several different rooms), and the rest of the rooms are still a little fuzzy.

Inside entrance

When you enter, there is a room to the left without a door. There is a sofa by the window. The window has blue curtains. The floor is a dark red color.

No room to the left as above, instead the stairs begin right away. Another color on the wallpaper.

A look to the right when entering the mansion.

Here the room to the left is back, but further away. The floor is beige, with a blue carpet. The curtains are purple.

The stairs are to the right when entering the main entrance. From here on the floor/carpet is all pink.

Same stairs as the picture to the left. And that's the entrance door.

A nice overview of inside the main entrance. This picture shows that the stairs to the second floor is straight ahead from the entrance.

The stairs have the handrail to the right, like in the above picture with Kimber and Jerrica where you can see the stair begins to the right in the picture.

This is the most common version of the stairs, where the handrail is to the left and a wall is to the right of the stairs. In this image, the first thing on the second floor is a window. Remember there's a built out part in the back of the mansion, and this door or window must be facing it.

This is more of the wall to the right of the stairs.

Similar to the above image. With a better view of the window on the second floor, and you can see how the stairs continue up.

This version has a green door on the wall next to the stairs.

The second floor now has two doors to the left. Also the first floor has a door to the left.

There is no hallway up to the right.

You can't tell if there's a hallway up to the right here. But the window on the second floor is round.

Nothing unusual except for the wall down to the right of the stairs, looks like an opening to a room, where there is usually a big hallway.

There is no wall to the right of the stairs, instead there are handrails on both sides. On the second floor there are two windows. As in a picture above, you see the stairs continue up to the left.

Here you can see where the stairs continue. If you go this way you will get to one of the guestrooms, as seen further down on this page.

Jerrica's room

Jerrica's room is located on the second floor to the left from the stairs. During the series, the room that is likely Jerrica's room, undergoes a few changes. Below here are three slightly different versions, of which the last one is definitely Jerrica's room (or is it Jem's?). Although the first two versions are not mentioned to be Jerrica's room, there are certain details that speak for that. Of course one of those similar rooms could also be Aja's room, since she doesn't appear to have one otherwise.

A room with a bed. I'm assuming that this is an early version of Jerrica's bedroom, since she is the main character, so it makes sense.

In this episode, Jerrica walks into this room after the others are already there and the door was closed. So she probably just walked into her own room, and the others were there to meet her.

Same room as above picture.

Again same room as above. The floor is green in this version.

This is the first of five pictures of a slightly changed room compared to the previous pictures. In these pictures there are clues of similarities with the other versions of this Jerrica's room.

This is likely to be Jerrica's room considering that she is sitting alone on the bed in a late hour. The bed here, resembles the one in the first four pictures. The floor is the same as in the first picture aswell as the last three pictures. Other similarities to the last three pictures are the plant in the corner, the two little white tables next to the bed, one with a purple and white lamp and the other one with a little plant.

To the left of the bed, behind Kimber, is a round table with pink table cloth, which is resembles the one in room on the last three pictures.

Here is the best view of the wallpaper which is very similar to the wallpaper in the last two pictures.

Also there's a mirror with a desk below that look similar to the desk in the first three pictures.

This is from the fake Starlight Mansion which was an exact replica of the real one. Although this is established as Jem's room, Jem doesn't necessarily live at Starlight Mansion. Like in the first picture, this room has purple wallpaper, but this one has stripes. Like in the above picture, there is a small painting on the wall, of a house, with a white frame hanging above one of the little tables.

This image is from another episode animated long after the episode where the picture to the left is from, which confirms the existance and look of this room. Only small differences, like the look of the bed.

The other end of this room in the fake Starlight Mansion.

Kimber's Room

This room can easily be confirmed as Kimber's room, which is mentioned, and it's look only changes slightly in details like shapes and colors. Kimber has three windows and her own fireplace, the wallpaper changes color but always has stripes.

Entrance to Kimber's room

Inside of entrance door

At night the curtains are down.

At day time the curtains are up.


Window by the bed

Other side of room

Other side of room

Shana's room

This is another room which is easily confirmed, it's Shana's room. The two similar images below from the same angle are from different episodes, but still so alike in detail. Shanas room is located on the second floor, and she has the far left window of the main building part.

However this room exists almost exactly the same in the Countess Danielle's mansion, which is where Regine stays. But most likely they just reused the same design since both are designers and have their own drawing desks.

Ba Nee's room

It's confirmed that this is Ba Nee's own room, and it's on the second floor.

Outside the door to Ba Nee's room, in the hallway on the second floor.

The following pictures shows a second design of Ba Nee's room, with several similarities to the room in the above pictures, like the blue wallpaper, the shape of the bed, the pink and purple striped bedpillow and sofa, and the round table on the right side of the bed with a lamp and a picture on it, and a picture on the wall behind the bed.


Ba Nee seems to have alot of toys in her bookshelf, but she also loves to read, so there are several books aswell. Some of her books are "The Fox", "Pach Peach", "Omnibus", "Mimiko", "Popo", "Autumn", "Spring", "The Fairies", "Robin Hood" and "Sherlock Holmes".

Ashley's room

This is Ashley's room, atleast in the first two pictures.

Same room as in the picture to the left.

This room looks different. But if Ashley sleeps here, it must be her room. There is a door in the same place, a table with a lamp in the same place, the pillow looks similar, and the bedcover is the same color.

Krissie's room

Krissie's room is on the second floor. This is yet another room that is especially designed for a character and reused in later episodes.


The door to the right in the picture, leads to Krissie's room.

From above

Here it looks like the floor or carpet is pink all the way to the door, while in the picture to the left there is some white inbetween.

Same carpet as in the picture above. But the mirror, which is also seen in the picture to the left, is bigger.

Deidre's room

She loves Jem and the Holograms, as you can see by her many posters of them. She sometimes practices her guitar in her room, and sometimes in another room shown below on this page which I call "Starlight Girls rehearsal room".

Here she is ripping down the posters.



Inside entrance

This is the inside of the door to Deidre's room.

Terri's room

This looks like it could be a bedroom, more than anything else, Terri's room probably.

Laura's room

Laura gets her own temporary room on the third floor. Looking at the front of the mansion from the outside, it's the window to the left on the roof floor. It's also one floor above the dining room.

These stairs lead up to the third floor, where Laura's room is.

Laura's room is inside the closed blue door.

The inside of Laura's room

Synergy's room

This is a secret room where Synergy is stored ever since she was moved from the Starlight Drive-in, it's located either on the first floor, or in the basement as the Jem bible says. When the Misfits managed to copy the mansion in detail in the episode "The Fan", this was the only room they didn't know about.

The door to the room with the holographic wall which leads to Synergy's room.

Inside the room with the holographic wall, which leads to Synergy. The wall to the right, with the painting, is the holograhic wall. You see Jerrica's legs in the picture as she pass through it. Or perhaps the entire wall isn't a hologram, maybe there is just an open entrance in that one spot in the wall.

Another picture of the holographic wall which leads to Synergy's room. If the entire wall is just a hologram, then this must be a fake fire place.

Through the holographic wall, inside Synergy's room.

The wall to the left in this picture, is the holographic wall.

The opposite side of Synergy's room. Notice there is a fire place in there, just like there is on the holographic wall, sometimes. That would have been a few fireplaces too many compared to chimneys on the roof, considering that there is one in Kimber's room, one in the "small TV room", "Jerrica's office", the "relax room", and one in the "Starlight Girls recreation room".


Where Mrs. Bailey spends a lot of her time. Atleast one of the kitchens is located on the first floor.

Kitchen #1

Kitchen #2

This kitchen is on the second floor. If you go out the door where Jerrica is standing, and turn right, you will come out to the balcony in the back of Starlight Mansion.

Kitchen #3

Finally an established design of the kitchen.

Kitchen #3

Kitchen #3

Dining room

This is where Jerrica and the Holograms have their fancy dinners when they invite guests.

Diningroom #1

Diningroom #1

By the look of the windows, this room seems to be on the first floor. Same room as in the picture to the left.

Diningroom #1

Same room as above.

Diningroom #2

This dining room looks different, different window, floor, table, chairs, and might not be meant to be the same. Either way, this one is on the second floor.

Recording studio

Jem and the Holograms rehearse and record in this room. This room has recording equipment, but otherwise it's more like a room than a studio. Called "music room" by Minx in the episode "A Change Of Heart".

The hallway outside the entrance to the room.

Inside the entrance to the room.

A nice overview of the room.

The exit from this room is right in front of Laura.

Music room

Instruments and an office in one room. Well Jem and the Holograms had just moved in and there was probably not a real studio in Starlight Mansion at this time. This room is located on the first floor.

This is the actual recording studio. On one side is the window to the room where the recording engineers control the recording, and there is also a window to the outside.

Same room as above.

Performance room

This room has a stage which Jem and the Holograms rehearse on sometimes. It seems like a good place to entertain guests at a big party. This exact room exists in Starlight Music aswell.

Starlight Girls rehearsal room

Located on the second floor. The Starlight Girls seem to have their own little room for rehearsing with their band.


But take a look at those windows, I wonder where that kind of little square shaped windows can be seen on the outside of Starlight Mansion.

Large TV room

Located on the first floor. This is one of the rooms where everyone gathers and watches TV. This room appears to be bigger than the other TV room. The furnitures and TV is moved around every now and then though. That picture of a boat seems to appear consistently on this room. In the episode "Beauty and the Rock Promoter" there's a big clock in here, which was obviously added because the script called for it.

Although it can't be seen in this picture, this room as an opening to the left, and that is the direction of the front entrance of the mansion. Going to the right in this picture will eventually take you to Kimber's room.

Small TV room

This room may have different wall colors, floor, shape of the windows, furnitures, and shape of the TV, but it usually does have a fireplace and a TV and is generally shaped very similarly and can easily be identified as a reappearing room.

Same table as in the relaxroom.

Same two round little tables as in the picture above to the right.

A bookshelf on this wall, which wasn't there in the picture above to the right. But the sofa is pretty much the same and so is the painting on the wall with pine trees.

Workout room

Aja is the one who is the most athletic of the girls. She sees to it that the Starlight Girls get plenty of exercise and play sports, like volleyball. The workout room is in the right wing of Starlight Mansion.


This is perhaps the same room as the workout room.

Starlight Girls recreation room

This is one or several different rooms where the Starlight Girls hang out, play games, paint, read, or play table tennis.

There's a TV, five pinball games, and a pool table.

There's a bar in this room, which is probably from when Howard Sands lived there. There seems to be a TV to the left. The window doesn't seem to correspond with any window on the outside of the mansion.

There is a fire place and a table tennis table in this room.

A cabinet of toys.

Looks like a computer on the table to the left.


One of many rooms that appear once and never again. I'd call them livingrooms. These might be two different ones.

Looking out the window we can see that this room is located on the second floor.

This looks like an indoors balcony.

This is the view from the balcony.

Jerrica's office

It only makes sense that Jerrica has an office in Starlight Mansion, aswell as she does in Starlight Music. But these look like two different ones.

Office #2

First office of Jerrica seen actually. Atleast this one is not the same room as in the picture to the left and above.

Office #3

Outside the office.


This room seems to show up later in the series. It's located on the first floor. You can recognize it by the windows, the fire place, the sofas, the table, and the very colorful carpet. No TV in this room it seems.

Recognize the table from one of the pictures of the small TV room?


That's a very colorful carpet.


A double door here.


A single door here.


There should be several of these guestrooms, since the Jem Jam singers and the Stingers have stayed at the mansion, not at the same time though.


The attic is located on the third floor. This is where they store some of Emmett Benton's old stuff. Some parts of the attic can only be reached by climbing a ladder through a hatch in the roof on the second floor, and for some rooms there is even a ladder.

One way up to the attic, but in some episodes there are stairs and the rooms are furnished, like Laura's room.

Here we can see that there are windows in the attic, which confirms that the attic is located on the third floor.

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