Starlight Music

This record company, which Jem and the Holograms and probably other singers and groups like the 5th Avenue Boys are signed to in the cartoon, was started by Jacqui and Emmett Benton. It's located in a classy downtown area. Jerrica first inherited half the company from her father Emmett, who gave the other half to his assistant, Eric Raymond. But after the "Battle of the Bands" contest it's completely owned by Jerrica. However, sometimes it's mentioned that Kimber owns half of it. Compare the look with Hasbro's artwork.

A very early view of the surroundings of Starlight Music. Before Misfits Music/Stingers Sound was built.

Starlight Music looks only half as tall as Misfits Music. Maybe that was done intentionally by Eric Raymond and the Misfits to outdo Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms.

Here Misfits Music doesn't appear to be quite as much taller than Starlight Music. There's a park on top of Starlight Music, or a part of it.

In this version, "Starlight Music" is written on the black part on top of the building. The shooting star on the windows appears on two sides of the building. There appears to be two rounded corners, probably with elevators in both.

The bottom part looks different. The top and bottom has a cement frame along the building. There is some kind of an extra roof on the roof. There are no trees on the sidewalk. The big star on the building only appears on one side, which is probably the most common version.

The bottom part is changed again, now the cement part is right at the bottom, and there are plants in there aswell. Now there is a sign on the top with a picture of Jem, that says "Jem and the Holograms".

A view from an unusual angle, with a closer view of the entrance.

Park on roof

Here is a closer view of the little park on the roof with trees, and how you get up to the roof. But in this picture the park is located on another part of the roof, compared to the previous picture.

Sign and Jerrica's office

Jerrica's office is located on the top floor right below the sign.

Close view of the building. Here it appears as Jerrica's office is not on the top floor.


This appears to be the entrance right from the street. But it differs from all others views of the building's entrance since it usually has a little glass roof. In some of the pictures above, the building doesn't even have glass all the way down to the street.


Underground Parking Garage

Only one time do we get to see that Starlight Music has a parking entrance.

Starlight Dock

This is where they load Starlight Express with albums for the stores.

Take a look inside Starlight Music aswell...

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