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The animators received this plan to follow when animating the episodes and also animated doll commercials. Each scene was planned out by the storyboard directors in detail, like facial expressions, outfits, movements, camera angles, and even divided into takes, and written descriptions of it all. Voice actress of Jem/Jerrica, Samantha Newark, has mentioned that the voice actors would get a copy of these storyboards for each recording session when rehearsing, to get a visual what the characters are doing.

The music video storyboards were drawn separately, sometimes by different artists, and really allowed for their imagination run wild and create a fantasy world beyond the storyline. Each music video storyboard would consist of about 13 pages, and you can almost tell which ones were put more effort into, by the amount of pages.

These are extremely well drawn even for just being made for reference, espcially the music video ones. It's a shame they were never meant to be shown in public, and how many are hidden in Jem fans collections for storage. It's very interesting to see how the music videos were planned, and even details that aren't as obvious in the final result. You'll notice alot of differences, like some fashions that never appeared in the series, and other times the characters are just wearing their original outfits while others were worn in the final result.

Cartoon intros

Jem Theme

This is the first draft of the Jem Main Title. Drawn by Jem producer and director Will Meugniot.

Although you can see the resemblance of the final result, there are some interesting differences: Jem's outfit has a star on the top, and she has a hairpiece. Seeing what used to take place in the beginning of the intro, with the thug chasing her it makes more sense why Rio and the Holograms came around grabbing her in high speed. The fashions that appeared on the sides while Jem is dancing on stage, were apparently changed. The Starlight girls and a scene with the Misfits were removed. The scene where Jem changes to Jerrica for a moment was changed, and also Synergy's look, which was different at the time, was updated.

Music videos

Starbright Part One: "Falling Star"

From the music video "Who is He Kissing" - Jem and the Holograms.

From the music video "Jealousy" - Jem and the Holograms.

From the music video "Universal Appeal" - The Misfits.

Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars"

From the music video "Congratulations" - The Misfits.

The Rock Fashion Book

Thanks to John Van Cleve for this storyboard of the cool Misfits music video "We're Off and Runnin'", although it's called "We're Off and Running" here, with a "G" at the end. [Pictures by John Van Cleve]

Hot Time In Hawaii

Thanks to John Van Cleve for this storyboard of the funny Misfits music video "We're the Misfits in Hawaii". [Pictures by John Van Cleve]

Mardi Gras

From the music video "Everybody Wears A Mask" - Jem and the Holograms.

The Stingers Hit Town Part 1

The Stingers Hit Town Part 2

Another fantastic storyboard that I'm happy to be able to display here. Again thanks to the amazing theMitigating! This is from the music video of the collaboration song of all three bands Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits, and The Stingers "Now". [Pictures by theMitigating]

That Old Houdini Magic

From the music video "She's Got The Power" - Jem and the Holograms.

From the music video "Mind Games" - The Stingers.


Even some of the doll commercials included animated parts, which were storyboarded.

The Misfits

The partly animated commercial introducing the Misfits dolls. Drawn by Jem producer, director and main title designer Will Meugniot. Will's own words: "The storyboard was heavily revised at the time of its production and features many pasted up panels, some over other artwork. The pages are done on standard 1980s Marvel Productions storyboard paper measuring 8.5 by 11 inches with 6 panels per page. Meugniot roughed much of the art in non-photo blue ink before cleaning up with black pens and brushes, leaving much of the underdrawing and scene planning visible.". [Pictures by theMitigating]

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