Important Storyline Episodes

Even though every episode is an important piece in the Jem universe, there are certain episodes that stand out for the following reasons:
  • It's mainly about the main characters, perhaps even in depth information about them or their past.
  • Some noticable and lasting news occour, introduction of characters/relationships/buildings/vehicles.
  • They're doing something highly ontopic according to the main themes of the cartoon (like music, fashion, holographic projections, the love triangle and love interests, personal features, Starlight Foundation...) or something that responds to something in particular from an earlier episode. It's not an off topic adventure that could be put in anywhere in the series or even in another cartoon if you switched characters.
  • Written by one of the most common writers of Jem, who were there from early on, like Christy Marx, Roger Slifer, Mary Skrenes and Beth Bornstein, and some more.
So if you should only see episodes that bring the story further in some sense, here's a suggestion of 34 episodes:
  • Truly Outrageous five parter: The first 5 episodes build up what Jem is all about, and this is what's referred to in the rest of the series aswell as in books. Written by the main writer and later also story editor for other episode writers. Introduce: Jem, Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Rio, Synergy, Pizzazz, Roxy, Stormer, Eric, Starlight Girls, Howard Sands, Danielle, Lindsey Pierce, Anthony Julian, Mrs. Bailey, Eric's secretary, Starlight House, Starlight Music, Starlight Mansion, Starlight Drive-in, Rockin' Roadster.

  • Starbright three parter: Continuation by main writer. Introduces: Pizzazz's father, Video, Clash, Jeff, Joanie, Gabor mansion, World Studios.

  • The World Hunger Shindig: First stand-alone episode of the series, and written by Mary Skrenes, the woman who wrote the third most episodes of this series, and one of few writers who managed to introduced their own re-appearing characters. Introduced: Sean.

  • The Music Awards two parter: Written by main writer. Introduced: Misfits Music, Danse, Haven House, Techrat, Techrat's Rathole, Video's new look, Danny.

  • Broadway Magic: A story that has it all, with an amazing pace. Written by the very talented Marv Wolfman. Rio questions Jerrica and the episode is built around Jem's identity.

  • The Jem Jam two parter: Introduced: Jem Jam characters and new singing voices.

  • Glitter And Gold: Introduced: Glitter 'N Gold Jem and Rio dolls and Roadster and lots of fashions. Jerrica considers revealing her secret identity to Rio. Jem and even Clash gets a new look.

  • The Talent Search two parter: Develops the main characters Aja and Shana further, and The Holograms get a new and lasting groupmember. Characters introduced: Raya, Craig, Jetta, Miguel, Rosa, Enrique, Aurelio, Roberto, Alonso's house, Alonso's Nursery.

  • Scandal: Again Mary Skrenes manages to introduce a character of her own that re-appears later in the series. Introduced: Harriet Horn, Cool Trash Magazine. Follow up on Raya and Sean. We learn more about Kimber. Kimber gets her own new identity.

  • The Bands Break Up: Another episode by Marv Wolfman. Kimber and Stormer story. Flash! recording studio re-appears, originally introduced by writer Rick Merwin in "In Search Of The Stolen Album".

  • Father's Day: Third episode written by writer and story editor Roger Slifer, who wrote the second most episodes of this series. Characters introduction: Introduces the hometown and parents of Video and Clash: Buzz Montgomery, John Montgomery, Mrs. Montgomery. Includes family information about Jerrica, Kimber and even Pizzazz.

  • Roxy Rumbles: We learn more about Roxy's past. She leaves the Misfits, and we hear her sing on her own for the first time. The writer Jina Bacarr later wrote an episodes with the Stingers aswell.

  • KJEM: Written by main writer and story editor Christy Marx. Playset/radiostation introduced. We learn about Rio's airplane interest.

  • Out of the Past: Character introduced: Jacqui. We learn about the past of Jerrica, Kimber, Aja, Shana, Rio, Jacqui, Emmett, and Eric. We get to see Eric's home. The story connects to the very first episode of the series.

  • Britrock: Craig returns, and we find out more about the Craig and Aja story. Aja learns about Craig and Stormer's connection. We find out more about Jetta, and her family is introduced.

  • Hollywood Jem two parter: Written by writer and story editor, Roger Slifer. Kimber meets Jeff and Sean again, and has her wedding. Rio and Kimber have a talk again, that almost seems connected to episode 3 of this series. Jem is nominated to an academy award for the Starbright movie. Howard Sands makes his only second appearance since the first 8 episodes.

  • The Stingers Hit Town two parter: Written by main writer. Characters introduced: The third main band The Stingers. Stinger's Sound is introduced.

  • Homeland, Heartland: We learn about Danse's past, and meet several of Danse's relatives. Based on information by the main writer.

  • That Old Houdini Magic: Characters introduced: Astral, who was planned to be released as a doll.

  • Straight From The Heart: Characters introduced: Regine, who was planned to be released as a doll.

  • A Change Of Heart: Mostly because it's written by the main writer, Christy Marx.

  • Riot's Hope: Written by Roger Slifer. Introduces parents of Riot. We learn about Riot's past. Only episode that has no Jem songs, only Stingers songs.

  • A Father Should Be...: Written by ChristY Marx. Characters introduced: Martin. Follow up on Ba Nee's longing for her father. Last episode, and Jem says good bye.

Of course there is more to each episode than mentioned here. And this list is not to say the rest of the episodes don't contain anything of value to the Jem universe. Many of the other episodes are extremely well written, and I even prefer some of them above several of the mentioned. But they are more stand alone, and contain less of the above listed criteria.

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