Techrat's gadgets

Techrat, a technical genius, who is never in an episode if it isn't because he is inventing some new gadget or using his computer skills.

This page is all about his gadgets, everything he invents for Eric, the Misfits and the Stingers, what it looks like, how it works. And it always works, according to himself, until of course it breaks (and it usually breaks, even if it's not Techrat's fault).

The Music Awards Part 1 and 2

The very first thing Techrat invents for Eric is an electronic billboard on top of Misfits Music, to advertise the Misfits across the street from Starlight Music, and drive Jerrica crazy.

Techrat's second invention is his first actual handheld gadget, called "The Jammer". Techrat takes the prototype to Eric who drives them by Starlight Music to try it on Jem and the Holograms. It's a two-piece gadget that consists of a directional sender which has an antenna on it, and a control box with a few rocker switches. It causes anything run by electricity to simply go mad. Gates, electric guitars, kitchen appliances, and even Synergy. Synergy's holograms disappear, her voice and screen is distorted and she starts shooting laserbeams at Jerrica and the Holograms. Pizzazz accidentally manages to break it, but Techrat has it fixed in time for Jem and the Holograms' concert at the Stouffer Stadium, where he seems to have added a remote control for it. He unknowingly manages to even cause Jem to turn back into Jerrica, before his gadget breaks again.

The Music Awards Part 2

After sending the Misfits off the roof of Misfits Music in special hanggliders which include boxes that drop leaflets of Misfits advertisement, Pizzazz also takes the chance to test Techrat's new very powerful gadget, a golden lasergun, shooting at the Starlight Music's Jem and the Holograms billboard sign. First she just makes a mustache on Jem's face, but then accidentally shoots down the entire billboard which falls down through the window of Jerrica's office, with Jerrica and the Holograms inside.

The Jem Jam Part 1

This is a busy episode for Techrat. Jem is about to make a big surprise announcement, which is the guest musicians for the Jem Jam concert, and she invited the media and friends to take part of it at a hotel. Eric and the Misfits brought Techrat to help them spy and find out what the Jem Jam is all about. Techrat's invention is a video camera that sends the picture to a LCD flat screen monitor (yes this was already in the 80's!) in another room where Eric and the Misfits are watching. And they take help by Clash who dresses out as a reporter and tricks herself inside in a very mean way.

Then Techrat even becomes a fashion designer. He designed some new costumes for the Misfits in form of black jumpsuits with miniature powerpacks on the belt that power fibreoptics, and shoot out beautiful but harmless rays of light. The Misfits crash the Jem Jam announcement wearing these.

Then to trick the last participant for the Jem Jam away from the concert, when she arrives at the airport, Techrat invents a remote control that changes all the gates on the electronic arrival/departures board of flights, causing Jem and the Holograms to arrive at the wrong gate while the Misfits pick Luna Dark up and go to the Gabor Mansion.

The Jem Jam Part 2

Eric and the Misfits want to upstage the Jem Jam. There's an entire music video "Gimme A Gimmick" about the Misfits asking Techrat for a new gimmick. In the music video we see all kinds of gadgets that we don't really know the use of, like some small robots, a robot Pizzazz, and a Misfits video game.

Then Techrat reveals he's got the ultimate gimmick. He first reveals the control, in shape of a golden bow, and then takes them to his garage where the rest of the gimmick is. It's an ufo-like flying stage, covered with multicolored lights, built in speakers, carried by hovercraft, called the Flying Disc. It's the perfect gimmick for the Misfits to upstage the Jem Jam, and wearing their new fibreoptic costumes. Unfortunately for the Misfits, as they approach the Pacific Amphitheatre where the Jem Jam is taking place, people are scared it will land on them so they start running, pushing over Techrat, who is there in the audience. He drops the control and people step all over it and break it, causing the stage to get out of control.

Treasure Hunt

Eric brings some unknown brat girls, called the Misfits girls, to participate and cheat in Xanthos latest charity contest, a treasure hunt, to be held in northern California, and give Eric and the Misfits the prize. But first they have to win the contest that consists of questions about famous fairytales.

One of the girls has a pin with a hidden microphone she uses to tell the question to Eric and Techrat. And to his help Techrat uses his computer to look up the answers in some kind of database (which reminds me of an early internet, and this was before the internet's time), and tells the answer through an earphone hidden in one of the girls' earrings. But the computer can only look up information, not solve riddles.

The Jazz Player

Kimber goes to see Dave Wilson in Houston where he works as the janitor at a stadium, hoping to bring him to a reunion with the Taps Tucker band. But Eric and the Misfits who are determined to stop the reunion, take help by Techrat who controls the entire stadium's security and effects system, including cameras, lights and sound system. He makes sure all the doors are locked so they can't get out. And he puts Pizzazz and the Misfits on the giant screen playing the song "Trapped" along with extremely loud sound and lots of lights out of control.

Trick Or Techrat

The Misfits want to upstage Jem and the Holograms and their Halloween concert in the old Opera House, and Eric knows a real estate agent who wants to tear down the Opera House because it ruins his skyline. So Eric asks Techrat for some spooky gadgets, like a robot hand that comes out of a drawer, ghost special effects, spooky sounds, subsonic vibrations that shake the entire theatre.

Journey To Shangri-La

With the help of his previously seen computer, Techrat is able to find out Jem and the Holograms are going to Tibet, and he calls to inform Eric.

Journey Through Time

Techrat has invented a time travel device to send Jem and the Holograms back in time, and let the Misfits finally become the number one band. It sends Jem and the Holograms to Vienna in Austria in March 1781, London in England in 1944, the Woodstockfestival in Bethel New York august 1969. Even Synergy is mistakenly sent back, and is running on battery power, which allows Jem's holograms to work. Techrat's gadget has a minor flaw, it requires a trade in form of people from that time. Techrat eventually gets irritated with the Misfits, and sends them back in time too, to the Woodstockfestival also. Once the Misfits go back to the future, Pizzazz manages to send Eric back to the dinosaurs.

Video Wars

The roadster is tampered with somehow, so that Techrat can steer it with a steering wheel by radio control and control the speed. And he can even watch the road on a computer screen like a video game. He steers Jem and the Holograms away from their appearance on KBOTTV.

That Old Houdini Magic

Techrat decides to help the Stingers win their duel of Magic against Astral, by helping Rapture with some clever inventions to perform "magic tricks". He makes a bracelet with buttons for Minx to control a chinese water torture cell, where Rapture is going to lock herself inside and then attempt to escape. Minx needs to push a red button at a certain moment to release Rapture and prevent her from drowning. But a woman at Minx's table accidentally knocks over a drink on the bracelet, causing it to break.

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