VTV seems to be the name of the TV-channel on which the Lin-Z TV show is shown. Lindsey Pierce is the hostess of an MTV-type tv show which reports the latest trends in the music scene. While she is good friends with Jem and the Holograms, and prefers them before the Misfits, the Misfits have managed to get on the show as much as three times.

This looks like a nice building for a TV-channel, but...

VTV/Lindsey's home

...there's also another building Lindsey has been hanging around in which looks quite different. But this could be her home.

The entrance


Outside studio B

The studio of the Lin-Z TV show, is studio B, which is the left door in the picture, down the hall. Usually a guard is watching this entrance.

Although the studio is pretty messed up in this particular picture, this is a nice overview where you can see Lindsey's set with the sofa. Apparently there is no studio audience present.

Other side of studio

Other side of studio

Other side of studio

Other side of studio

Here's how we're used to see Lindsey, reporting music news, showing music videos and short clips on a TV-screen, and sitting in front of it either on a chair or a sofa.

A combination of the sofa and the TV-screen.



This is located next to the sofa.

Here Lin-Z has a desk, much like Harriet Horn does. And they might be sharing the same one, since Harriet Horn's desk also says "Lin-Z TV", atleast it did so in one episode.

Lindsey's dressing room.

Lin-Z' office in VTV or her home

A cramped office, which has the walls filled with music posters, album covers and awards.

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