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Intrigue At The Indy 500
Written by Roger Slifer

The Indy 500 is coming up, and Eric has some important business negotiations. He has bribed the sponsor of the only four time winning racer, Martino, to back out, for his business acquaintances to bet money on his own driver, who is now certain to win. And Eric plans to have the Misfits play at the victory party. But when Starlight Music replaces the sponsor, Eric's business acquaintances instead fix Martino's car before the qualifying race, so that Martino has an accident and is unable to race. But Jem takes his place.

Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms, The Misfits, Synergy, Rio, Eric, Wise, Martino Grandzetti race car driver, Harry bookmaker.

Focus on:
Jem, Pizzazz, Eric.

Locations & vehicles:
Misfits hotel in Indiana, autoclub in Indiana, Starlight Special, Rockin' Roadster, Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana, hospital i Indiana, gasoline alley in Indiana, racecar 007.

First appearance of:
Starlight Special.

"I'm Coming From Behind" Jem and the Holograms
"Back In Shape" Jem and the Holograms
"Ahead Of The Game" The Misfits

Sport, Action, Humor, Romance.

Original airdate:
1 February 1987.

Released on VHS. Released on DVD.

Italy: Aired on TV. The episode title was "La 500 Miglia Di Indianapolis" (The 500 miles of Indianapolis).
France: Aired on TV. Released on DVD. The episode title was "Intrigue á Indy 500" (Intrigue At The Indy 500).
Holland: Aired on TV.
Sweden: Released on VHS. The episode title was "Den Stora Biltävlingen" (The big car-contest).
Venezuela: Aired on TV. The episode title was "Las Quinientas 500 Millas De Indianapolis" (The Indianapolis five hundred 500 miles).
UK: Aired on TV.
Australia: Released on VHS. Released on DVD.
New Zealand: Released on VHS.

Behind the Scenes:
The character Martino Grandzetti is based on a real life Italian American race car driver Mario Andretti.

Pizzazz thinks Eric is ugly.

Starlight Music are sponsoring a race car driver.

Synergy is an excellent mechanic.

Jem has some racing skills, and so does Pizzazz.

Pizzazz has some binoculars that are shaped as her eye makeup.

The racing car "Starlight Special" has the number 11, and Pizzazz' car has number 007.

Pizzazz has no conscious according to herself.

Jem breaks all the previous indy speed records.

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