Jem Credits

Jem Show Credits Every little part of Jem was somebodys work, and everyone who worked on Jem are responsible for making it as truly outrageous as it is.

These are the names that appeared at the end of the episodes of the Jem cartoon TV-series, aswell as some unlisted names and people who worked on the doll line. The names are listed under the title of their work. All names are listed togheter, although some didn't work at the same time, but during different seasons.

The cartoon was based on Hasbro's doll line, and was developed by Griffin-Bacal Advertising, New York, the Hasbro advertising agency. Hasbro then brought in Sunbow Productions to produce the cartoon, a company that was owned by Griffin-Bacal Advertising that co-produced most of their work with Marvel Productions which animated the cartoon. Claster Television Productions was the company that distributed the cartoon.

Most of the character design was done in the US, while the japanese animation studio, Toei Animation, animated the actual episodes, or atleast 54 of them.

The singing voices in the cartoon were not recorded togheter with the speaking voices. So the voices of the characters that did both speak and sing in the cartoon, were not done by the same voice actor.

Some of the names are clickable for images or interviews, and some of them even have their own website. You can find links to some of them on the link page at Behind the Scenes sites and official sites.

Toy companies that made the dolls:

  • Hasbro, Inc. (1985-1987 and 2012 dolls)
  • Integrity Toys (2012 dolls)

Jem doll concept creators:

  • Bill Sanders
  • Joe Hyland
  • Barbara Hyland

Episode writers:

  • Christy Marx (wrote 23 episodes)
    • The Beginning
    • Disaster
    • Kimber's Rebellion
    • Frame Up
    • The Battle Of The Bands
    • Starbright Part One: "Falling Star"
    • Starbright Part 2: "Colliding Stars"
    • Starbright Part Three: "Rising Star"
    • The Music Awards Part 1
    • The Music Awards Part 2
    • The Princess And The Singer (togheter with Ellen Guon)
    • The Jem Jam Part 1
    • The Jem Jam Part 2
    • Glitter And Gold
    • The Talent Search Part 1
    • The Talent Search Part 2
    • Treasure Hunt (togheter with Ellen Guon)
    • KJEM
    • Britrock
    • The Stingers Hit Town Part One
    • The Stingers Hit Town Part Two
    • A Change Of Heart
    • A Father Should Be...
  • Mary Skrenes (wrote 5 episodes)
    • The World Hunger Shindig
    • In Stitches
    • Island Of Deception
    • Scandal
    • Mardi Gras
  • Beth Bornstein (wrote 4 episodes)
    • Adventure In China
    • Hot Time In Hawaii
    • The Fan
    • The Presidential Dilemma
  • Roger Slifer (wrote 7 episodes)
    • Last Resorts
    • Intrigue At The Indy 500
    • Father's Day
    • Hollywood Jem Part One, For Your Consideration...
    • Hollywood Jem Part Two, And The Winner Is...
    • The Day The Music Died
    • Riot's Hope
  • Richard Merwin (Sometimes credited as "Rick Merwin") (wrote 3 episodes)
    • The Rock Fashion Book
    • In Search Of The Stolen Album
    • Journey To Shangri-La
  • Marv Wolfman (wrote 2 episodes)
    • Broadway Magic
    • The Bands Break Up (togheter with Cheri Wilkerson)
  • Ellen Guon (wrote 2 episodes)
    • The Princess And The Singer (togheter with Christy Marx)
    • Treasure Hunt (togheter with Christy Marx)
  • Sandy Fries (wrote 2 episodes)
    • Old Meets New
    • Alone Again
  • David Wise (wrote 2 episodes)
    • Culture Clash
    • Renaissance Woman
  • Buzz Dixon (wrote 2 episodes)
    • One Jem Too Many
    • Straight From The Heart
  • Cheri Wilkerson
    • The Bands Break Up (togheter with Marv Wolfman)
  • Misty Stewart-Taggart (wrote 2 episodes)
    • Aztec Enchantment
    • Trick Or Techrat
  • Paul Dini
    • Music Is Magic
  • Michael Reaves
    • The Jazz Player
  • George Arthur Bloom
    • Danse Time
  • Jina Bacarr (wrote 2 episodes)
    • Roxy Rumbles
    • That Old Houdini Magic
  • Steve Mitchell
    • Rock N' Roll Express (togheter with Barbara Petty)
  • Barbara Petty
    • Rock N' Roll Express (togheter with Steve Mitchell)
  • Chris Pelzer
    • The Middle Of Nowhere
  • Michael Charles Hill
    • Out Of The Past
  • Eric Early
    • Journey Through Time
  • Cary Bates
    • Video Wars (togheter with Greg Weisman)
  • Greg Weisman
    • Video Wars (togheter with Cary Bates)
  • Clare Noto
    • Beauty And The Rock Promoter
  • Carla Conway
    • Homeland, Heartland
  • Evelyn A. R. Gabai
    • Midsummer Night's Madness

Sequence Directors:

  • Al Kouzel
  • Bill Exter
  • Bob Kirk
  • Bob Matz
  • Brad Case
  • Charlie Downs
  • Gerry Chiniquy
  • Joan Case
  • John Freeman
  • Karen Peterson
  • Margaret Flores Nichols (Sometimes credited as "Margaret Nichols" or "M. Flores Nichols")
  • Milton Gray
  • Norm McCabe
  • Robert Shellhorn
  • Robert Treat (Sometimes credited as "Bob Treat")
  • Rudy Cataldi
  • Stan Phillips
  • Tom Ray
  • Warren Batchelder

Supervising Directors:

  • John Gibbs
  • Ray Lee
  • T.C. Lennon (Full name "Terry Lennon")

Art Director:

  • Bill Dubay (Full name "William DuBay")
  • Gary Hoffman

Background Design:

  • Bob Schaffer
  • Dennis Venizelos

Voice Director:

  • Wally Burr

Dialogue Recording Engineer:

  • Nancie Pollitt

Voice Talent Coordinator:

  • Maddy Aaronson

Voice Talents of:

  • Allison Argo
  • Angela Cappelli... singing voice of Jacqui Benton
  • Anne Bryant
  • Ari Gold... singing voice of Ba Nee (Name not included in show credits)
  • Britta Phillips... singing voice of Jem/Jerrica (Sometimes misspelled as "Britta Philips")
  • Cathianne Blore... Aja/Kimber/Ashley
  • Cathy Cavadini... Clash
  • Cathie Marcuccio (Sometimes credited as "Cathy Marcuccio")
  • Charlie Adler... Eric/Zipper/Techrat
  • Cindy McGee... Shana/Chrissie
  • Clyde Kusatsu
  • Dan Gilvezan... Sean/Fitzgerald Beck
  • Dan Roth... Dave Daniels in episode "The Bands Break Up" (Name not included in show credits)
  • Desiree Goyette... Danse
  • Diva Grey... singing voice of Stormer (in episode "The Bands Break Up")/Minx
  • Ed Gilbert
  • Ellen Bernfeld... singing voice of Pizzazz/Roxy/Misfits/Holograms
  • Ellen Gerstell... Rapture (Name not included in show credits)
  • Florence Warner... singing voice of Holograms/Misfits/Kimber (in episode "The Bands Break Up")
  • Ford Kinder... singing voice of Limp Lizards
  • Gordon Grody... singing voice of Riot (Name not included in show credits)
  • Hazel Shermet... Mrs. Bailey
  • Jack Angel... Emmett? (Name not included in show credits)
  • Jack Roth
  • Janice Tori
  • Jeff Kinder
  • Kath Soucie... Minx (Name not included in show credits)
  • Keone Young
  • Keye Luke
  • Kim Carlson
  • Lani Groves
  • Laurie Faso
  • Linda Dangcil... Raya
  • Louise Dorsey... Jetta
  • Marlene Aragon... Synergy/Countess Danielle Du Voisin
  • Michael Horton
  • Michael Sheehan... Rio (Sometimes credited as "Mike Sheehan")
  • Neil Ross... Howard Sands
  • Noelle North... Video
  • Patricia Alice Albrecht... Pizzazz/Anne (Sometimes credited as "Patricia Albrecht" or "Pat Albrecht")
  • Samantha Newark... Jerrica/Jem
  • Samantha Paris... Roxy (Formely known as "Bobbie Block", sometimes credited as "Bobbi Block")
  • S. Scott Bullock (Name not included in show credits)
  • Susan Blu... Stormer/Lindsey
  • Tammy Amerson
  • Terri Textor
  • T.K. Carter... Anthony (Sometimes credited as "Thomas Kent Carter")
  • Tony St. James
  • Townsend Coleman... Riot/Cisco in episode "Danse Time" (Name not included in show credits)
  • Ullanda McCullough
  • Valerie Wilson
  • Vicki Sue Robinson... singing voice of Minx/Rapture (Name not included in show credits)
  • Walker Edmiston
  • Wally Burr... Harvey/Emmett/Doc Martin (in episode "Father's Day")

Swedish Voice Talents of:

  • Monica Forsberg ... Jerrica, Jem, Synergy, Lindsey, Deirdre (vol. 1), Stormer (vol. 1 partly), Shana (vol. 2), Stormer (vol. 2), Clash (vol. 2), Mrs. Bailey (vol. 2), Lady from the Producers Guild (vol. 2) Roxy (vol. 3), Joanie (vol. 3), Mathilda (vol. 3), Pizzazz (vol. 3 partly).
  • Karin Glenmark ... Aja (volume 1-2), Roxy (volume 1), Eric's secretary (vol. 1), Pizzazz (vol. 2), Nick's girl fan (vol. 2), Kimber's nurse (vol. 2), Ba Nee's nurse (vol. 2).
  • Christel Körner ... Kimber (volume 1-2), Stormer (vol. 1), Danielle (vol. 1-2), Mrs. Bailey (vol. 1), Lela (vol. 1), Roxy (vol. 2), Video (vol. 2), Joanie (vol. 2), Georgia (vol. 2).
  • Ann-Christine Magnusson ... Pizzazz (vol. 1), Shana (vol. 1).
  • Peter Wanngren ... Rio, Howard (volume 1-2), police (vol. 1), Malone (vol. 1), reporter outside the Music Bowl (vol. 1), Zipper (vol. 1 partly and vol. 3), Harvey (vol. 2), Carwin (vol. 2), man from the Directors Guild (vol. 2), Bob Merrit (vol. 3), man in the park (vol. 3), old worker (vol. 3), Tim (vol. 3), Buster (vol. 3), Bubba (vol. 3).
  • Johanna Ljungberg ... Ashley (vol. 1-2), Ba Nee (vol. 1-2).
  • Ingemar Carlehed ... Eric (volume 1-2), Anthony (vol. 1-2), fireman (vol. 1), Mr. Hayes (vol. 1), man from the Stuntmens Union (vol. 2).
  • Bertil Engh ... Zipper (vol. 1), police detective (vol. 1), Jeff (vol. 2), Miguel (vol. 2), doctor (vol. 2), Rio's friend (vol. 3), Blue Wave Surf shop owner (vol. 3), Harry (vol. 3).
  • Ulf Källvik ... Nick (vol. 2), man from the Photographers Local (vol. 2) Skateboard boy (vol. 3), Scar (vol. 3), Wise (vol. 3), Martino (vol. 3).
  • Birgitta Fernström ... Pizzazz (vol. 3), Aja (vol. 3), taxi driver girl (vol. 3), gypsy Mama Pama Bama (vol. 3).
  • Cisela Björklund ... Kimber (vol. 3), Shana (vol. 3), Stormer (vol. 3).
  • Hans Gustafsson ... Eric (vol. 3), man offering zillion dollar check (vol. 3), man with hangglider (volume 3).

French Voice Talents of:

  • Catherine Lafond... Jem
  • Virginie Ledieu... Kimber
  • Agnes Gribe... Aja
  • Joelle Fossier... Pizzazz
  • Claudie Chantal... Roxy
  • Philippe Ogouz... Eric

Italian Voice Talents of:

  • Cristina D'Avena... Singing voice theme song
  • Donatella Fanfani... Jem/Jerrica
  • Patrizia Salmoiraghi... Kimber
  • Marcella Silvestri... Aja
  • Dania Cericola... Shana
  • Daniela Fava... Raya, Ba Nee
  • Gianfranco Gamba... Rio
  • Tullia Piredda... Energy (Synergy)
  • Paola Maralli... Pizza (Pizzazz)
  • Lisa Mazzotti... Roxy
  • Daniela Trapelli... Stormer
  • Adriana Libretti... Jetta
  • Toni Fuochi... Eric
  • Paolo Marchese... Riot, Emmett
  • Valeria Falcinelli... Minx, Lindsey, Danielle, Joanie, Jacqui
  • Alessandra Karpoff... Rapture, Video (episodes #6-29), Danse (eps. #14-15)
  • Emanuela Pacotto... Video (eps. #35-50)
  • Roberta Federici... Danse (eps. #32-50)
  • Graziella Porta... Clash
  • Karin Giegerich... Regine, Astral
  • Federico Danti... Anthony
  • Giorgio Melazzi... Howard
  • Anna Maria Mantovani... Harriet, the narrator
  • Diego Sabre... Zipper
  • Angela Cicorella... Mrs. Bailey
  • Gabriele Calindri... Techrat (eps. #13-24)
  • Luca Semeraro... Techrat (eps. #17-61), Craig (eps. #27-28), Sean
  • Ivo De Palma... Jeff, Craig (eps. #53)
  • Riccardo Mantani... Harvey
  • Deborah Magnaghi... Ashley

Sound Designer/Special Musical/Dream Sound Effects:

  • Roy Braverman

Opening theme animation:

  • Philo Barnhart

Storyboard Directors:

  • Barbara Rausch (Sometimes credited as "Barb Rausch")
  • Boyd Kirkland
  • Chris Enkyns
  • Dave Simons
  • Debra L. Pugh (Sometimes credited as "Debra Pugh")
  • Doug Lefler
  • Elaine Hultgren
  • Gary Graham
  • Glenn Vilppu (Sometimes credited as "Glen Vilppu")
  • Greg Davidson
  • Hanna Strauss
  • Hak Ficq
  • Jan Helsel
  • Janice Marie Stocks
  • Jeff Purves
  • Judie Martin
  • Keith Tucker (1987-1988)

    It was his first job to draw storyboards for the song sequences exclusively.

    His song sequences:

    Ain't Nobody Better
    Queen Of Rock And Roll
    Rock And Roll Is Forever
    Show Me The Way (Version 2)
    Welcome To The Jungle (Version 2)
    Open A Book
    Look Inside Yourself
    All Across The Country
    To The Rescue
    Everybody Wears A Mask
    Too Close (Version 2)
    Tomorrow Is My Wedding Day
    One Of Those Days
    You'll Never Win My Love
    Music And Danse (Both versions probably)
    It All Depends On The Mood I'm In (Version 2)
    Take It Or Leave It (Version 2)

  • Larry Houston
  • Lenord Robinson
  • Linda Rowley Blue
  • Liza Sharp
  • Mario Piluso
  • Mike Bayouth
  • Mike Vosburg (Sometimes credited as "Mike Vosberg")
  • Rick Hoberg
  • Romeo Tanghal
  • Victoria Jenson
  • Vincenzo Trippetti
  • Warren Greenwood
  • Wendell Washer
  • William Recinos
  • Will Meugniot
  • Yi-Chih Chin
  • Xam Productions

Storyboard Artists:

  • Dan St. Pierre

Fashion Design:

  • Debra L. Pugh (Sometimes credited as "Debra Pugh")

Model Design:

  • Alex Diaz
  • Barbara Rausch (Sometimes credited as "Barb Rausch")
  • Charles Payne
  • Darrell McNeil
  • Debra L. Pugh (Sometimes credited as "Debra Pugh")
  • Del Barras (Sometimes credited as "Dell Barras")
  • Ivaylo Vaklinov
  • Janice Marie Stocks
  • John Koch
  • Judie Martin
  • Linda Rowley Blue (Sometimes credited as "Linda Blue")
  • Liza Sharp
  • Paula LaFond (Sometimes credited as "Paula Lafond")
  • Romeo Tanghal
  • Stephanie Pyren (Full name "Stephanie Pyren-Fortel")
  • Stephen Lubin (Sometimes credited as "Steve Lubin")

Layout Artists:

  • Barbara Ann Nelson
  • Carol Police
  • Deborah Zak
  • Glenn Vilppu (Sometimes credited as "Glen Vilppu")
  • Ira Turek
  • Jan Helsel
  • Jessie Santos
  • Lonnie Lloyd Thompson
  • XAM! Productions, Inc.

Jem Main Title Created by:

Supervising Editor:

  • Steven C. Brown

Editor/Film Editor:

  • Al Breitenbach

Post-Production Services:

  • Vitello & Associates

Effect Editors:

  • Al Breitenbach
  • Effi Reuveni (Full name "Efraim Reuveni")
  • Jim Blodgett
  • John Detra
  • Karen Doulac
  • Matt Cope
  • Michael L. Depatie
  • Michael Tomack
  • Peter Tomaszewicz
  • Richard Allen
  • Ron Fedele
  • Warren Taylor

Music Editor:

  • Peter Collier

Senior Manager of Production:

  • Carole Weitzman

Associate Producer/Co-Producer:

  • Roger Slifer

Story Editors:

  • Christy Marx
  • Roger Slifer

Post Production Supervisors:

  • Eric Early
  • Sean Sullivan
  • Steven Heth

Production Managers:

  • Carole Weitzman
  • Beth Gunn-Osborn

Production Associates:

  • Gemma Maver
  • Michael Charles Hill

Production Assistants:

  • Danielle Dubay
  • David Perry

Animation Coordinator:

  • Gemma Maver

Director of Production:

  • Jim Graziano

Production Coordinator:

  • Stephanie Burt

Telecine Supervisors:

  • Andrew Golov
  • Sarah Swiskow

Dubbing Supervisor:

  • Jacquie Freeman

Creative Director:

  • Jay Bacal

Title Songs/Jem songs By:

  • Anne Bryant
  • Ford Kinder

Song Lyrics by:

Original Music Score Composed and Conducted by:

  • Robert J. Walsh

Executive in Charge of Production:

  • Lee Gunther

Supervising Producers:

  • Gwen Wetzler
  • Jim Duffy


  • Dan Thompson
  • Gwen Wetzler
  • Jim Duffy
  • Marija Miletic Dail
  • Will Meugniot

Executive Producers:

  • Joe Bacal
  • Margaret Loesch
  • Tom Griffin

Distributed by:

  • Marvel Productions LTD. A Cadence Company
  • Claster Television Productions A Division of Hasbro, Inc.
  • Hasbro, Inc.


  • © 1985-1987 Hasbro, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved
    Trademark of Hasbro, Inc. and is registered in
    the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • © 1985 Sunbow Productions, Inc.
  • © 1985 Wildstar Music, Inc.
  • © 1985 Starwild Music, Inc.

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