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Kimber surfing All the talented work that was invested into creating Jem, has inspired fans to create all kinds of outrageous online content. This page is intended to cover most of it!

Sites are listed here in one of six main categories, in alphabetical order, regardless of size, as long as they contain content about Jem or its creators. Sites with most content or something unique, are marked with a star , and recently added links with .

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No links on this page are affiliated with this site, and some sites may no longer be active.

Official sites

The creators of the doll line, and companies currently officially distributing Jem material.


Websites based on informative content entirely or mostly about Jem, the cartoon, collectibles or behind the scenes.

Jem fans

Old Holograms Old sites:
(revived via, reocities)

Behind the Scenes

Websites about and/or by some of the people who had a part in creating the cartoon or dolls. Some of the sites mention Jem, while some are about their other projects. If you don't recognize the names, check the pages Credits. Sites marked with stars are official, or contain a mention of Jem.






Interact in forums or mailing lists, sign petitions, create an animation cel gallery, visit a convention or make a call to the Jem radio show. Links marked with a star has the most activity.


Message boards:



Where to buy, sell or trade Jem collectibles. Most links lead directly to pages with Jem items, but on some sites you have to search. Sites marked with a star is the usually most active ones. But a star is never a guarantee that you will make a good deal, so here is some shopping/selling advice aswell:

  • Check feedback on auction sellers. Ask for reference outside of auctions.
  • Keep notes of: price, shipping, location, contact info, date sent/received payment/item, condition of item.
  • Find low priced Jem items by searching misspelled/unidentified words, like "Gem doll" or "Hasbro 1985 doll".
  • If you only need a certain accessory, instead of buying an unopened doll, it's cheaper to buy it loose.
  • Find a secure way to transfer your money.
  • For sellers: Sell worldwide. The more bidders, the higher price on your auctions, and buyer pays shipping.
  • Make your own pictures. Never use pictures from a site. Buyers want the exact item pictured.
  • Don't mistake the final price of an auction of a similar item for a good starting price, it will scare away all buyers.


Another form than fansites, sites that are not only about Jem, or consist of one page. Website creating is practically taken over by blogs, some entirely about Jem and some with one post. In databases Jem is listed among other cartoons/toys. News reports are articles from newsbureaus/collectorsites/blogs about Jem events. And special features include things like artwork, customized dolls, and even Jem cover bands.

Special features:


News reports:



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