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Father's Day
Written by Roger Slifer

As a thanks for filming their new video, Jem and the Holograms offer to help Video produce a video for her Father's Day's gift, and will include clips of their own fathers. But Kimber isn't happy at all with the idea. Clash who has already brought the Misfits to her and Video's hometown Mulberry, has everyone convinced that Video doesn't really know Jem and the Holograms.

Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms, The Misfits, Video, Clash, Harvey, Mrs. Bailey, Emmett, Buzz Montgomery, Video's father John Montgomery, Video's mother, Christy, Doc Martin, Hugh Carrington at American Aviation.

Focus on:
Kimber, Video, Clash, Pizzazz, Harvey.

Locations & vehicles:
Video's studios, Glitter 'n Gold Roadster, Starlight Mansion, concert stage, Gabor Mansion, Mulberry town, Misfits van, Clash's father Buzz's house in Mulberry, Video's parent's house in Mulberry, Video's car, Clash's or her father Buzz's car, gas station, bowling alley, pool hall, Christy's stables, Harvey's ranch house, American Aviation, concert stage, concorde airplane, park.

First appearance of:
Buzz Montgomery Clash's father, John Montgomery Video's father, Mrs. Montgomery Video's mother, Video's studios.

"Something Is Missing In My Life" Jem and the Holograms
"Let's Blow This Town" The Misfits
"You're Always In My Heart" Jem and the Holograms

Part of songs:
"When It's Only Me And The Music" by Jem and the Holograms.

"All's Right With The World" by Jem and the Holograms, "I'm Okay" by Kimber and Stormer.

Drama, Message, Humor, Action.

Original airdate:
1 October 1987.

Released on DVD.

Italy: Aired on TV. The episode title was "La Festa Del Papá" (The father's day).
France: Aired on TV (?). The episode title was "La Fete Des Peres" (Father's day).
Venezuela: Aired on TV. The episode title was "El Dia Del Padre" (Father's day).
UK: Aired on TV.

Behind the Scenes:
The music video of "Something Is Missing In My Life" by Jem and the Holograms, was storyboarded by Victoria Jenson, who has later worked as a co-director on Shrek. The music video of "Let's Blow This Town" by the Misfits was storyboarded by Will Meugniot.

In this episode Roger Slifer wanted to show how Video and Clash never got along even from the beginning, and showing where Video's influence came from for wanting to videotape.

When Harvey mentions "Doc Martin", it's an injoke by Roger Slifer who is referring to the color inks people used when making comic books.

Roger Slifer really likes the song "Always There In My Heart" by Jem and the Holograms. It was storyboarded by Victoria Jenson.

One of the few holiday episodes.

There's an attic in Starlight Mansion.

Emmett Benton seems to have been a good baseball player, in a box marked "dad" on the attic, there's a baseballtrophy.

According to old clips, Emmett played a lot with kites with Jerrica and Kimber.

Kimber took her father's death very hard. He was very dear to her, as can be seen also in the episode "Scandal".

Kimber started playing guitar when she was a little girl.

In the music video "Something Is Missing", The Holograms are performing without Raya, Jem is the only one with a mike, and Kimber plays guitar.

Mulberry is the name of the town where Clash and Video grew up, and where their parents still live. Except, no word about Clash's mother. That's because nothing was ever established about Clash's mother, according to Christy Marx it was because Clash was a pretty minor character.

Video comes back as a hero and somewhat celebrity to her hometown. According to the Jem bible her first serious piece of work was a documentary on her own hometown which was sold to public television and won a "Best Documentary" prize.

Roger Slifer had wanted Clash's father's house to have been a little more "wild" than being purple, to reflect the taste of Clash and her family.

Clash had told her father that she was part of the Misfits.

Clash's father calls her Clash and not by her real name. He lives in a big house. He adores her. She is his only daughter.

Video's mother calls her Vivian. Video's parents live almost next to Clash's father, only one house inbetween.

According to the Jem bible, Constance and Vivien, were born at exactly the same time in the same hospital. But in this episode, it says Video was two the day Clash came home from the hospital.

Video got her first camera from her parents on her 10th birthday. She had the same hairstyle even then. That was the day Clash got her first musical instrument, the cymbals (bigger ones than she's got in Starbright).

Video sees her father as an inspiration for her career, as he always made home movies.

Video's father has taken alot of abuse from his brother Buzz.

For once (well it's not the only time), the Misfits appear first in a place, before Jem and the Holograms, and without knowing they were going to arrive, and for a reason of their own.

Kimber used to love to be at Christy's stables when Emmett was alive. Kimber's favorite horse was called Lucky, it's white with a horse shoe symbol on it's forehead.

Pizzazz's father reveals to Jerrica and the Holograms that he has raised Pizzazz on his own and spoiled her, and that she has been uncontrollable since her mother walked out on them. It was years ago and ever since that Pizzazz has seemed to resent the world.

Old clips show that Pizzazz had the same lime colored hair even as a child.

Before, during and after the performance of the song "You're Always In My Heart" the man who sits next to Video's father in the audience looks alot like Emmett Benton.

The song "Something Is Missing In My Life" by Jem and the Holograms is re-used. Previously appeared in the episode "Adventure In China".

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