Pre-production art

These are some of the designs of what the characters could have looked like from the process of creating the cartoon version of Hasbro's dolls.

Stormer by Rudy Nebres, Jem by Rudy Nebres, Jem by Paula La Fond or William DuBay

The first two were designed by Rudy Nebres. The third by Paula La Fond or William DuBay. Also a cel of Jem and one of Jerrica from this series, has shown up on the internet. See the page Story behind Jem for more information about these cels.

[Picture by theMitigating]

One of the first full body sketches of Stormer resembling her look in the cartoon. This kind of original sketch is a very rare find, and it even appears to predate the similar model design included in the Jem bible (dated around the end of May 1985), since on this sketch Stormer didn't have the bracelet nor the anklet yet.
The owner has now confirmed this was drawn by Debbie Pugh and Paula LaFonde, the show's main character designers in 1984, and it was done very early in the production.

Starlight Girls

Close-ups of three of the Starlight Girls, Anne, Becky and Joellen. Although Becky is mistakenly named "Deirdre", and Anne doesn't have her usual hairstyle.

Nick Mann

This is a very different look for Nick, and probably how he was supposed to look at first. Maybe they thought he looked too much like Eric with the hairstyle.

[Picture by vintage-animation]

Title cel

A title cel from Super Sunday, also featuring Robotix and Bigfoot and the Muscle Machines.

[Picture by vintage-animation]

Publicity cel

A publicity cel I've never seen in use, but probably used to market the Jem cartoon early on, since it has Kimber with a mike, Stormer on a regular keyboard, Aja and Roxy with some strange guitars.

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