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Riot's Hope
Written by Roger Slifer

Riot goes back to visit his parents whom he hasn't seen since he left the military for his rockband Nirvana. Riot's father who still can't accept that rocksinger is a job, starts another fight with Riot, which leads to that Riot's mother faints and is taken to the hospital. Riot tells Jem the story of his tough past.

Jem and the Holograms, The Stingers, Lin-Z, Video, Danse, Sean, Harriet, Limp Lizards, Ron Cox, Lena Learner, Johnny Deacon, Riot's father, Mildred Riot's mother, Connie Long reporter at channel 82, Nirvana (Minx, Jerry, Riot), nurse.

Focus on:

Locations & vehicles:
Riot's parents house, Stingers Sound, Glitter 'n Gold Roadster, memorial hospital, Riot's home, military camp, Germany, Le Rock Club, Club Rock, train, concert stage.

First appearance of:
Mildred Llewelyn Riot's mother, Mr. Llewelyn Riot's father, Riot's parents house.

"Take It Or Leave It" The Stingers
"It's A Hard, Hard Life" The Stingers
"Let Me Be" The Stingers

Part of songs:
Song by Nirvana.

"Are You Feeling Alright?" by the Stingers, "Destiny" by the Stingers, "It's A Hard, Hard Life" by the Stingers, "Top Of The Charts" by the Misfits, "Take It Or Leave It" by the Stingers.

Drama, Message.

Original airdate:
22 February 1988.

Released on DVD.

Italy: Aired on TV. The episode title was "La Storia Di Riot" (Riot's story).
France: Aired on TV. Released on DVD. The episode title was "Les espoirs de Riot" (Hopes of Riot).
UK: Aired on TV.

Riot's father is reading a newspaper called "Los Angeles Daily News". One of the headlines are "Middleeast heats up".

The Stingers first album was called "Hit Town!".

With all the characters being at the Stingers album release party, strangely the Misfits aren't there, although they're at the same record company and Pizzazz oughta love to be there.

Rapture didn't know Riot had a father. Infact according to the Jem bible, he doesn't like to speak about his family or background. But in this episode he does speak alot about them with Jem.

According to Riot's father, he wanted a nice peaceful happy family, and for years they had that. They used to take rides in the country, take picnics, they behaved like a family. Everything was fine until Riot got interested in music.

Jerrica and Emmett were always very close.

Riot didn't feel he was entitled to have an opinion for his father.

Riot's father spanked him when Riot's mother was teaching Riot to play the piano. Riot's father thinks playing instruments is for women and sissies. Riot's father was determined that Riot would never be a musician, and that he would join the army instead.

Riot played both piano and guitar as a boy. His music was the only thing that helped him keep it all togheter as he was growing up, and Riot's family moved to a new town every year.

Riot's mother was supportive, she taught him to play the piano and bought Riot his first guitar.

Riot joined the army to get away from home.

Riot's first rockband was called "Nirvana". Before Riot joined, Minx was part of Nirvana, aswell as three men, but not Rapture. Riot thought they were fantastic and he went to see them whenever he had a pass. Riot started as a backup guitarist in Nirvana when another bandmember was kicked out, but Riot was still in the army. This Nirvana predates the Nirvana with Curt Cobain, and maybe they were an inspiration for their name?

We get to hear some of Nirvana's music even.

Riot came up with his nickname "Riot" while on stage the first time that he played with Nirvana.

Riot went on tour with Nirvana all across Europe. Riot was arrested by the MP when he left the army without permission. He was given a dishonorable discharge. Riot's father thought Riot was a disgrace to the uniform aswell as the country and Riot's parents. Riot worked to get back to Europe and Nirvana.

The Stingers were formed when Riot left Nirvana and Minx came along, Rapture joined in soon. They started by playing on the streets, and even slept on the streets.

Before the Stingers made it in the USA, they played in Germany, France, Italy, England and Switzerland where they seemed to have some fans. They spent six months playing on the sidewalks of Europe for pennies.

Madonna is mentioned in this episode.

The song "Take It Or Leave It" by the Stingers is re-used. Previously appeared in the episode "The Stingers Hit Town Part 2".

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