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Several episodes of the Jem cartoon actually went through some stages of changes, especially the first 8 episodes.

Scenes were added, re-animated, cut, moved, frozen, or sped up, either to remove bloopers, extend the length or just improve the episodes. On the following pages, I've picked out the changes I find most interesting. Take a look and see if you recognize what version you've seen, and see what you missed out on.

In my opinion, it was a good thing that they corrected bloopers, and fun to see more scenes. But unfortunately they cut out a bunch of clips aswell. As you will notice, no version has it all.

And as for the differences in picture quality and colors, that's not what it's about, because that is mostly because of my video sources.

So who determined what changes were to be done, and who wrote the new scenes? As for the more noticable changes, Christy Marx was involved in adding aswell as removing several of the clips for atleast the 5 episodes version 2# of Truly Outrageous.

If you have further interest in edits of the Jem episodes, you should also see a very detailed site at Cartoon Review site: Jem. This guy is an expert on these things and knows alot of technical details about the actual process of editing episodes.

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Truly Outrageous


The first five episodes of the Jem cartoon, didn't start out as five episodes. Here are the different stages of changes:
  1. 15 segments: Each 7 minute long. The original version that was aired on TV. All segments had their own episode title. The songs were the short version at this point. (If you have any of these segments recorded, give me a mail!).

    (Version aired in Italy)

  2. 4 episodes: The segments were bundled togheter and cut into four, to become the first four episodes of the cartoon TV series. This is yet to be confirmed whether it was just a Dutch edit. An interesting note though, is that production numbers for these episodes have only been found from 4041 to 4044. No production number 4045 has been confirmed.

    (Version aired in Holland)

  3. 5 episodes version #1: The segments were bundled togheter three by three, to create five episodes, to become the first five episodes of the cartoon TV series. With long recaps and a long preview of the next episode at the end. Still short version of the songs, like in the segments. No episode titles were present at this time, so most of the countries where this version was aired, choose the episode titles from one of the three short segments that each of these episodes now consisted of, which would look something like this:
    - Episode 1: "The Beginning" (title from segment 1)
    - Episode 2: "The Mansion" (title from segment 5)
    - Episode 3: "Video Clip" (title from segment 7)
    - Episode 4: "The Sparks Fly"(title from segment 10)
    - Episode 5: "Synergy" (title from segment 13)

    This version is probably the closest we'll ever come to seeing the original segments.

    (Version aired in the UK, Italy, France and Australia [thanks to Cosmic Falcon for confirming Australia])

  4. Unreleased retakes version: At this point most material was kept. The cut scenes and retakes that were done here, are those that appeared the same in both of the two versions: "Movie" and "5 episodes version #2". Although this version was not made available, I choose to make a point here, because the two versions that followed ("Movie" and "5 episodes version #2") both received additional changes on top of these, that they didn't share with each other, so none of them derrive directly from each other, but from this "Unreleased retakes version".

  5. Movie: 90 minutes on VHS. The "Unreleased retakes version" episodes were bundled togheter and released as "Truly Outrageous". Additional edits were done. Alot of little clips were repeated and thrown in where they didn't belong. Several songs were extended, and also included repeated clips.

    (Version released in Sweden, Finland, UK)

  6. 5 episodes version #2: Based on the same "Unreleased retakes version" as the movie. With short recaps, lots of new and extended scenes and other changes.

    At this point, the series had already gone as far as the episode "In Stitches" according to Sunbow's episode numbers, so these first five episodes got the numbers 5205-008 to 5205-012. Also the songs were extended and the music videos got new scenes. Some of the background music was replaced, sometimes with music from later episodes. The songs that had a music intro before the singing, "Too Close For Comfort" and "Truly Outrageous", were cut to start like the versions that were released on the music cassette tapes that came with the dolls.

    (Version aired in Spain, same as on the Rhino DVDs).

The comparison on these pages is between the versions: "5 episodes version #1", Movie, and "5 episodes version #2", episode by episode (only finished one yet, the other pages consist of my previous comparison between the movie and the "5 episodes version #2", which still manages to point out many major differences).

I've divided it all into columns, starting with a description of the scene, and then to the right of it the columns continues, first for the script, then the "5 episodes version #1", the Movie, and then "5 episodes version #2". When a picture is included in a column, it means that clip was included right there in that version. Sometimes the images will look different, which means a change was made.

Sometimes there's a little note underneath an image about what kind of edit was made, and even if an image next to it (from the other versions) looks the same, that note will only be included under one of the images, but hopefully you'll understand that it goes for the others, which look the same, aswell.



The Starbright episodes already to begin with, were divided into three, and had absolutely incredible animation. Still they went through as much as two stages of retakes, resulting in three versions of these episodes.

  1. First version might never have aired, but evidence of it can be found in a recap in the second of the below versions, in one particular clip. (If anyone has this episode recorded with this particular clip included in the actual episode, give me a mail).

  2. Second version had atleast one re-animation.

    (Version aired on the Hub [thanks to Garrett Aja for confirming] and on the Shout Factory DVDs)

  3. Third version had some huge changes: a few extra scenes, but the big thing was that almost half of all scenes got re-animated. The reason was apparently that they wanted to correct alot of small bloopers (but they still managed to overlook some big ones). And the downside was that many times the characters ended up looking very different. In the re-animated scenes, not necessarily all characters appear to have been re-animated though. Even some parts of the music videos got re-animated. The intro to the song "Jealousy", was changed to resemble the cassette release intro.

    (Version on the Rhino DVDs)

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