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Out Of The Past
Written by Michael Charles Hill

Jerrica finds her father's diary, through which she and the Holograms are able to learn more about their past and how Syngery came to be. They also find out about the mastertapes of Jacqui Bentons unreleased music, which they learn Eric now owns. Eric offers a trade for a million dollars or for Starlight Music.

Jem/Jerrica and the Holograms, The Misfits, Synergy, Rio, Eric, Lin-Z, Jacqui, Emmett, Starlight Girls (Lela, Becky, Anne, Deidre, Delaree, Krissie).

Focus on:
Emmett, Jacqui, Jerrica, Synergy, Eric.

Locations & vehicles:
Starlight Mansion, Starlight House, Emmett's car, old Starlight Music, Emmett's car #2, Midtown Club, VTV, Starlight treehouse, highschool, drive-in theater, Eric's storage place, Starlight Music, airport, airplane, Misfits Music, Starlight Drive-In, Eric's old car, Rio's old car, Rockin' Roadster, Eric's house, Eric's car, Glitter 'n Gold Roadster, Diskovery Records.

First appearance of:
Jacqui Benton, Old Starlight Music, Starlight tree house, Eric's house, Rio's old car, Eric's old car.

"First Love" Jem and the Holograms
"Starlight" Jacqui Benton

"All's Right With The World" by Jem and the Holograms, "Starlight" by Jacqui Benton.

Drama, Romance, Message.

Original airdate:
8 January 1988.

Released on DVD.

Italy: Aired on TV. The episode title was "Echi Del Passato" (Echoes of the past).
France: Aired on TV. Released on DVD. The episode title was "Souvenirs Du Passť" (Memories from past).
UK: Aired on TV.

Being the one who created the backstories of the Jem characters and wrote the Jem bible, aswell as being the story editor at the time, alot of what we see in this episode came from Christy Marx.

In the attic of Starlight Mansion there's a box of Jacqui's things. Among other things several sheets of music notes.

The song "First Love" was written by Jacqui Benton in the 70's. And Jacqui Benton wrote hundreds of songs and had her own band, they performed out of town every so often. Some of Jacqui's Benton's songs are "First Love", "My Heart", "Oh. Jo", "Jerrica's" and "Starlight". The official lyrics to Starlight are: Starlight is the messege (Blooper: mispelled) that I send from beyond, starlight is for always even when I am gone!, starlight to shimmer on and on, starlight won't desert you starlight always there, starlight i...

Jacqui never got the chance to cut her last album.

Jacqui had a necklace with a star very similar to the star earrings.

Jacqui was a foster girl and was moved from place to place without having a home to call her own, never able to share the love of a real family.

Jacqui saw the Starlight Foundation as a chance to help homeless girls feel loved.

In this episode they appear to have re-used some cels of some of the Holograms a scene, where Jerrica takes things out of a chest at the attic, and the Holograms follow behind her. First seen at the beginning of the episode, and then a few minutes later after they've read some of Emmett's diary.

Aja doesn't call Jacqui mother, she refers to Jacqui as their (Jerrica and Kimber's) mother and Emmett as Jerrica's and Kimber's father. Emmett referred to the foster girls as "Jacqui's foster girls".

Rio's family lived right next door to Starlight House, they moved there after the Benton family, and Rio was only a young boy at the time.

Jerrica was interested in Rio already when she was ten years old and Rio had just moved into the neigbourhood.

Emmett thought Rio had a very keen mind and was a natural technician. Rio helped Emmett alot when he was younger, and showed alot of interest for audio equipment.

Aja became the very first foster girl of Starlight House when she was only 11 years old, same age as Jerrica. Aja got her own room in Starlight House. Second foster girl was Shana and third was Lela.

Aja got along better with Rio when they were younger, as Aja was a bit of a tomboy which Jerrica wasn't.

Shana was very shy when she first arrived at Starlight House.

Kimber, Shana, Aja and Rio all had the same haircolor as kids as they do today.

Jerrica and Rio went to the same school.

Rio was Jerrica's first love. Jerrica and Rio's first kiss was at a drive-in theather watching a western film.

Starlight Music was when first started by Emmett and Jacqui, located in a another, smaller, building.

Eric stole some things from Starlight Music when he was fired, like Jacqui Benton's master tape recordings.

One of the first holograms that Emmett projects is a small hologram of a Transformers robot.

This is the only episode of the series where both the roadsters are seen. But it doesn't tell us if they kept the original one anyway when the got the Glitter 'n Gold one, since we only see the original one here in a flashback.

Just like in "KJEM", there's a female character that resembles very much one of the characters working on Jem's movie in the Starbright three parter episodes, except this one is a light blonde instead of blonde. But she does have the same hairstyle, hairband, earrings and clothes, also in other colors. She appears right after Emmett says "May 10".

After Emmett says "May 10", he drops a briefcase with papers that are written on, and we get to see some of them fly by and can read some of the text.

Rio went to engineering school.

According to Synergy, she is Synergy and nothing more and nothing less. Not Jacqui. She is Emmett's gift of love.

Once again Synergy is being taken apart.

Emmett Benton kept a diary. Dates in Emmett's diary:

March 6: Rio's family has just moved next door and Rio came by Starlight House. Jerrica is 10 years old.

June 30: Aja arrived to Starlight House.

November 13: Shana arrived to Starlight House.

April 29: Jerrica is trying to catch Rio's attention, Shana is shy and feels lonely. Jerrica makes her first attempt to make Shana feel welcome.

June 6: Jacqui had a sold out performance.

August 13: Lela arrived to Starlight House, which Kimber is happy about because she is younger than Kimber.

September 5: Jacqui officiated over a sacret female pact in the girls club with Jerrica, Aja and Shana, where they promised to share everything they had and to be good and true friends forever, and to let nothing interefere with their friendship, even boys.

January 31: Jacqui died.

February 8: A week since Jacqui died. Emmett felt that life lost all purpose and meaning. But the love of his daughters and foster daughters gave him reason to live again.

May 31: Emmett came up with the idea to link music and threedimensional holographic images. His idea was to recreate live musical performances in the home of every music fan in america. Rio and Jerrica are inseparable.

November 9: Emmett made amazing breakthroughs in computergenerated holograms.

May 6: For privacy Emmett moved his workshop to an old Drive-in theather that he purchased. He named his holographic computer Synergy.

May 10: Emmett decide to hire someone to oversee his affairs at Starlight Music. He is getting tired. He decides to see his doctor.

May 21: Emmett hires a young and agressive assistant, Eric Raymond. Jerrica approves of his choice, and Emmett thought Rio might have competition. Jerrica was only 17 years old.

June 23: Rio comes home from engineering school for the summer. Jerrica decided to use Eric to make Rio jealous.

July 1: Synergy is near completion. Emmett records her with Jacqui's recordings and likeness. But he couldn't bear to make her too much like Jacqui.

July 6: Synergy was complete. She became much more than Emmett originally intended. She can create holographic images of anything and be a very dangerous tool in the wrong hands. He decides to keep her a secret. The doctor says he doesn't have long to live, but he hasn't told anyone.

February 2: Emmett continues with his preparations for his family's future. The Rockin' Roadster is being brought to Starlight Drive-in. He plans to give Synergy as a gift to his daughters, to be a friend, mother, teacher and guide.

May 30: Emmett makes the star earrings for Jerrica. He hoped to give them to Jerrica personally, but if not, he programmed Synergy to reveal her existance to Jerrica and Kimber. He knew they would use her wisely.

In an interview by AAlgar productions, Michael Charles Hill reveals that in addition to his duty as staff producer, he had in his contract that he would write a certain amount of scripts for Sunbow cartoons each year, and it was getting close to renewing his contract, and he hadn't reached that amount at the time, he had about six scripts left to write. Sunbow requested that he wrote for Jem, and he was originally against writing for a "girls show" and wasn't very involved in Jem at that point, as he preferred G.I. Joe and Transformers. So he went and wrote a script for Jem that he never thought they would approve of, by telling the backstory of Jerrica and Kimber's parents, and how their mother died. He also reveals he had the oscar-nominated actress Carole Lombard in mind when writing this story.

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